Friday, October 31, 2014

Castile Unscented Liquid Soap From Moporie

Hello Beauties, I'm back with another product review from The Soap Corner by Moporie which I got from my BBMeetUp goodie bag. it is another natural soap and this time is Castile Liquid Soap which made from olive oil.

As you can see it its a handmade olive oil liquid soap and again sls/sles and paraben free just like all The Soap Corner by Moporie products. Olive oil itself has so many benefits for or the skin, I have an aunt whose age is no longer young but her skin is still amazing and the secret behind it is olive oil. Back in her day there were no fancy skin care or modern aesthetic but she could keep her skin glowing and smooth just by using olive oil.

The consistency of this soap is not as runny as the Head To Toe Best Friend Soap which I have reviewed here, it's a bit thicker just like another liquid soap, since it is Unscented so it smells like olive oil, and I am not fond of olive oil's smell, so it kinda bother me but think you can ask Moporie to custom it and add your favorite scent, I have tried adding jasmine essential oil by myself (percobaan iseng) and I love it. It has more bubbles too, especially when you use your foaming net, but it won't be as much as the usual liquid soap since again no SLS.

What I feel after washing my body with this soap is I can feel my skin become so smooth and well mosturized. Moporie's products are really exciting, I can't wait to try more.

re you interested? You can find moporie in instagram @moporie or Facebook or their website and


Friday, October 24, 2014

Make Up Store Foundation Brush Duo Hair #366

Hello beauties, today I wanna review a brush, the first artisan brush and the most expensive brush I own at the moment, it is from a brand that is made by and for Make up artists, which I really love, yup it is Make Up Store. I have ever posted my FOTD with Make Up Store Product and my haul that included Make Up Store product. MUS is a brand from Sweden, founded by Mika Liias, and you know what he is so humble that he loved my every instagram picture with make up store, I mean no other artist ever do that to me, hehehe. And maybe some of you have never heard about Make Up Store, in Indonesia you can find their counter in Plaza Indonesia, Metro Pacific Place, Metro Gandaria City and Metro Plaza Senayan, and you can find them in facebook or instagram @makeupstoreindonesia.

When I and some beauty blogger friends, Ola, kak Nita and Yuka visited MUS Plaza Senayan to see make up demo from Aldo Akira (one of my favorite Indonesian make up artist, who is endorsed by MUS), we got to meet Mrs. Indah from MUS and she gave us opportunity to try MUS products that we like, it was so hard to pick only two products, because MUS have a lot of products, any make up products you can imagine, MUS have them all. From the usual things like eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, powder to false eyelashes, brushes, nail polishes, skin care, just mention it. If you're curious you must take a look at their website

After trying things out and being so galau finally I grabbed this brush because I've been dreaming of owning an artisan make up brushes but they're just way too expensive  because I don't have a dual fibre brush and rhe other one I grabbed the mixing liquid that can turn your make up to waterproof. Interesting isn't it? Another products in my wish lists are their atomic LED gloss, lip sealer, red blush, glitter eyeliner, Sibiria microshadow (Aldo Akira said it's the best highlighter) and the bronzer (Aldo Akira recommends that too), the glitter eyeliner..... Okay I think I am gonna mention all the products here kkkk.

That was quite a long opening statement, now let's move on to the product review, this is how the brush looks like in the case.

See the price? You can have it for 675k Rupiah only.

I love how elegant it looks.

"This synthetic hair brush prevents too much foundation to be absorbed into the brush. Apply your foundation with circular movement for an even and perfect result. Use with all different types of foundation when applied on your face or bosy. To keep the brush in good condition, disinfect and cleanse the brush with Make Up Store's Brush cleaner."

Let's take a closer look to the bristles 

My verdict to this brush, I have tried it to apply my foundation (liquid) and it was a bit tricky, maybe because I am not used to it yet, I did a circular motion and I can say it gives me a full coverage, airbrushed looks. I usually use my beauty blender to apply foundation and the different that I can tell between this brush and beauty blender is the coverage. Beauty blender gives me a sheer coverage while this brush gives a full coverage with the same amount of foundation, and I assume that's because the bristles didn't "eat" my foundation up, when in a hurry I think I will grab this brush instead because I can skip my concealer. The synthetic bristles are soft, I don't feel like poking my face with this brush, which is absolutely adorable, I don't like poking my face with brushes' bristles kkkk. I tried to wash this brush and amazingly it wasn't bleeding, usually my black brushes tend to bleed once I washed them, but not with this brush. Which is nice because the bleeding brush kinda indicate that it was made with a lot of chemical coloring that could be dangerous. Although, one or two strands of the bristles did come off while being washed. It took around one night to let it dry, but considering the density of the brush I think that's normal.

This brush is however multifunctional, it can be used to apply and blend any cream products, and also it can be used for finishing like if you want to blend your whole look all together.

Overall I love this brush, I will give it 4/5 stars, this is definitely a good brush, the price is the only downside for some people like me (baca: kantong mahasiswa).

I can't wait to try another MUS products because they have never failed me. How about you? Have you tried any MUS product?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

IBB Make Up Challenge October 2014

Annyeong! This will be my first time joining IBB MUC, IBB partnered up with Sarange hold this MUC wih the theme "Show Your Korean Signature Make Up Style". I created two looks especially for this MUC, I don't have the Korean kind of face with the V-shaped and slanted eyes, small  and sharp nose lalala, plus I'm wearing hijab, have you ever seen Korean with hijab? Kkk, so... These might not really looks like Korean but I'm trying to keep my make up just like Korean, I spent a month in Korea last summer, I hope that would help me a little, LOL.


Let's take a look at My Signature Korean Make Up Looks!
*PS: not only a lot of selfies of me but you'll find out some tips and tricks from MUA about Korean make up and also my own experience about real Korean Make Up, you'd better scroll down beauties*

I don't really know how to name these looks, the first one let's called it "Green - Blue Paty"

I'm focusing on the eyes, with strong winged eyeliner, blue and silver eyeliner for the waterline and green contact lenses. Subtle orange blush and nude-pink lips. I want a statement to rock the party,, yeah!

Tips from Philips Kwok MUA, when I joined his make up demo, he said that Korean make up focusing on flawless face, subtle blush, almost no shading but a lot of highlighting, so Korean make up looks more flawless than western make up which tend to use a lot of shading.

William Kim the global Make Up artist from Estee Lauder said that Korean focusing their lips in the middle they don't put lipstick all over the lips but only in the middle than spread it to the entire lips, and they love glossy lips more than matte.

My second look called "The Red Preppy Girl"

Here I used contact lenses to make my eyes appear bigger, straight eyebrows, natural eye make up trying to make the aegyosal as well, subtle peach blush and soft nude-orange lips. To create a kinda innocent school girl look.

Fun facts about Korean make up, this is based on what I really have seen with my own eyes during my summer school time, so this is real Korean make up that you could see everyday everywhere in Korea (not the celebrity one).

1. They don't actually have straight eyebrows, or at least not all of them was born with straight eyebrows, but they love it so much and do anything to make their eyebrows straight, when I stood in front of a woman in the subway I could see how fake her straight eyebrows were, they were drawn to be straight.
2. They bring their foundation/BB cream/concealer everywhere, they always touch up their complexion, you could easily see people touching ups their complexion in public toilets, flawless is skin is absolutely number one, when you see them in person you could tell how thick their foundation/bb cream is. I have a friend with acne problems and when she went out, she piled a lot of bb cream to cover them up.
3. When I went to Busan, I sat on the bus with a Korean buddy, she said she didn't have time to Eat breakfast in the morning because she got to get her make up done, she said for Korean girls having their make up done before going out is more important.
4. Non-Korean cosmetics price is soooo high. YSL lipstick which cost me 390k rupiah was sold there for 45k won, roughly count around 500k rupiah. But I saw many of them using Non-Korean high end products.
5. My boy-friends said that they would not believe if they see a pretty girl because they will assume she has got a plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is so common in Korea, even you could see the advertisements in subway, and also there could be more than one plastic surgery clinic in one building.

So, that's all I can share about my looks and my little knowledge and experience about Korean Make Up. Wish me luck for this challenge because the prizes are sooo interesting.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bio Oil Launching Event

Hey there, on Saturday October 4th I was invited by mbak Melisa to join the Bio Oil launching event, and Mbak Melisa said I could ask my other blogger friends to join as well.
The event was held at XXI Lounge Plaza Senayan, the venue was fully loaded by media and bloggers. They provided lunch and snacks, but I was fasting that day so I didn't eat or drink anything at the event.

At 2 pm the event started, Mbak Tiara as Corporate Spokeperson of PT. Radiant Sentral Nutrindo said that they are happy to announce that Bio Oil is finally here in Indonesia, because Indonesian especially women tend to look for product which can make their skin flawless. Bio Oil brought up the campaign  "Hello, Happy Skin".

Mbak Nurhayatini as he Product Manager of PT. Radiant Sentral Nutrindo described Bio Oil as the dry oil, which means that it will be absorbed quickly to our skin. Wonder why? let's see the main ingredients of Bio Oil

1. Vitamin A --> collagen booster
2. Vitamin E --> everybody knew how good vit E for skin is, it's rich of antioxidant
3. PurCellin --> the trade mark ingredient of Bio Oil, this is the secret behind how easy Bio Oil get absorbed into the skin.
4. and some natural oils such as Rosemary Oil, Lavender oil, calendula oil, and camomile oil.

Since it's natural, Bio Oil is safe for people with sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic and non-acnegenic.

There was also a talk show from dr. Novita, she said that bio oil is reccomended by doctors for any scars treatment (92% of the respondents said that Bio Oil reduced the appearance of their scars after 8 weeks of usage, twice a day), uneven skin tones, stretch marks (100% of the respondents said that Bio Oil is effective to banish stretch marks after 8 weeks of usage, twice a day). Bio Oil has been awarded as number one product in 17 countries for scars and stretch marks treatment category.

They also invited two Indonesian public figure, Safina Hasan and Endhita which are Bio Oil users, and they shared their stories about Bio Oil, both of them used Bio Oil religiously during their pregnancy and they said it's very effective to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, therefore they recommend people especially women to try Bio Oil.

The launching of the Bio Oil itself was so entertaining because there were dancers and I enjoyed their performances, in the end of the dance they presented Bio Oil.

And last but not least, I got to meet my fellow beauty blogger friends :D

picts taken from
this is how I combine bio oil with my daily skin care, let's see the result at least in two weeks.
The other usage of bio oil

I have tried and tested Bio Oil for around a week now, I must say it's not completely dry, it's still oil which is oily, but it does get absorbed quickly, al I have to do is to massage it in circular motion using my finger tips, and I can say I have been lovin' it, I can't wait to see the result on my post acne scars.

Bio Oil in Indonesia is exclusively sold at Guardian aat the moment, you can buy it only Rp 120k for 60 ml, much cheaper than ol shop and even my friend who lives in New Zealand asked me about the price and she said it is cheaper in Indonesia than in NZ.

See you in the next event!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Head To Toe Best Friend Soap by Moporie

Hello beauties, I have another event reports in my draft but let me hold them for a while, let's move to product review and this time is from The Soap Corner by Moporie. It was one of the items in the BBMeetUp goody bags, this is my first time reviewing a soap, I don't know I just don't feel like reviewing soaps because I feel all of them just the same, nothing to be bothered, or no review needed, probably because I have never looked for any review before buying soaps.

But this time is different, moporie creates natural products, that is sls/sles free, paraben free, artificial fragrance free, all about natural ingredients, I am not some organic and natural products freak, I had never really pay any attention of what's inside my soap (another story for cosmetics and facial skin care), but just like I stated before, for me soaps are soaps the only different from them are the scents and form (liquid or bar) and the price kkkk.

Until I was enlightened by this, I just realized that I have been putting a lot of chemical products to my body, paraben and SLS are dangerous according to some sites I've read, they could caused cancer and other horrible things, SLS even said to be damaging for hair and skin itself, noooo.
Thank God I know this before too late, I will stay away from products containing SLS/SLES and paraben for sure.

And this head to toe best friend from moporie is like a saviour to me, it's not only made from natural ingredients but also it can be used from head to toe, from washing my hair, my face and my whole body. Yeah, one product for all, my bathroom is full of bottles but with this product I can say good bye to other bottles, welcome more space.

As someone who loves traveling, this will be convenient too, bottles are taking places in my luggage and also since they are liquid, they tend to be heavy. But with this product, one bottle is enough.
The texture is kinda watery unlike other liquid soaps I have ever tried, and since it contains no paraben do not expect many bubbles from this soap, it only produces a few amount of bubbles. The scent smells like dairy, no wonder it was made from 100% Organic  goat milk though.

The ingredients, all natural 

With this little bottle from moporie, from a full head to toe wash I think I can use this up to 10 times, nice for traveling. For at home usage I think moporie provides the bigger size one.
Are you interested? Cause Miku is sure interested.

You can buy it from instagram @moporie or facebook The Soap Corner. Let's save our body and our environment!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign by Estee Lauder, Clinique and DKNY

Do you know what month is it? Yup it's October, and do you realize that you can see pink like everywhere? Yup because it is breast cancer awareness month.
Estee Lauder companies under Tempo group and PT. Pulau Mahoni (including Estee Lauder, Clinique and DKNY) held a week full event to spread the words about breast cancer awareness, with the tag line "We're stronger together". This event is the fourth time, they have been hosting such event annually every October since 2010.

Two days out of the 7 days event were created for beauty bloggers, and I attended the event on Thursday October 2nd. There were only 7 beauty bloggers attended the event on that day, I heard twice as many bloggers came to the event the day before.
So are you interested with what was going on during the event? Stay tune...

The event which took place at Atrium PIM 2 started around 2.30pm, we were given pink ribbon and brochures that contain explanation about the event and breast cancer in general, it was opened by the MC Mas Mario drom Clinique and Mbak Tika from Estee Lauder, they explained briefly about the history and how breast cancer has been no. 1 or no. 2 (just changing place with cervics cancer) caused of death for women. And not only older women, even young women and even man now could suffered from breast cancer.

And then there was a talkshow from Mbak Priscil, Mbak Priscil explained about the history behind why Estee Lauder hold such event, I just found out that the daughter in law from Estee Lauder, Evelyn Lauder, was suffering from breast cancer. Then she made the research foundation to find cure for breast cancer, Evelyn Lauder lived up to 10 years after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, thanks to the research.

Breast cancer is something that can be avoided or at least be known from early stage so the chance to be healed is bigger, therefore the breast cancer awareness campaign is really important, women should know how to detect breast cancer as early as possible by doing self examination like sadari "periksa payudara sendiri" to examine whether there was something abnormal on their breasts and more accurately to do mammography in every 8 months.

However, preventing is better than curing, there are 8 ways we can do to prevent breast cancer

1. Check your breast regulary and report any changes to your doctor2. regularly consult with your doctor for a checkup when your 20-30s year olds3. do mammograms every year starting from 40 year old or earlier if you are at risk4. eat fruits that lack the fiber and rich in atioxidants5. keep your ideal weigh and increase the risk of excess weight6. limit alcohol7. avoid smoke 8. do exercise at least 45 minuter every day

After the talk show, there was make up demo by Mas Indra from Estee Lauder and Mbak Rina from Clinique.

Mas Indra showed 3 secret behind 3 minutes beauty which is Estee Lauder signature, first is about contouring and shading, second is about eyes and last but not least is about the lip shaped up.
And then Mbak Rina did a make up demo with "pink theme" make up looks, the model was Kak Tessa (again) yeah I know she has the perfect model looks, even Mbak Tika said she was envy with Kak Tessa body *who doesn't*. Before the demo Clinique explained a little anout their 3 steps skin care which is their signature, facial wash - exfoliating toner (I'm using this one!) - moisturizer (one of the best out there).

Next, they had a make up competition for beautyblogger, I came straight from college with bare face so I need to do a whole make up, kkk. I didn't take any pictures because I was so busy doing my make up.

pict credits to 

Before they announced the winners there were a music performance. There were 3 winners, best make up (kak Catra), favorite (kak Melissa) and best dress (me!), Sorry no pictures.

At the end of the event we were given goodie bags and also certificate saying that we have participated in breast cancer awareness campaign, yeah.

Felly, Ka Tessa and me, this was taken before the event and my face was completely bare and kucel wkwk, picture credits to

Till the next event!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Beauty Blogger Meet Up Event 

Hello my lovely readers, do you remember my post about how and why I want to be a beauty blogger? Here is the link to remind you

That post was made in order to join the pre event writing competition before the actual BBMeetUp, and Alhamdulillah on September 27 the event was successfully being held, thanks to Ci Nellin from, Kak Tia from, and Ci Meilani from

The event was held at Nanny's Pavilion Central Park, it was the first time I went to Central Park btw. The registration started at 10.30am and the event begin at around 11am.

During the event, they were having instagram and Twitter quiz using particular hashtags, and I kept on making live tweets (on the spot event report) in order to join that, and I have them chirpified for you here, I think you'll find my live tweets to be more informative and specific since it was made right on the spot. So, make sure to check it out kheyy :D

The first to give presentation was V10plus Indonesia, we were given the water based peeling to try, and it works like magic in eliminating dead skin. And I won the best tweet/insta at this part hihi Alhamdulillah 

See how it works on my hand

Next up is Make Over, Ka Endi Feng did a 10 minutes fabulous make up on Kak Hani, there were a lot of tips make sure you check it out on my chirpified tweets.

Thank you for the goodies Make Over

Next one is ZAP, check out my ZAP experience

Goodies from ZAP

Lunch time, I chose Salmon Baked Rice

Next, Presentation from Sally Hansen, I thought Sally Hansen only produce Nail polishes turns out they many kind of products 

Goodies from Sally Hansen

Eye liner demo from Carryna Pratiwi, beauty blogger, with Silky Girl products. For more tips and tricks from Nona Carryn at the event please find it in my tweets hihi

Goodies from Silky Girl

Goodies from Ayou Beauty, feel like heaven, thank you so much. Ayou Beauty representatives didn't come but we had a photo contest with the goodies.

Presentation from Kawaii Beauty Japan

Best Dress winners 

Ci Mei and Ci Nellin sharing about being a good beauty blogger, what I remembered were first we have to learn how to take good images and invest in good camera, and second be consistent with our blog, keep our blog posted and updated.

When we are about to go home, there was another goodies which is these beautiful home made bin natural products from The Soap Corner by Moporie, aaa thank you so much for such a generous goodie bags, I have tried some and really love it. Wait for the review yap.

With Clozette Indonesia Ambassadors (pict courtesy of

Group Photo with all the beauty bloggers (pict courtesy of

I have no regret attending this event, not only I got a huge number of goody bags and new friends I also get more tips to be a better blogger from them who are much more experienced than me. I used to not really paying attention to the quality of my blog, I just write, but since the event I have been paying more attention to my blog and the result is I have seen that my page views is increasing, I have doubled up or even multiplied my monthly page views since I attended the BBMeetUp.

I hope there will be BBMeetUp part 2 and so on, involving more participants and more goody bags *LOL* and maybe booked the entire hall or restaurant so we can use sound system, because one of the problem of this BBMeetUp (probably the only problem) was we could barely hear the speakers. Other than that were great. 

I heard the three musketeers (Ci Mei, Ci Nellin and Kak Tia) are looking for two more bloggers to help them arranging next BBMeetUp, if I am not currently working on my thesis I would love to join for sure.

Thank God for this fabulous event, looking forward to attend the next BBMeetUp!

Please wait for my review of the products I got from this event yaw 

See you soon :D