Wednesday, October 1, 2014

EGF Essence Mask from MJCare

Hello beauties, just a quick review about another sheet mask. I have had this sheet mask for quiet a while now, I got this mask from my First Blush Box subscription , which has discontinued now. Have you ever heard of MJ Care or Mijin Cosmetics? Yeah me neither, this is from Korea, but even I have been to Korea twice and spend a month there I have never heard or saw this brand actually. Korea just has too many cosmetic brands, don't you think? Kkkk

Okay, let's start with the review

It claims to make your skin elastic, moistened, clear and relax. It's suitable for all skin types and can be used in all 4-seasons.

In my opinion the scent is pretty weird, not a pleasant one for my likings, the essence feels thick and slimy unlike the other sheet mask I have tried, but that makes no water drops everywhere which is great,  I use it directly in room temperature but it still feels somehow cooling while being worn, what I absolutely love the most from this mask is the size, some sheet masks are just too big and not fit on my face but this one fit perfectly. And I don't need to adjust too much.

After I took off the mask, my skin feels a bit sticky but I can tell that I feel refreshed, relaxed and my skin become moistened. To get the whole benefits of this mask I think that should come after a regular use of this mask, 3-4 times a week.

I am not a fan of sheet mask, but I kinda like this one, unfortunately I don't know where I can find this mask again, definitely not in Indonesia yet, and even in Korea I don't know where to find it. But if you are curious about this brand you can visit their website

See you later!

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