Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Estee Lauder Event with The Global Premier Make Up Artist Vincent Xu from China

Hello beauties, I want to share you about the Estee Lauder Beauty Event with their Global Premier Make Up Artist from China Vincent Xu which was held at Sogo Plaza Senayan, Sunday Sept 21st. Actually that was my third event with Estee Lauder of the week, LOL. It was my second time meeting Vincent also, I have met him on the Glamorous Pop Event at PIM *event report coming soon*. And all the make up artists like Mas Michael, Mas Indra and Mbak Frida of course they remembered me hohoho.

The event on Sunday was pretty special because Estee Lauder invited beauty bloggers to join them, there was a make up demo from Mr. Vincent. I was a bit late because it was soooo hard to get parking space, Jakarta's problem in the week end, no matter how many malls are here.

When I arrived he was applying the foundation already, but no worry since I've watched his demo previously I still can tell you the step by step.

First thing first is ofcourse to clean the face thoroughly, then he apply the Estee Lauder Micro Essence, the numero uno product from Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair, and moisturizer. *breaking news: I have bought the Micro Essence and ANR, gonna review them later, after I finish my current skincare, heard so many good review about them. Mr. Vincent is 41 and has an absolutely great skin as a man in that age and he said he's been using ANR for 8 years*. He mixed the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation with ANR to get the pretty glowing skin for the make up demo.

The next step is to apply powder to the entire face, applying lighter shade for highlight and darker shade for shading, but very subtle contour. When he spotted while doing the make up, he waived his hand to me and said hi, because he remembered me also hohoho.

Taking out his needs from the supply table

Then he did the eyebrows and the eye make up, for the brows he used to double wear dual eyebrow pencil, that has double end, one end is the dark color to fill in the eyebrows and the other end is light shade for correcting and perfecting the eyebrow shape. For the eyeshadow, he used green color from the pure color collection, he said he was inspired by the New York Fashion Week, he also put eyeliner on the upper and bottom part, he said in China they didn't do the bottom eyeliner, but he saw Indonesian women do that, he said Indonesian women love to be seen like they're wearing make up while in China they tend to keep it light.

Don't forget the blush, he has such techniques to apply blush, it looked like the brush didn't even touch the face, very smooth but the result was perfect. Btw can you spot Nabila Syakieb behind him? This was my second time seeing Nabila Syakieb at Estee Lauder event, she must have been a loyal customer.

His supply table full of Estee Lauder products *drool*

Kak Erfan Haryando, who is the Estee Lauder PR was the MC of the day, he was so funny and joke a lot. At first the lip was pink, Mr. vincent used the lip lacquer, or liquid lipstick.

But then he changed the color to dark, it was the Electric Wine shade, I really want it so bad, kak Erfan said it was on of the best seller product from Estee Lauder.

The gorgeous Kak Tesa, who is a beauty blogger and Clozette Indonesia ambassador as well. 

Full team beauty blogger (picture credit to Auzola from http://bowbowdorable.blogspot.com thank you for sharing the invitation with us la :D)

Beauty blogger (minus kak Lisha) with kak Erfan and Mr. Vincent (picture credit to Dewi from http://pinkuroom.blogspot.com)

I didn't take selfie with him this time because I have no make up on and I looked super kucel, *thanks to Mas Indra that put eyeshadow and eyebrows to me after*. But Mr. Vincent is so kind, and he loves selfie very much, he took a selfie with everyone. After the make up demo he did make up to a customer who wears hijab, and he said why all moslems women look so beautiful, and he pointed at me as well, and he also sent greetings to my mom *my mom has met him at PIM before*.

Last but not least I could bring home their pure color eyeshadow in Amber Alloy as a gift, hurray.

Thank you Estee Lauder for having us, see you on the next event :D

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