Thursday, August 28, 2014

Eye Make Up Inspiration #2

Time for another eye make up inspiration beauties, I wanna make a tutorial at first but... I was too busy creating the make up that I forgot to take picture of each step, and realized after I finished, oh well... I only remember to take the bare eye and the finish result. But I will explain the step and product I used one by one, okayy

1. Fill in my brow (I uesed elianto eyebrow pencil in dark brown), put on soft contact lenses (I used X2 Bio in Black Shakira) then put eye shadow base on my eyelids, I used la tulipe eye shadow base

2. Put the color yellow ( I used Bumm! From Sleek Ultra Matt V1 Palette) on to the entire lid 

3. Put a terracotta color on to the crease focusing on the outer part and go lighter to the inner part (I used terracotta from Make Up Store Microshadow). Blend upwards.

4. Put a pink eye shadow on to the crease line (I used Pout from Sleek Ultra Matt V1 Palette), only to deepen the crease, blend all together but make sure the pink isn't blended too much

5. Put a white color on the inner corner as a highlight and on to the brow bone as well (i used Poww! From the same palette)

6. Make a thin winged eyeliner (I used Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in Twilight Night Shimmer Ink)

7. Line your lower waterline with blue eyeliner and blend outwards a little (I used Silky Girl Jewel Light eyeliner in Electric Blue)

8. Tight line the upper water line (I used Make Over Pencil Eyeliner in Black Jack)

9. Curl the eyelashes and put some mascara on both upper and lower eyelashes (I used Anna Sui Super FX WaterproofMascara in black)

10. Put on your favorite fake eyelashes (I used Fleur from Lavielash)

11, done!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Getting to Know: Clozette Indonesia

Hello beauties, today I'm gonna introduce you to Clozette Indonesia, as you can see above yes I am one of Clozette Indonesia Ambassadors, what? you can't believe it? yeah me too, I am still quiet amazed seing my pictures along with the other Clozette Indonesia Ambassadors, some of them I adore them so much and I am so excited to be the part of Clozette Indonesia.

can you spot me?
So, I don't want to make you wait any longer, you must be wondering what Clozette Indonesia is, your level of gaulness is lacking if you don't know Clozette Indonesia but I am here to increase your level of gaulness don't worry.
First of all, do you know facebook? twitter? instagram? path? I bet you're not only know but you are active users of those social media right? Those social media connect you mostly to people you know, and you read or see whatever they posted whether they're whining about their job, traffic jam, or presidential election etc, sometimes I'm a bit tired of that, because I enjoy beauty and fashion but when I log in to my social media I have to see people arguing about their political views, oh please... but I don't have any choice since they are my friends, and I connect with them because they are my friends and I can't filter what they will be posted *some of my social media friends must be tired of my fashion and beauty post related I supposed*.

Clozette Indonesia appears to be the Fairy God Mother, it is a social media that focused on fashion and beauty, for fashion and beauty lovers like me, you may scream yeay! Clozette Indonesia let me show off my entire closet to the world, I can organise my item under my collection such as shoes, wish list, accesories etc. and then I can share it with other clozetters in the Fashion Community and Beauty Community, I can be other people's inspiration! how nice right. When I need inspiration I could easily discover it from other clozetters. And last but not least.... this is what you and I love so much as a girl, yes definitely shop! You can buy anything from make up, bags, shoes, new items, used items and it's only one click away from your place, because we got Clozette Bazaar and Shoppe, and not only spending money you can also gain money as a seller there.
Clozette Indonesia's Home Page

Clozette Indonesia is super kind hearted, they often throw quizes with many kinds of prizes, so make sure to be active on your Clozette account and follow their other social media as well such as their facebook (Clozette Indonesia), twitter and instagram (@clozetteid) They even give prizes such as luxury bags and travelling package! *drool*, I wanna win them too! and as easy as one two three you can connect your clozette account with your instagram, just put hashtag #clozetteid on your picture and voila your picture will be uploaded on your clozette account.

The newest featured on Clozette is Socialbeat, you'll get rewarded with socialbeats depends on how active you are on your Clozette account, you can see who are the most active Clozetters of all too. Proudly I am one of the 35 top Clozetters.

Last but not least, make your very own Clozette account here and follow me here, and also follow my other Clozette Ambassadors fellas here.

Now you know why I love Clozette Indonesia, without further a due, let's inspire one another :)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Balm Shelter Tinted Gloss

When I joined the balm beauty class I got discount voucher and they also had this lip gloss 40% discounted, so the amount of money I should pay for this lipbalm was only Rp 26.000,- what a steal! And I never regret buying this stuff. This has been my favorite lip product, my HG, I bring it on my make up pouch everywhere, and apply it probably every single time I like to use it alone for a sheer color on my lips or over my lipstick to give shine and glossy effect, because I don't like matte product on my lips, and I feel like my lipstick color especially the pink one gets better whenever I apply this gloss on top of it, so it's like a life saver for me. Yeah I like it that much.

It has not too thick consistency, so it feels not too heavy on my lips, and it doesn't make me looks like I've just eaten too many gorengan like many lip gloss do. It has spf 17 which is nice and the smell, oh My God it has fruity smell that makes me wanna lick it like a candy. I am kinda sensitive about smells, but this one absolutely smells nice (in my opinion).

It doesn't last really long so you need to reapply it especially after eating and drinking, if you don't touch your lips with anything it will last longer absolutely kkkk. Since my lips are dry and chapped easily, I find this product has not been making it worse like some other lip products that I own do.

The ingredients

Mine is in shade Material Girls, and I think the blue undertone helps make my face and teeth look brighter.

The wand, it's standard and convenient to use. However, I prefer lip products with wand/applicator than bullet lipstick or anything without applicator.

Completely bare face and lips

Only do my brows and my lips wearing the balm shelter tinted gloss in material girl

I really love how it gives such a nice color and sheen to my lips, it doesn't really look full or fake like using lipstick, I feel like it brighten ups my whole complexion, love it so much!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Estee Lauder Envy Shine Lipstick Launching

Last Saturday I attended the launching of Estee Lauder's newest lipstick which is Envy Shine.

The event supposed to start at 1pm but it was pushed back until 2.30pm, so I needed to wait a bit long~

Mbak Priscil from Estee Lauder told us the history of this lipstick, she said 2 departments in Estee Lauder were sent to go all over the world to create the perfect lipstick, the packaging department and the product development department, after two years of research they came back and create this Envy Shine lipstick, which has the most modern and favorite packaging with the best texture for Asia women who loves a lipstick that moisturize their lips and has the glossy finish rather than matt finish.

Envy Shine lipstick comes in 16 shades, whether you love nude or pink or dazzling red, they have it all. And it comes with a new technology which is encapsulated moisturizer which will keep our lips moist up to 6 hours without using lip balm beforehand. And the color molecules are also capsulated and have dimension which will create dimensions to our lips so our lips will look sculpted from front and side (I can't remember clearly with the high tech languages, sorry for my words kkk). But the thing is that your lips will look great from every angle and you can say good bye to chapped lips.

Then there were make over session, there were 4 styles from the Estee Lauder MUA Michael.

1. Ombre lips: all you need is 2 lipstick one lighter shade and one darker shade, put the lighter shade in the middle of the lips and then the darker shade in the outer part of the lips, make sure to blend them well.

2. Pump up lips: put concealer to conceal your lips line, put glittery eye shadow on the cupid bow and put the lipstick a bit wider than your actual lips

3. 3D lips: put concealer to conceal your lips lines, put glittery eye shadow on the cupid bow, put a darker lipstick shade in the middle of the lips and put the lighter lipstick shade in the outer part of the lips

4. Eyeshadow on eyeliner: make a wing eyeliner on your eyelid, wet a brush then dip it into eyeshadow (any color that you want) and than put it right on top of the winged eyeliner you have drawn before.

My first impression for the lipstick, I tried the lipstick and I love that it  moisturized my lips and the color stayed for a long time even though I eat and drink.

PS: I went for a physiotherapy today because my shoulder is aching, please pray for me to get better soon kkk.

PS 2: I wasn't invited to the event, wasn't paid or anything to make this post, I came there by myself just because I was curious about the product, and everything that stated here are whatever I heard, saw and felt by myself.

See you later beauties :*

Pict taken from Estee Lauder facebook page

Mba Priscil while she was explaining about Envy Shine lipstick

Michael, Estee Lauder MUA giving explanation about the style he put on the model

Cici Panda is one loyal customer of Estee Lauder

I'm wearing no 250 Blossom Bright

Pict taken from Estee Lauder facebook page