Monday, August 25, 2014

Getting to Know: Clozette Indonesia

Hello beauties, today I'm gonna introduce you to Clozette Indonesia, as you can see above yes I am one of Clozette Indonesia Ambassadors, what? you can't believe it? yeah me too, I am still quiet amazed seing my pictures along with the other Clozette Indonesia Ambassadors, some of them I adore them so much and I am so excited to be the part of Clozette Indonesia.

can you spot me?
So, I don't want to make you wait any longer, you must be wondering what Clozette Indonesia is, your level of gaulness is lacking if you don't know Clozette Indonesia but I am here to increase your level of gaulness don't worry.
First of all, do you know facebook? twitter? instagram? path? I bet you're not only know but you are active users of those social media right? Those social media connect you mostly to people you know, and you read or see whatever they posted whether they're whining about their job, traffic jam, or presidential election etc, sometimes I'm a bit tired of that, because I enjoy beauty and fashion but when I log in to my social media I have to see people arguing about their political views, oh please... but I don't have any choice since they are my friends, and I connect with them because they are my friends and I can't filter what they will be posted *some of my social media friends must be tired of my fashion and beauty post related I supposed*.

Clozette Indonesia appears to be the Fairy God Mother, it is a social media that focused on fashion and beauty, for fashion and beauty lovers like me, you may scream yeay! Clozette Indonesia let me show off my entire closet to the world, I can organise my item under my collection such as shoes, wish list, accesories etc. and then I can share it with other clozetters in the Fashion Community and Beauty Community, I can be other people's inspiration! how nice right. When I need inspiration I could easily discover it from other clozetters. And last but not least.... this is what you and I love so much as a girl, yes definitely shop! You can buy anything from make up, bags, shoes, new items, used items and it's only one click away from your place, because we got Clozette Bazaar and Shoppe, and not only spending money you can also gain money as a seller there.
Clozette Indonesia's Home Page

Clozette Indonesia is super kind hearted, they often throw quizes with many kinds of prizes, so make sure to be active on your Clozette account and follow their other social media as well such as their facebook (Clozette Indonesia), twitter and instagram (@clozetteid) They even give prizes such as luxury bags and travelling package! *drool*, I wanna win them too! and as easy as one two three you can connect your clozette account with your instagram, just put hashtag #clozetteid on your picture and voila your picture will be uploaded on your clozette account.

The newest featured on Clozette is Socialbeat, you'll get rewarded with socialbeats depends on how active you are on your Clozette account, you can see who are the most active Clozetters of all too. Proudly I am one of the 35 top Clozetters.

Last but not least, make your very own Clozette account here and follow me here, and also follow my other Clozette Ambassadors fellas here.

Now you know why I love Clozette Indonesia, without further a due, let's inspire one another :)


  1. I've heard and I've followed them, but never consider of making an account. I think I'll make one. Thanks for the info Reihan, and congratulations for being the new ambassador of ClozetteID ^_^



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