Friday, October 31, 2014

Castile Unscented Liquid Soap From Moporie

Hello Beauties, I'm back with another product review from The Soap Corner by Moporie which I got from my BBMeetUp goodie bag. it is another natural soap and this time is Castile Liquid Soap which made from olive oil.

As you can see it its a handmade olive oil liquid soap and again sls/sles and paraben free just like all The Soap Corner by Moporie products. Olive oil itself has so many benefits for or the skin, I have an aunt whose age is no longer young but her skin is still amazing and the secret behind it is olive oil. Back in her day there were no fancy skin care or modern aesthetic but she could keep her skin glowing and smooth just by using olive oil.

The consistency of this soap is not as runny as the Head To Toe Best Friend Soap which I have reviewed here, it's a bit thicker just like another liquid soap, since it is Unscented so it smells like olive oil, and I am not fond of olive oil's smell, so it kinda bother me but think you can ask Moporie to custom it and add your favorite scent, I have tried adding jasmine essential oil by myself (percobaan iseng) and I love it. It has more bubbles too, especially when you use your foaming net, but it won't be as much as the usual liquid soap since again no SLS.

What I feel after washing my body with this soap is I can feel my skin become so smooth and well mosturized. Moporie's products are really exciting, I can't wait to try more.

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