Sunday, May 18, 2014

Corine de Farme Re-Launching Event

Have you ever heard of Corine de Farme? If not, me too. Last week I got an invitation to Corine de Farme Launching Event, it was held for two days, on Saturday May 10 the launching event and on Sunday May 11 the beauty talkshow. I actually had a lot of homeworks to be done, but I think there's nothing wrong to come to one of two days, so I decided to come on Saturday, the event was held at Mall Taman Naggrek which is a bit far from my house, it was held in fron of the elevator, there were only 10 chairs available, the event supposed to start at 1.30 pm, but it was around 30 mins late, there were a couple of press reporting the event. I was alone until I saw two familiar faces, beauty blogger from the Lancome event, kak Shella and Jeslyne.

The event was hosted by a hilarious MC whose name was Aliza, she was so hyperactive and talkative

The first speaker was the brand manager Ms. Suksma who introduce Corine de Farme, it's a skincare product from France, it's actually been here for around two years, but that day they were about to launch new packaging of their new line the pink line for women. They have products for women and baby.

The second speaker was imported from France, Ms. Saliha the public relation, she gave a speech in bahasa using a text she or somebody has prepared before.

Now it's time to reveal the new face of Corine de Farme pink series, Ms. Suksma and Ms. Saliha opened the veil

The next speaker and the last one is Ms. Tini the product manager, she explained quiet a lot about the products, and she also answer the questions from the audience. Here are some notes I jotted during the event

- their product is 100% made in France, event the packaging is made in France

-Corine de Farme products consist of minimum 95% natural ingredients, natural doesn't mean organic, their organic ingredients is only the calendula, but the most important is how effective it is when applied on skin so it doesn't have to be organic

- their products are paraben free, she said not all parabens are bad but they don't use paraben as preservatives

- their products are hypo-alergenic, which means they minimize the risk of causing alergy

- their eye make up remover is ophtamology tested so it's safe for contact lens user

- their products are mostly created for people with sensitive, dry or normal skin type

- their rose water can be used as cleanser for people with super sensitive skin

- their best seller products in France are the illuminating hydrating care, anti aging serum and sublime anti wrinkle

Sooo, that's a wrap, we're free to try out their product they were having 30% discount and promos going on, since toner and eye make up remover at my house are about to finish, I tried out the rose water and the eye make up remover and honestly quiet impressed. So, I bought those and try my luck on the wheel of fortune

Baby care

Sunscreen and after sun that works as mosquito repellent as well

My purchase and gift from the wheel of fortune

There was nail art corner as well

Kak Nita's nail

With beauty bloggers

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