Saturday, May 31, 2014

MUC The Journey ft Beauty Korea

It's the last day to submit the make up challenge which theme is recreate blooming spring K-POP looks. I know I'm such a deadliner >.<, so this time I recreate K-POP looks from a singer who will be here next week kyaaa, Sandara Park from 2NE1 from their latest project, All or Nothing. Enjoy.

I think the dominant orange color is just match with the theme blooming spring~ What do you think?

There are 3 hampers consist of hand cream, bb cream and mascara from yours truly Beauty Korea (twitter @beautykorea_id). Finger cross ^^

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Face Shop Essential Pearl Mask Sheet

I've just done putting on a mask on my face, actually I'm not a big fan of sheet mask because the after taste just doesn't feel like you've put a mask, I prefer a home made mask instead. But I own this mask since 2012, and it's going to expire so I have to use it hehehe, I bought a dozen of this mask in Korea and now there are still 3 sheets of mask left. I remember I was looking for a mask that could help me banish my acne scars and the BA told me to get this.

Another reason why I don't really like sheet mask is because they're runny sometimes, the solution just got everywhere, my clothes, my bed, my bedroom floor and I don't like it ofcourse, and their size sometimes just don't fit my face so they're a bit hard to be adjusted on my face. Just personal preference though.

Thank God there is English instruction, because some Korean products usually on have Korean printed on them.

I have to crop like this because I didn't wear my hijab. As you can see my face became brighter and less dull after putting on this mask.


+ easy to use

+ hassle free (no need to mix this and that)

+ nice scent

+ brightening effect

- size not fit on my face perfectly

- can be runny sometimes

- a bit sticky

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Etude House Face Conditioning Cream

Hello beauties, I know that I supposed to work on my research project, but final exams are coming in two days, so I won't have time to write on this blog probably the next 3 weeks, sooo before the final exams I want to do a review of a product which is Etude House Face Conditioning Cream, btw wish me luck on my final exams, thankieess.

The front cover

Directions, cautions and ingredients. 

Fragrance is the last ingredients but I still can smell something, in my opinion it's a nice and subtle scent. It contains arbutin that's why it claims a whitening effect.

Actually I asked my friend who went to Korea to buy me a CC cream, when she asked the BA, she showed her this, she said it was the latest product from Etude House. I haven't tried any CC cream until now, but I think this one is closer to primer/base make up.

The material of the tube is kinda weird, it's thinner than the usual Etude BB Cream, unlike the Bright Fit Precious Mineral BB Cream that I own. Since it's thinner it changes the tube shape easily or penyok2 in bahasa.

The tube makes it easy to control the amount of product coming out

It's white, non sticky, lightweight texture

I was about to put this product on the blog sale section, because it claims to make your face less oily on but in my case it makes my face oilier, then I realized I used too much product, when I reduced the amount of this product it did make my face not too oily through the day.

It can be used before bb cream or if you don't want too much make up on your face it claims that using this product alone already make your face brighter, let's see how it goes on my skin

Before, completely bare face

After applying Face Conditioning Cream and lip balm, only two minutes away from the before pict

As you can see, it does a great job brighten up my face, as for the anti-wrinkle I can't say anything about it. usually my face gets oily after 3-4 hours, but with this cream my face gets oily after 4-5 hours and less oily than usual (with proper amount and application, mind you). If you did it wrong like I used to, I get super oily after 2-3 hours, and it's just more greasy than usual.

I love this product, it doesn't have coverage but it brightens up my complexion and it has spf 25 and PA ++ as well, I change my mind I don't want to put it on the blog sale anymore LOL.

But as we all know, people are different so if this works on me it might not as well work on you, and vice versa, but in my opinion this product is worth a try.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Corine de Farme Re-Launching Event

Have you ever heard of Corine de Farme? If not, me too. Last week I got an invitation to Corine de Farme Launching Event, it was held for two days, on Saturday May 10 the launching event and on Sunday May 11 the beauty talkshow. I actually had a lot of homeworks to be done, but I think there's nothing wrong to come to one of two days, so I decided to come on Saturday, the event was held at Mall Taman Naggrek which is a bit far from my house, it was held in fron of the elevator, there were only 10 chairs available, the event supposed to start at 1.30 pm, but it was around 30 mins late, there were a couple of press reporting the event. I was alone until I saw two familiar faces, beauty blogger from the Lancome event, kak Shella and Jeslyne.

The event was hosted by a hilarious MC whose name was Aliza, she was so hyperactive and talkative

The first speaker was the brand manager Ms. Suksma who introduce Corine de Farme, it's a skincare product from France, it's actually been here for around two years, but that day they were about to launch new packaging of their new line the pink line for women. They have products for women and baby.

The second speaker was imported from France, Ms. Saliha the public relation, she gave a speech in bahasa using a text she or somebody has prepared before.

Now it's time to reveal the new face of Corine de Farme pink series, Ms. Suksma and Ms. Saliha opened the veil

The next speaker and the last one is Ms. Tini the product manager, she explained quiet a lot about the products, and she also answer the questions from the audience. Here are some notes I jotted during the event

- their product is 100% made in France, event the packaging is made in France

-Corine de Farme products consist of minimum 95% natural ingredients, natural doesn't mean organic, their organic ingredients is only the calendula, but the most important is how effective it is when applied on skin so it doesn't have to be organic

- their products are paraben free, she said not all parabens are bad but they don't use paraben as preservatives

- their products are hypo-alergenic, which means they minimize the risk of causing alergy

- their eye make up remover is ophtamology tested so it's safe for contact lens user

- their products are mostly created for people with sensitive, dry or normal skin type

- their rose water can be used as cleanser for people with super sensitive skin

- their best seller products in France are the illuminating hydrating care, anti aging serum and sublime anti wrinkle

Sooo, that's a wrap, we're free to try out their product they were having 30% discount and promos going on, since toner and eye make up remover at my house are about to finish, I tried out the rose water and the eye make up remover and honestly quiet impressed. So, I bought those and try my luck on the wheel of fortune

Baby care

Sunscreen and after sun that works as mosquito repellent as well

My purchase and gift from the wheel of fortune

There was nail art corner as well

Kak Nita's nail

With beauty bloggers

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Stage Make Up Beauty Class JktMoveIn ft Moor's Professional Make Up

I'm so sorry beauties, I haven't update my blog for a while, yeah you're right it's because of college tasks, I'm gonna share about a beauty class I attended not long ago.

So, on Sunday May 4th I attended beauty class held by JktMoveIn and provided by Moor's Professional Make Up, it was held at Graha Mustika Ratu Building, the theme was stage make up, I did think that I needed to join this beauty class because of the theme, I'll be doing make up for Lawper's theater perfomance "Selayang Sudut Pandang" so I need to learn about stage make up.

Kak Putri Ayudia, Puteri Indonesia 2011, PR Mustika Ratu was giving an opening speech

The class was a bit late, more than half an hour late maybe one hour late, and I came one hour early from the schedule, so it was a long wait. Let's move on the main event, the beauty class. After two speeches from the Moor's representatives the class begin, since Mustika Ratu is the official make up of Puteri Indonesia event, the model was one of PI 2014 finalist, which was my senior in high school and law school as well, mbak Icha or Raisa Adila PI 2014 finalist from Sumatera Barat.

Stage make up is a bit different from daily make up, because there will be lighting and people will see you from far away and yada yada, so you need to pile up everything on your face. First we began with cleansing our face, the representative of Moor's make up which I forgot her name so let's call her 'mbaknya' from now on told us that we don't need to cleanse our face with facial wash everyday, just do it 3x/week, for everyday we better use cleansing milk and toner which are calmer than facial wash, next we have to moisturize our face.

I will explain the make up step by step

1. Apply a red based stick foundation to our face, this has something to do with the lighting

2. Apply liquid foundation that is slightly darker from our skin tone, everyone in that class got the same shade of liquid foundie no matter what our skin colors are

3. Apply cream blush on the apple of the cheek, make sure it shows up, no problem if it's too red/pink because we will put compact powder on top of it

4. Apply anti-shine or loose powder, dab it light handedly using puff on to the part of your face that's most likely to be oily

5. Dab compact powder using sponge to your entire face, make sure it's thick enough. Compact powder also has foundation in it, so we already have 3 layer of foundie on our face

6. Use matte brown eyeshadow as a base, this will make the eyeshadow color that you're gonna use pop even more

7. Put your eyeshadow color on top of the brown eyeshadow, I was in the mood for purple on that day

8. Put dark brown or black eyeshadow color on the outer V and blend them well

9. Put eyeliner on hour upper lash line, and on your lower lash line (full if you have small eyes and half if you have big eyes)

10. Put mascara and use at least 2 stack of false eyelashes, because it's stage make up just remember Syshrini wkwkwk

11. Shape your eyebrow, eyebrows are the frame of the face, make up has no meaning if you didn't shape your eyebrow, and again because it's stage make up make them thicker than usual, make sure they frame your face well. Don't forget to highlight your brow bones.

12. Put your blush on top of the base blush from previous step, since your base are already super pink, choose peach or light pink shade

13. Contour your face using darker powder, below your cheek bones and on the side of your nose

14. Complete the look with bright lipstick such as red or fuschia

Aaand, you're done

And I felt like ondel-ondel seeing that much make up on my face. LOL.

What do you think?

There were 4 main awards of the day, and some small prizes for on the spot quiz, the awards were awarded to the most on time, the best make up, the most enjoy and the most active participants.

I should have gotten the most on time since I was the first to arrive, I was there an hour early, and I came even before the winner of this category, hufft.

But it was okay cause I won the most active participant, so I got the prizes as well hehehe

The jury were discussing who should be the winners

Kak Ayu gave me the prize for being the most active participant

I tried to answer every question of the quizes but mbaknya said I have to share with others since I already got the prizes, but she let the most on time to answer and won another product, hufft again.

The event was great, I got two more friends who love make up, and of course more knowledge on make up, and it was quite organized at least they provided enough make up and tools for every table, although it wasn't on time.

With Mbak Ica, Kak Ayu, Kak Rihan the MUA and some of the Moor's team. Sorry for the blurry pict

Kak Rihan, Mbak Ica, Me and Kak Ayu. See how short I am eventhough I was wearing wedges

The goodie bag and the prizes I got

They said they'll contact us for certificate, but until now I still don't know about how the certificate things going on.

JktMoveIn will hold the main event which is Musikal Sekolahan on August maybe you want to watch it, you can follow their twitter/ig @jktmovein. *Dear committee I promote your event please let me get free ticket hehehe*.