Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bio Oil Launching Event

Hey there, on Saturday October 4th I was invited by mbak Melisa to join the Bio Oil launching event, and Mbak Melisa said I could ask my other blogger friends to join as well.
The event was held at XXI Lounge Plaza Senayan, the venue was fully loaded by media and bloggers. They provided lunch and snacks, but I was fasting that day so I didn't eat or drink anything at the event.

At 2 pm the event started, Mbak Tiara as Corporate Spokeperson of PT. Radiant Sentral Nutrindo said that they are happy to announce that Bio Oil is finally here in Indonesia, because Indonesian especially women tend to look for product which can make their skin flawless. Bio Oil brought up the campaign  "Hello, Happy Skin".

Mbak Nurhayatini as he Product Manager of PT. Radiant Sentral Nutrindo described Bio Oil as the dry oil, which means that it will be absorbed quickly to our skin. Wonder why? let's see the main ingredients of Bio Oil

1. Vitamin A --> collagen booster
2. Vitamin E --> everybody knew how good vit E for skin is, it's rich of antioxidant
3. PurCellin --> the trade mark ingredient of Bio Oil, this is the secret behind how easy Bio Oil get absorbed into the skin.
4. and some natural oils such as Rosemary Oil, Lavender oil, calendula oil, and camomile oil.

Since it's natural, Bio Oil is safe for people with sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic and non-acnegenic.

There was also a talk show from dr. Novita, she said that bio oil is reccomended by doctors for any scars treatment (92% of the respondents said that Bio Oil reduced the appearance of their scars after 8 weeks of usage, twice a day), uneven skin tones, stretch marks (100% of the respondents said that Bio Oil is effective to banish stretch marks after 8 weeks of usage, twice a day). Bio Oil has been awarded as number one product in 17 countries for scars and stretch marks treatment category.

They also invited two Indonesian public figure, Safina Hasan and Endhita which are Bio Oil users, and they shared their stories about Bio Oil, both of them used Bio Oil religiously during their pregnancy and they said it's very effective to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, therefore they recommend people especially women to try Bio Oil.

The launching of the Bio Oil itself was so entertaining because there were dancers and I enjoyed their performances, in the end of the dance they presented Bio Oil.

And last but not least, I got to meet my fellow beauty blogger friends :D

picts taken from
this is how I combine bio oil with my daily skin care, let's see the result at least in two weeks.
The other usage of bio oil

I have tried and tested Bio Oil for around a week now, I must say it's not completely dry, it's still oil which is oily, but it does get absorbed quickly, al I have to do is to massage it in circular motion using my finger tips, and I can say I have been lovin' it, I can't wait to see the result on my post acne scars.

Bio Oil in Indonesia is exclusively sold at Guardian aat the moment, you can buy it only Rp 120k for 60 ml, much cheaper than ol shop and even my friend who lives in New Zealand asked me about the price and she said it is cheaper in Indonesia than in NZ.

See you in the next event!


  1. Bio Oil sudah masuk di Guardian palembang. Harganya 126rb kalo tidak salah. Senengnya akhirnya aku bisa punya produk yang hits ini.

    1. Iya Alhamdulillah ya aku liat d ol shop harganya di atas 200rb buat yg kecil ini, cuma pakenya harus sabar karena hasilnya lama hehehe. Btw, thanks for visiting :)

  2. I have been using bio oil for the past 5 months and it works amazing. Now that im pregnant i have little signs of stretched marks because i started back using bio oil instead of cocoa butter



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