Sunday, September 28, 2014

Step by Step Make Up Tutorial

Halooo, buat kali ini spesial postingannya pake bahasa Indonesia, kenapa? Karena akhir2 ini aku sering ngajarin orang buat bermake up dan mereka suka minta dicatetim step by stepnya, daripada aku pusing satu2 karena mostly hampir sama aja semuanya jadi kenapa ga aku coba post di blog aja, ya gak?

Okay, pertama-tama untuk make up yang baik itu pastikan kulit wajah kita juga baik, jadi bersihkan kulit wajah dan gunakan skin care kita sehari-hari, sekarang lanjut ke tahapan bermake up nya ya.

1. Primer, gunakan primer Benefit porefessional hanya di bagian yg berpori2 besar saja, tidak perlu diaplikasikan ke seluruh wajah

2. Corrector, aplikasikan warna salmon/oranye untuk menutupi kantong mata dengan cara ditepuk-tepuk, warna hijau untuk bagian kulit yg berwarna kemerahan seperti jerawat, dan warna ungu untuk bagian2 yg ingin di cerahkan atau di hghlight. Setelah warna2 tersebut,p diaplikasikan dengan cara ditepuk2, timpa di atasnya dengan korektor warna kulit/cokelat untuk membuat warnanya menyatu dengan kulit.

3. Foundation (Lancome Teint Visionnaire), gunakan foundation cream yg terletak di bagian atas terlebih dahulu untuk menutupi noda2 pada wajah kemudian pump foundation liquid ke tangan, totol-totol ke wajah dan ratakan dengan sponge beauty blender dengan cara ditepuk-tepuk, sebelumnya beauty blendernya harus dibasahi dulu ya.

4. Bedak, gunakan kuas besar/kabuki untuk mengambil bedak, ratakan dan tepuk-tepuk pada wajah untuk mengunci foundation dan produk-produk berbentuk cair/cream tadi yg telah kita aplikasikan sebelumnya.

5. Alis, gambar dahulu bingkai alis bagian atas dan bawah lalu isi bagian yg kosong di tengah dan baurkan, gunakan spoolie untuk menyisir rambut alis dan membuat warna alis menjadi lebih soft, pastikan warna bagian depan lebih pudar dan warna bagian belakang lebih gelap/tegas

6. Wajah, gunakan bronzer untuk membuat contour wajah dengan membuat angka 3 di sepanjang pelipis, bawah tulang pipi dan rahang dan di kedua sisi hidung

7. Gunakan highlight pada tulang pipi, tulang hidung, bawah mata, sudut dalam mata dan cupid bow

8. Gunakan blush on pada apples of the cheeks 

9. Sekarang untuk make up mata, gunakan eyeshadow berwarna terang di seluruh kelopak mata dan eye shadow berwarna gelap di 1/3 sudut luar mata membentuk seperti segitiga, lalu baurkan kedua warna

10. Berikan eyeliner hitam pada garis atas mata sedekat mungkin dgn bulu mata dan pada garis bawah mata

11. Berikan eyeliner putih pada waterline mata bagian bawah

12. Jepit bulu mata dan sapukan maskara

13. Untuk bagian bibir, bingkai dan isi bibir dengan pensil, tiban dengan lipstick lalu berikan lip gloss emas glitter di bagian tengah bibir

Dan selesai!

Selamat mencoba :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Estee Lauder Event with The Global Premier Make Up Artist Vincent Xu from China

Hello beauties, I want to share you about the Estee Lauder Beauty Event with their Global Premier Make Up Artist from China Vincent Xu which was held at Sogo Plaza Senayan, Sunday Sept 21st. Actually that was my third event with Estee Lauder of the week, LOL. It was my second time meeting Vincent also, I have met him on the Glamorous Pop Event at PIM *event report coming soon*. And all the make up artists like Mas Michael, Mas Indra and Mbak Frida of course they remembered me hohoho.

The event on Sunday was pretty special because Estee Lauder invited beauty bloggers to join them, there was a make up demo from Mr. Vincent. I was a bit late because it was soooo hard to get parking space, Jakarta's problem in the week end, no matter how many malls are here.

When I arrived he was applying the foundation already, but no worry since I've watched his demo previously I still can tell you the step by step.

First thing first is ofcourse to clean the face thoroughly, then he apply the Estee Lauder Micro Essence, the numero uno product from Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair, and moisturizer. *breaking news: I have bought the Micro Essence and ANR, gonna review them later, after I finish my current skincare, heard so many good review about them. Mr. Vincent is 41 and has an absolutely great skin as a man in that age and he said he's been using ANR for 8 years*. He mixed the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation with ANR to get the pretty glowing skin for the make up demo.

The next step is to apply powder to the entire face, applying lighter shade for highlight and darker shade for shading, but very subtle contour. When he spotted while doing the make up, he waived his hand to me and said hi, because he remembered me also hohoho.

Taking out his needs from the supply table

Then he did the eyebrows and the eye make up, for the brows he used to double wear dual eyebrow pencil, that has double end, one end is the dark color to fill in the eyebrows and the other end is light shade for correcting and perfecting the eyebrow shape. For the eyeshadow, he used green color from the pure color collection, he said he was inspired by the New York Fashion Week, he also put eyeliner on the upper and bottom part, he said in China they didn't do the bottom eyeliner, but he saw Indonesian women do that, he said Indonesian women love to be seen like they're wearing make up while in China they tend to keep it light.

Don't forget the blush, he has such techniques to apply blush, it looked like the brush didn't even touch the face, very smooth but the result was perfect. Btw can you spot Nabila Syakieb behind him? This was my second time seeing Nabila Syakieb at Estee Lauder event, she must have been a loyal customer.

His supply table full of Estee Lauder products *drool*

Kak Erfan Haryando, who is the Estee Lauder PR was the MC of the day, he was so funny and joke a lot. At first the lip was pink, Mr. vincent used the lip lacquer, or liquid lipstick.

But then he changed the color to dark, it was the Electric Wine shade, I really want it so bad, kak Erfan said it was on of the best seller product from Estee Lauder.

The gorgeous Kak Tesa, who is a beauty blogger and Clozette Indonesia ambassador as well. 

Full team beauty blogger (picture credit to Auzola from thank you for sharing the invitation with us la :D)

Beauty blogger (minus kak Lisha) with kak Erfan and Mr. Vincent (picture credit to Dewi from

I didn't take selfie with him this time because I have no make up on and I looked super kucel, *thanks to Mas Indra that put eyeshadow and eyebrows to me after*. But Mr. Vincent is so kind, and he loves selfie very much, he took a selfie with everyone. After the make up demo he did make up to a customer who wears hijab, and he said why all moslems women look so beautiful, and he pointed at me as well, and he also sent greetings to my mom *my mom has met him at PIM before*.

Last but not least I could bring home their pure color eyeshadow in Amber Alloy as a gift, hurray.

Thank you Estee Lauder for having us, see you on the next event :D

Saturday, September 20, 2014

What's in My Make Up Pouch #1

hello lovelies, today I'm gonna show you what's currently on my make up pouch to go. Means that the products I bring everyday with me in my make up bag, it always change of course, but I'm just gonna show you what I got at the moment.

1. Skin 79 BB Cream Pink, isn't it cute? I got the travel size from my Lolabox subscription, i'm so sad that Lolabox is no longer continue their beauty box services hiks. I bring this because as you can see it's so small and cute and has quiet amount of product in it, I just use it when emergency though. More over this BB cream has a lot of good reviews.

2. Innisfree no sebum mineral powder, I have oily skin so this is a magic touch to eliminate the excessive amount of oil on my face, it works great, love it.

3. Benefit porefessional, I have big pores and this primer is da bomb,  I love it so much. My skin looks so much better after applying this, I only need a small amount and only apply it on my T-Zone where my big pores are, and my face become porcelain. And it prevents my face getting oily too.

4. Tony Moly Eyebrow Pencil, I love this product, it's easy to use and also have spoolie on the other side, it will last long unless I wash my face, as for the price this is super great.

5. Tony Moly Crystal Blusher in number 07, My cheeks are chubby, my nose isn't sharp at all, my forehead is wide, I just can't live without contouring my face LOL, but contouring can be too much for daily, but this blush has a really soft color that suitable for every day use.

6. Missha brush, I just love doing the contouring using this kind of brush.

7. Nature Republic Botanical Apple Dome blush in pink apple, it's easy to apply, just dab and blend it onto my cheeks and it will have powder like finish, the color is also suitable for everyday use event for any occasion, no wonder it gets the Get it Beauty sticker on it.

8. Maybelline lip balm in pink blossom that has no color but turns pink once applied, my lips tends to get dry and chapped, I just need to bring lip balm with me everytime, moreover it has pink colour that will last forever, like it will only disappear once I swipe it using waterproof make up remover.

9. The Balm, Balm Shelter Tinted Gloss in Material Girls, you know how I feel about it right.You can read my full review here

10. Anna Sui liquid eyeliner in black, It's just handy because it's like a pen and also it's waterproof

11. Maybelline Volume Rocket Mascara, it brings my barely there eyelashes to life, it's pretty much waterproof, at least it doesn't put panda eyes on me when I do wudhu/wash my face, and it's pretty easy to erase even only using hot water or waterproof make up remover.

12. ROC sun block for body, say good bye to UVA and UVB

13. L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. Who doesn't agree that L'Occitane makes the best hand cream ever

The mirror and pouch is from Vietnam, I bought the pouch in a traditional vintage store in Vietnam *I forgot in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City*, I really love it because it is light but it can keep a lot of things in it. I just kinda surprise that I bring such a lot of things with me LOL. 

Now, how about show me yours?

PS: if you want me to do a separate review of any particular product please tell me in the comment section below okay!

See you later :*

This make up look I created using those stuffs from my make up pouch, this was when I had luncheon  with Clozette Indonesia ambassadors and crew, since I didn't have time to do my make up properly at home I did it at my campus' mushola with whatever products I got hehehe.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Name is Reihan Putri, and I am A Beauty Blogger

Yup I can say that proudly because I am proud and love what I'm doing as a beauty blogger. 

Some people might questiong why do I bother taking pictures, writing review, (kinda) promoting brands, and do all this blogging stuffs? What is the incentives by becoming a beauty blogger? *I just taking the economis analysis of law and one of the theory is people respond to incentives, they will only do something that give them great incentives*, so in this post I am gonna tell you the story of how and why am I a beauty blogger.

I have been a blogger since 2008, blogging was a hyped that moment because of Raditya Dika, I was still in my first year of senior high school and it seemed like everybody were blogging at that time. The most popular content of the blog is of course our daily stories, many of us were trying to write our daily stories as funny as possible and wish that someday our blog will be as successfull as Raditya Dika's Kambing Jantan, hahahaha. 

I really enjoy blogging and never stop since then, many of my friends' blogs were inactive after a year or two or even less, but mine alhamdulillah is still continues, it is. Around earlier last year, 2013, I started to learn make up and give more attention to beauty thingies, and as everybody know we ask Google for every question in our life, and I started to ask Google about this and that make up products before I purchase them, there I began to stumble upon some beauty blogs that reviewed about the products that I was looking for. Blog walking is actually one of my hobby, so I don't stop at one post but I tend to click any link I could find on that post/blog, either it is about the other post on that blog as well or it directs me to other people's blog. I just continue to do that, I could spend hours of beauty blog walking, I gain more knowledge about make up and beauty products, not only anout the product that I looked for but for other products which were reviewed by the beauty blogger, more than that I also find many interesting make up tutorial, haul post, DIY post, etc. I also see many giveaways and as someone who loves free things I got excited to participate in such things, LOL. 

After becoming a silent reader of many beauty blogs for a while, I was thinking about writing beauty content on my blog as well, I did once only here , and then I finally decided to create another blog that focused on beauty thing, or so called beauty blog, and here I am with (yep the exact blog you're currently reading).

This life is about give and take, I have gained many information from other beauty bloggers, I even won giveaways, and I want to give as well, writing and make up or beauty thingies are things that I enjoy so much, so why don't I combine them together? Writing about beauty, sounds great. I can share my experience and opinion about something related to beauty, other than that I have read some beauty bloggers blog post about them attending beauty events, I feel like it is wonderful to be able to attend such event, and I know by becoming a beauty blogger my chance to be able to attend such event will be open, that encourage me even more to become a beauty blogger. Last but not least is to be given free product to test out *yep again free things lovers*, LOL.

I might not be a really good nor popular beauty blogger at the moment, but I'm trying to be one! Hehehehe. I'm sorry that I haven't written many stuffs on my blog, or taking good quality pictures, or write a great review or make the best tutorial, but I am someone who always willing to learn more and more, especially on something that I love, and make up is in my top list. That's why when I see this banner of beauty blogger biggest event meet up I just can't help myself but to register as soon as possible.

I want to be better and this event is like the answer. I could meet other beauty bloggers who's writings are inspired me, whom I adore, whom I wish and I know I could learn from in order to improve my quality as a beauty blogger, I could also meet my friends from the cyber world, the fellow beauty bloggers and we could share our stories behind the scene, behind the writings, the ups and downs, the do-s and don't-s, and ofcourse sharing about something we love in common, beauty world, make up and skin care. How do they think about this brand or that brand, should I try this mascara or not, which products are to die for, and the blablabla, I'm sure we'll have tons of things to be discussed :D.

I really can't wait to attend this event, and of course I thank these people behind this event, kak Tia from, Ci Carnellin from and Ci Meilani from, thank you for organizing and making this event (almost) happen, yeah we wish there would not be any problem until this event is being held.

And also not to forget the sponsors and media partner to support them making this event (almost) happen, thank you so much Make Over, Silky Girl, Ayou Beauty, Zap, Beauty Goods ID, D Height Salon, V10plus, and kawaii Beauty Japan. that 1,5 mio worth of goddie bags intrigued me a lot though kkkk 

So, I hope this biggest event which created by us, for us and to us (us refers to beauty bloggers) will be a routine event, or at least there will be batch 2,3,4.... and so on, and the participant can be more than 20 bloggers, I really can't wait to meet you guys Saturday, September 27 @ Nanny's Pavillion Central Park Mall. Looking forward to see you! XOXO

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mustika Ratu Masker Bengkoang

Hello beauties, today I want to review about Indonesian local product which has a product containing a very Indonesian traditional ingredients. Since I was a child, bengkoang (jicama) has already popular as skin care, like I've seen a lot of commercials on TV mentioned bengkoang as their ingredients, especially in a product which meant for whitening and brightening. From the packaging above we can see that this powder mask helps brightening skin and fading dark spots. I think bengkoang (jicama) is very identical to Indonesia because I've never heard any Korean/japanese/western brand that is using jicama. Tell me if you've heard others.

So, let's see what inside it

I used this new pack brush which I bought in Korea to apply the mask to my face and neck

This is how it looks like after I mixed the powder with rose water, I used rose water from Corine de Farme which I love so much. In the how to use section it only said to mix the powder with rose water just enough, and I don't really know how much is enough actually, I think mine was too watery.

This is how it looks like once I applied, still wet. And since my mixture was too runny it got to everywhere, I had to move from my bed room to the bathroom so I didn't have this mask all over my bed room, it was so messy, I only applied to my face and neck but it was dripping to my body and my arm, fortunately I applied it before taking a bath, if it was after then I need to take a bath twice.

How it looks like once it's dried. It became white powder again, you know like flour mixture, kinda remind me of my childhood, playing around with kanji flour mixture. I need to keep my face still because if I move anything on my face the white powder would falling of and yes making another mess.

I just need to rinse it off with water after around 10 minutes/completely dry. When I washed it off, it feels like scrubbing my face as well, and after that I could feel my face was brighter and smoother and refreshed.


+ easy to find, since it's and Indonesian local product

+ not expensive, I got this for free in a goodie bag from beauty class I attended, but I believe it is not expensive

+ does brightening and smoothing my face

+ scrubbing my face as well

- the scent is pretty strong, and it is not the pleasant one in my opinion, it's like jamu or something herbal and it lingers for quite sometimes, people in my home event comment about the smell like "what smell is this?"

- can be messy

- definitely not hassle free, since you have to mix it with rose water first and apply with brush. Mine was too watery though, I couldn't apply it with my fingers, maybe if you make it with a right consistency it wouldn't be as messy as mine, hehehe

So, if you have no problem putting on more effort in face mask you can try this one, but if you just want the instant one, maybe this mask is not for you.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Laneige Creamy Crystal Eyeliner Waterproof in Purple

Okay, this will be a kinda curhat post, plus first impression and a little review about this particular eyeliner.

Around November/December last year, my mom and I went to Sogo PIM to buy her the Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion, and like what I always do in every cosmetic counter, I began to swatch every single products on my hand, and I came across this eyeliner, since I was wearing purple, I also swatched it on my eyes, it glides super smoothly. After purchased the BB cushion we went for dinner and maghrib prayer.

When I was taking wudhu, I tried to scratch the eyeliner swatch, and it was totaly waterproof and smudgeproof. I am someone who often wipe my eyes, I know it's a bad habit, I'm trying not to do it as often as I usually did, and it often messed up my eye makeup, especially my eyeliner, and I was so happy to find out the eyeliner that is waterproof and smudgeproof, even with water. And the purple color is just super pretty like no other.

So, before going home we decided to go back to Laneige counter to purchase the eyeliner, unfortunately it was out of stock. So, I decided to wait until it's back in stock.

Ever since then, everytime I went to Laneige counter, I would ask if they have it back in stock already or not, and unfortunately it is always out of stock, the BA said they didn't know when it will be back in stock and suggest me to buy other color, but other colors weren't as fascinating as the purple one, my mom even asked of we could just buy the tester instead, the tester was already pretty short by the, way. And everytime I went to other cosmetics counter I would swatch their purple eyeliner, but I found nothing similiar with the Laneige one. I found in ol shop but the price was more expensive, it was 170k rupiah at the counter but more than 200k at ol shop.

When I went to Korea, I was so happy that I could purchase this eyeliner straight from its origin, but the thing is that it was 22k won, and 1 won = >12 rupiah at that moment, I was so upset, it was too expensive, and finally I purchased The Face Shop one instead since they were having 1+1 promotion with only around 5k won.

Two days ago Laneige was having free samples giveaway for kakaotalk user, so I went to Sogo PS to redeem my samples. And I saw the eyeliner tester and asked the BA if they have it in stock, I wasn't expecting much but fortunately it was, the one and only left, it was just got back in stock but so many people have been looking for that and purchased more than one. It was the last one they had in stock and I was like filled with joy hahaha. And my mom allowed me to buy that, she knew how I have been craving for that since few months ago. It was 190k, the cosmetics prices has been going up recently, thanks to rupiah value hufft, sucks.

So, here it is, still have no guts to use it though, but just happy to finally have it in my hand, finally.

It comes with sharpener, which is great