Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Face Shop Essential Pearl Mask Sheet

I've just done putting on a mask on my face, actually I'm not a big fan of sheet mask because the after taste just doesn't feel like you've put a mask, I prefer a home made mask instead. But I own this mask since 2012, and it's going to expire so I have to use it hehehe, I bought a dozen of this mask in Korea and now there are still 3 sheets of mask left. I remember I was looking for a mask that could help me banish my acne scars and the BA told me to get this.

Another reason why I don't really like sheet mask is because they're runny sometimes, the solution just got everywhere, my clothes, my bed, my bedroom floor and I don't like it ofcourse, and their size sometimes just don't fit my face so they're a bit hard to be adjusted on my face. Just personal preference though.

Thank God there is English instruction, because some Korean products usually on have Korean printed on them.

I have to crop like this because I didn't wear my hijab. As you can see my face became brighter and less dull after putting on this mask.


+ easy to use

+ hassle free (no need to mix this and that)

+ nice scent

+ brightening effect

- size not fit on my face perfectly

- can be runny sometimes

- a bit sticky

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