Monday, August 11, 2014

Estee Lauder Envy Shine Lipstick Launching

Last Saturday I attended the launching of Estee Lauder's newest lipstick which is Envy Shine.

The event supposed to start at 1pm but it was pushed back until 2.30pm, so I needed to wait a bit long~

Mbak Priscil from Estee Lauder told us the history of this lipstick, she said 2 departments in Estee Lauder were sent to go all over the world to create the perfect lipstick, the packaging department and the product development department, after two years of research they came back and create this Envy Shine lipstick, which has the most modern and favorite packaging with the best texture for Asia women who loves a lipstick that moisturize their lips and has the glossy finish rather than matt finish.

Envy Shine lipstick comes in 16 shades, whether you love nude or pink or dazzling red, they have it all. And it comes with a new technology which is encapsulated moisturizer which will keep our lips moist up to 6 hours without using lip balm beforehand. And the color molecules are also capsulated and have dimension which will create dimensions to our lips so our lips will look sculpted from front and side (I can't remember clearly with the high tech languages, sorry for my words kkk). But the thing is that your lips will look great from every angle and you can say good bye to chapped lips.

Then there were make over session, there were 4 styles from the Estee Lauder MUA Michael.

1. Ombre lips: all you need is 2 lipstick one lighter shade and one darker shade, put the lighter shade in the middle of the lips and then the darker shade in the outer part of the lips, make sure to blend them well.

2. Pump up lips: put concealer to conceal your lips line, put glittery eye shadow on the cupid bow and put the lipstick a bit wider than your actual lips

3. 3D lips: put concealer to conceal your lips lines, put glittery eye shadow on the cupid bow, put a darker lipstick shade in the middle of the lips and put the lighter lipstick shade in the outer part of the lips

4. Eyeshadow on eyeliner: make a wing eyeliner on your eyelid, wet a brush then dip it into eyeshadow (any color that you want) and than put it right on top of the winged eyeliner you have drawn before.

My first impression for the lipstick, I tried the lipstick and I love that it  moisturized my lips and the color stayed for a long time even though I eat and drink.

PS: I went for a physiotherapy today because my shoulder is aching, please pray for me to get better soon kkk.

PS 2: I wasn't invited to the event, wasn't paid or anything to make this post, I came there by myself just because I was curious about the product, and everything that stated here are whatever I heard, saw and felt by myself.

See you later beauties :*

Pict taken from Estee Lauder facebook page

Mba Priscil while she was explaining about Envy Shine lipstick

Michael, Estee Lauder MUA giving explanation about the style he put on the model

Cici Panda is one loyal customer of Estee Lauder

I'm wearing no 250 Blossom Bright

Pict taken from Estee Lauder facebook page

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