Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mustika Ratu Masker Bengkoang

Hello beauties, today I want to review about Indonesian local product which has a product containing a very Indonesian traditional ingredients. Since I was a child, bengkoang (jicama) has already popular as skin care, like I've seen a lot of commercials on TV mentioned bengkoang as their ingredients, especially in a product which meant for whitening and brightening. From the packaging above we can see that this powder mask helps brightening skin and fading dark spots. I think bengkoang (jicama) is very identical to Indonesia because I've never heard any Korean/japanese/western brand that is using jicama. Tell me if you've heard others.

So, let's see what inside it

I used this new pack brush which I bought in Korea to apply the mask to my face and neck

This is how it looks like after I mixed the powder with rose water, I used rose water from Corine de Farme which I love so much. In the how to use section it only said to mix the powder with rose water just enough, and I don't really know how much is enough actually, I think mine was too watery.

This is how it looks like once I applied, still wet. And since my mixture was too runny it got to everywhere, I had to move from my bed room to the bathroom so I didn't have this mask all over my bed room, it was so messy, I only applied to my face and neck but it was dripping to my body and my arm, fortunately I applied it before taking a bath, if it was after then I need to take a bath twice.

How it looks like once it's dried. It became white powder again, you know like flour mixture, kinda remind me of my childhood, playing around with kanji flour mixture. I need to keep my face still because if I move anything on my face the white powder would falling of and yes making another mess.

I just need to rinse it off with water after around 10 minutes/completely dry. When I washed it off, it feels like scrubbing my face as well, and after that I could feel my face was brighter and smoother and refreshed.


+ easy to find, since it's and Indonesian local product

+ not expensive, I got this for free in a goodie bag from beauty class I attended, but I believe it is not expensive

+ does brightening and smoothing my face

+ scrubbing my face as well

- the scent is pretty strong, and it is not the pleasant one in my opinion, it's like jamu or something herbal and it lingers for quite sometimes, people in my home event comment about the smell like "what smell is this?"

- can be messy

- definitely not hassle free, since you have to mix it with rose water first and apply with brush. Mine was too watery though, I couldn't apply it with my fingers, maybe if you make it with a right consistency it wouldn't be as messy as mine, hehehe

So, if you have no problem putting on more effort in face mask you can try this one, but if you just want the instant one, maybe this mask is not for you.


  1. Maskerku dari jaman purbakala hehee, menurutku hasilnya instan kok langsung cerah, nice review btw ^_^

    1. Iya hasilnya langsung kerasa memang hehe, cuma agak ribet aja makenya, thank you for visiting :)



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