Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Face Recipe Trio Glam Eyeshadow + EOTD

Hello! I am back with an eyeshadow palette review, this time is a Japanese brand which is still hot fresh from the oven just arrived in Indonesia, it is Face Recipe! This is the first time I heard about this brand, but I put my faith on Japanese products, so I am so excited to try another great cosmetic products from Japan.

I got mine from Copia beauty store, you might have heard I mentioned this in a couple post before, but this particular beauty store has't stop amazed me with the products they bring.

I got mine in number 3, it said that it is a specially formulated eyeshadow, which is long wearing and can be easily blended.  But I don't know why they don't put the ingredients, ingredients list is important since there are people who allergic with certain ingredients.

It comes with three eyeshadow colors (hence the name is Triple Glam Eyeshadow), blue, green and white, all shimmery, and a dual ended tiny applicator, and a big mirror, which makes it convenient to be brought in your make up pouch. I feel like it does live up the name, I mean the colors are all gorgeous and glamorous.

I think they are really specially formulated because the texture is unique, have never seen anything like that before, it looks velvetty, feel so buttery soft, pigmented and easily blended. Without any base the color has already popped up but better if you use base underneath.

Let's see my experiment on the eyes using this Eyeshadow

I used the blue all over the lid, then dab the green only on the centre of the lid, put more blue on the outer part, blend well, use the white on the tear duck and as brow bone highlight. I mix the blue and green on the lower part of the eyes.

Other products used: eyeshadow base: innisfree lip concealer, eyebrows: Empro, eyeliner: Dolly Wink, Falsies: Kay Collection, mascara: the secret mascara #rollwithindo, softlens: X2.

I definitely love it! You can get this product only for Rp 135k at Copia Beauty Store near you, or get it online from
Copia Beauty
Facebook: http://facebook.com/copia.id
Twitter: http://twitter.com/copiaid
Instagram: http://instagram.com/copiabeauty
Beaute Recipe
Facebook: http://facebook.com/beauterecipe.id
Twitter: http://twitter.com/beauterecipeid
Instagram: http://instagram.com/beauterecipeid


  1. Put, eyeshadow dan eye makeupnya cakep banget. Syukaaaa <3

    1. hihi makasiih, masih belajar ini belom sejago dirimuu



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