Sunday, October 19, 2014

IBB Make Up Challenge October 2014

Annyeong! This will be my first time joining IBB MUC, IBB partnered up with Sarange hold this MUC wih the theme "Show Your Korean Signature Make Up Style". I created two looks especially for this MUC, I don't have the Korean kind of face with the V-shaped and slanted eyes, small  and sharp nose lalala, plus I'm wearing hijab, have you ever seen Korean with hijab? Kkk, so... These might not really looks like Korean but I'm trying to keep my make up just like Korean, I spent a month in Korea last summer, I hope that would help me a little, LOL.


Let's take a look at My Signature Korean Make Up Looks!
*PS: not only a lot of selfies of me but you'll find out some tips and tricks from MUA about Korean make up and also my own experience about real Korean Make Up, you'd better scroll down beauties*

I don't really know how to name these looks, the first one let's called it "Green - Blue Paty"

I'm focusing on the eyes, with strong winged eyeliner, blue and silver eyeliner for the waterline and green contact lenses. Subtle orange blush and nude-pink lips. I want a statement to rock the party,, yeah!

Tips from Philips Kwok MUA, when I joined his make up demo, he said that Korean make up focusing on flawless face, subtle blush, almost no shading but a lot of highlighting, so Korean make up looks more flawless than western make up which tend to use a lot of shading.

William Kim the global Make Up artist from Estee Lauder said that Korean focusing their lips in the middle they don't put lipstick all over the lips but only in the middle than spread it to the entire lips, and they love glossy lips more than matte.

My second look called "The Red Preppy Girl"

Here I used contact lenses to make my eyes appear bigger, straight eyebrows, natural eye make up trying to make the aegyosal as well, subtle peach blush and soft nude-orange lips. To create a kinda innocent school girl look.

Fun facts about Korean make up, this is based on what I really have seen with my own eyes during my summer school time, so this is real Korean make up that you could see everyday everywhere in Korea (not the celebrity one).

1. They don't actually have straight eyebrows, or at least not all of them was born with straight eyebrows, but they love it so much and do anything to make their eyebrows straight, when I stood in front of a woman in the subway I could see how fake her straight eyebrows were, they were drawn to be straight.
2. They bring their foundation/BB cream/concealer everywhere, they always touch up their complexion, you could easily see people touching ups their complexion in public toilets, flawless is skin is absolutely number one, when you see them in person you could tell how thick their foundation/bb cream is. I have a friend with acne problems and when she went out, she piled a lot of bb cream to cover them up.
3. When I went to Busan, I sat on the bus with a Korean buddy, she said she didn't have time to Eat breakfast in the morning because she got to get her make up done, she said for Korean girls having their make up done before going out is more important.
4. Non-Korean cosmetics price is soooo high. YSL lipstick which cost me 390k rupiah was sold there for 45k won, roughly count around 500k rupiah. But I saw many of them using Non-Korean high end products.
5. My boy-friends said that they would not believe if they see a pretty girl because they will assume she has got a plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is so common in Korea, even you could see the advertisements in subway, and also there could be more than one plastic surgery clinic in one building.

So, that's all I can share about my looks and my little knowledge and experience about Korean Make Up. Wish me luck for this challenge because the prizes are sooo interesting.


  1. Cantik puttt,, suka look yang pertama (^^) good luck ya put :)



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