Saturday, September 20, 2014

What's in My Make Up Pouch #1

hello lovelies, today I'm gonna show you what's currently on my make up pouch to go. Means that the products I bring everyday with me in my make up bag, it always change of course, but I'm just gonna show you what I got at the moment.

1. Skin 79 BB Cream Pink, isn't it cute? I got the travel size from my Lolabox subscription, i'm so sad that Lolabox is no longer continue their beauty box services hiks. I bring this because as you can see it's so small and cute and has quiet amount of product in it, I just use it when emergency though. More over this BB cream has a lot of good reviews.

2. Innisfree no sebum mineral powder, I have oily skin so this is a magic touch to eliminate the excessive amount of oil on my face, it works great, love it.

3. Benefit porefessional, I have big pores and this primer is da bomb,  I love it so much. My skin looks so much better after applying this, I only need a small amount and only apply it on my T-Zone where my big pores are, and my face become porcelain. And it prevents my face getting oily too.

4. Tony Moly Eyebrow Pencil, I love this product, it's easy to use and also have spoolie on the other side, it will last long unless I wash my face, as for the price this is super great.

5. Tony Moly Crystal Blusher in number 07, My cheeks are chubby, my nose isn't sharp at all, my forehead is wide, I just can't live without contouring my face LOL, but contouring can be too much for daily, but this blush has a really soft color that suitable for every day use.

6. Missha brush, I just love doing the contouring using this kind of brush.

7. Nature Republic Botanical Apple Dome blush in pink apple, it's easy to apply, just dab and blend it onto my cheeks and it will have powder like finish, the color is also suitable for everyday use event for any occasion, no wonder it gets the Get it Beauty sticker on it.

8. Maybelline lip balm in pink blossom that has no color but turns pink once applied, my lips tends to get dry and chapped, I just need to bring lip balm with me everytime, moreover it has pink colour that will last forever, like it will only disappear once I swipe it using waterproof make up remover.

9. The Balm, Balm Shelter Tinted Gloss in Material Girls, you know how I feel about it right.You can read my full review here

10. Anna Sui liquid eyeliner in black, It's just handy because it's like a pen and also it's waterproof

11. Maybelline Volume Rocket Mascara, it brings my barely there eyelashes to life, it's pretty much waterproof, at least it doesn't put panda eyes on me when I do wudhu/wash my face, and it's pretty easy to erase even only using hot water or waterproof make up remover.

12. ROC sun block for body, say good bye to UVA and UVB

13. L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. Who doesn't agree that L'Occitane makes the best hand cream ever

The mirror and pouch is from Vietnam, I bought the pouch in a traditional vintage store in Vietnam *I forgot in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City*, I really love it because it is light but it can keep a lot of things in it. I just kinda surprise that I bring such a lot of things with me LOL. 

Now, how about show me yours?

PS: if you want me to do a separate review of any particular product please tell me in the comment section below okay!

See you later :*

This make up look I created using those stuffs from my make up pouch, this was when I had luncheon  with Clozette Indonesia ambassadors and crew, since I didn't have time to do my make up properly at home I did it at my campus' mushola with whatever products I got hehehe.


  1. Aku juga pake Tony moly blusher :)

    1. Sama dong! Tp klo buat kulit yg agak gelap kayaknya gabisa dipake biat shading ya yg warna ini. Thank you udah mampir dan komen :)



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