Friday, December 5, 2014

Rumah Cantik Putri First Anniversary Giveaway

Hello my wonderful readers, thank you for your appreciation towards my writings in this blog. It's been almost one year I've been blogging about beauty and I'm so grateful for it. Therefore I want to celebrate this blog first anniversary with a giveaway!!! my very first giveaway as well.

My life has been kinda hectic actually with exams, thesis and lalala and I haven't really prepared much, not even a proper banner, but I really want to hold this giveaway so badly.

Since I love surprises, a good one of course, I will make this giveaway a surprise as well, I will only give some hints and I will reveal the exact prizes in the end when I announce the winner(s). Yep the number of the winner is as well a secret but there will be at least one winner and at least 5 full size products to be given away (the number of participants will pretty much affect this).

This giveaway is open for anyone who can meet the requirements below and have Indonesian mailing address. Soo easy right?

Are you interested beauties?

Here are the requirements, all of them are mandatory
1. Follow my GFC (you can find it beside, don't worry I will follow you back with pleasure)
2. Follow my instagram @reiiputt
3. Follow my twitter @reiiputt
4. Follow my Google+ (you can find the button beside my photo in about me section)
5. Regram any of my pictures (must be the original post by me, not something I repost) in instagram and tell people about this giveaway, make sure to mention me as well
6. Comment on this post below with your GFC, twitter, instagram, and Google+ account plus your email, because I will contact the winner(s) personally by email. And I will be very thankful if you drop me any wishes :3

This giveaway is completely funded by me, from my own pocket, as I'm being grateful, and the end of this giveaway is as well a surprise, but the winner(s) announcement will be on January (could be any day). So my suggestion is you'd better hurry up and join this giveaway before it's too late!

If you have any question please don't hesitate to ask me by email or on the comment section below.

Wish you the best of luck!

See you later beauties!


  1. Happy anniversary Putri.. Semoga makin lancar blognya.. Ditunggu post terbarunya.. ^^

    Join yah.. :)
    GFC : KrungyGD
    twitter : @KrungyGD
    instagram: @krungygd
    Google+ : Gadis Ps
    email :

  2. Haii jeng.. sama nih lagi sibuk skripsi lalala, tapi sempetin ahh buat ikut agenda spesial ultah blog kamyuu :*

    ini entry aku reiiputt :*

    GFC : Shinta Laura Dewani
    Twitter : @ShintaDewani
    Instagram : SHINTADELAORA
    Google+ : Shinta Laura Dewani
    email :

    Wish me the best of luck :*

    1. Semangat ya jeeung semoga kita sama2 sukses skripsinyaaa! Makasih ya udah ikutan, good luck!

  3. Hi , happy first anniv ^^
    terusin bloggingnya, tambah kreatif n dapat menginspirasi blogger lainnya ^^

    GFC : Vania Hendra Gunawan
    twitter : @Vania_Hendra
    instagram : @vaniahendra
    Google+ account : Vania Hendra Gunawan
    E-mail :

    1. Aamiin, makasih ya udah ikutan Vania, good luck!

  4. Heyho~ Finally ya kak hihi, Happy first anniversary for your blog ^_^
    Semoga pageview dan followersnya makin banyak yaa, hihiy >//<
    Wish you & rumah cantik putri blog all the best! <3

    GFC : Dewi Yang
    twitter : @Dewii_20
    instagram : @dewiuno
    Google+ : Dewi Yang
    Email :

    Wish me luck~ I'll wait for the prizes spoiler on your ig :3

    1. Iya nih akhirnya bisa bikin giveaway juga hahaa, thank you wii, ditunggu yah, good luck!

  5. Join giveaway nya ya put ^^
    Happy 1st anniversary yaa, semoga makin sukses untuk blog & kegiatannya. ^^

    GFC: Shinta Dwi Asmarani
    Twitter: @shintadwia
    Instagram: @shintadwia
    Google+: Shinta Dwi Asmarani
    wish me luck <3

  6. Join yaaa kak
    Btw, happy anniv yaaa semoga tambah langgeng #ehhh haha

    GFC : Lorentiar
    twitter : @tiarlorenn
    instagram : tiarlorenn
    Google+ account : Lorentiar
    email :

    1. Thank you udah ikutan ya, jangan lupa follow semua rulesnya thank you

  7. Hai salam kenal. Happy first anniversary for your blog ya ^_^
    semoga kedepan blognya bisa tambah sukses.

    GFC : Renny Oktaviani
    twitter : @renioktavian
    instagram : @byren94
    Google+ : Renny Oktaviani
    Email :

    thanks for the giveaway and wish me luck :}

  8. ikuttt hehehee, ga berasa udah setahun ajah ya put ^_~ semoga kedepannya makin banyak sponsor ya, dan semoga blog ini bisa jadi rumah kedua kamu selain diary hihihii

    GFC : winda
    twitter : @wind1403
    instagram : @wind1403
    Google+ : winda trisuci
    Email :

  9. Join ga nya yaaa.. hehe salam kenal btw :)

    GFC : Resita Elena Leman
    Twitter : @resitaakadimas
    IG : @resitaelena
    Google+ : Resita Elena Leman

  10. Ya ampun udah baca dari lama tapi baru inget mau ikutan -___-

    Happy birthday ya kak putri blognya! Semakin rajin ngepost biar aku makin banyak dapet informasi dari blognya. ^^

    GFC & G+: Aimi Haruna
    Twitter: @indiranyan
    IG: @aimi269

    Wish me ton of luck ^^

  11. giveaway closed! The winner has been chosen and I have sent her a personal email. Thank you for all the participants, see you next giveaway!

  12. Selamat... Semoga semakin rajin update beauty blog-nya. Semoga makin banyak pembacanya. Dan semoga thesisnya lancar ya Reihan Putri Amin Amin Amin YRA. Tetap semangat...
    I ikut giveaway nya ya...

    GFC : Risvico WS
    Twitter : @risvico
    Instagram : @risvico
    Google+ : Risvico WS
    Email :



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