Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Balm Stick Review

Hola beauties,

I have been dealing with dry and chapped lips problem all the time, I have always been searching for the best lip product that could do magic to moisturize my lips. Elizabeth Arden gave me their Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick to try on not long ago, of course I am beyond excited, because this might be the magic product which will work for me. Moreover, I have heard many good reviews on Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour products.

What the website said, it got 4.8/5 stars too!

This is how the product looks like

A classic white packaging with number 8 all over its body

looks tiny but it contains 3,7 gram of products
The packaging is so so, just like every other lipstick on the market.
It has pretty strong smells, I don't know what smell it was, but I can make sure that this product is not being infused with artificial scent, perfume whatsoever, this can be a major turn off if you don't like bad smell (like I do), but the smell doesn't linger, so it will disappear once you have applied and put the cap back on.
I really love that it has spf 15 in it, because UV light could make your lips become dark.
As for the 8 hour protection, I woud say yes, if you apply it before going to bed, but no if you happen to eat and drink after applying it.
My lips feels moisturize. but not for 8 hour, especially during the day because I eat and drink a lot, and it will get easily wiped off and I am just too lazy to reapply hehehe.

You can buy it from Elizabeth Arden counter, you can easily find it at most department stores, my friend said she bought it for IDR 250k, and she has been loving it. For such quality, I think the price is make sense.

I have my eyes on the Eight Hour skin Protectant which can be used all over your body, that is definitely on my wish list.

Have you ever tried any of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Products?
What do you think about them?

Monday, October 26, 2015

Bioderma Hydrabio Launching Event + Bioderma Hydrabio Brume Review

Hola Beauties, belum lama ini aku diundang oleh Bioderma untuk menghadiri acara launching rangkaian produk terbaru mereka yaitu Bioderma Hydrabio. Aku seneng banget, karena selama ini aku memang pengguna setia Bioderma Sensibio, udah repurchase sekian kali dan selalu punya back up di rumah, totally HG product. Makanya aku excited buat bertemu keluarga baru dari Bioderma yang hadir dengan nuansa warna biru ini.

Pose dulu
Okay mari berkenalan dengan ranger biru ini, Bioderma Hydrabio diperuntukkan bagi kulit dehidrasi, seringkali kita gak sadar pola hidup kita yang sering tidur larut, stress, kena polusi, kurang minum air putih, dan lain sebagainya membuat kulit kita kurang terhidrasi karena tidak mampu mengikat air dari dalam alias dehidrasi.
Siap menghidrasi kulit kita

MC by Ankatama

He's just too funny

Kulit kering sama Kulit dehidrasi itu beda lho

ini dia varian dari Bioderma Hydrabio

Kak Tia is getting a make over from Iwwan Haroun
Jadi konon kabarnya menurut Iwwan Haroun yang merupakan make up artist pada Asia Next Top Model, Hydrabio Brume bisa digunakan sebelum pengaplikasian make up agar kulit lebih moist dan setelah aplikasi make up, yang membuat make up menjadi lebh well-blended dan tahan lama. 

Aku telah mencoba Bioderma Hydrabio Brume, menurutku yang berbeda dari facial mist lainnya adalah Bioderma Hydrabio Brume air yg disemprotkannya butirannya sangat kecil, shingga cepat mnyerap di wajah dan tidak perlu untuk di lap lagi dengan tissue wajahnya.
Untuk membuat make up lebih blended dan tahan lama, menurutku tentu tidak sebagus setting spray make up but it pretty much does the job.

Disney Princess Zombie Halloween Make Up Collaboration - Princess Snow White

It's October and it's identical with Halloween, beforehand I want to tell you that I don't celebrate Halloween. It's a make up collaboration which I did with my fellow Beauty Blogger Clozette Ambassadors friends which are inspired by Halloween theme.

It's just make up nothing more, for you who celebrate Halloween and want to look scary this Halloween, maybe you can follow my make up tutorial.

Honestly this is the first time I'm using sfx make up, and I did this with a super low budget, so I'm sorry if it's lacking here and there, I'm still learning :p

You can see my Snow White make up tutorial in my previous post here

Please enjoy the video of me transforming from Snow White to be Snow White zombie version

 What I did to my face is basically applying green, blue and purple eye shadow to the entire face to create a rotten body effect, and then putting pink, purple and dark brown eye shadow on where we usually contour the face plus around the eyes.

Okay since I did the sfx make up off camera, I ran out of memory, and also I wasn't confident enough to do it in front of the camera, I will tell you how I did the sfx part with a super low budget.

1. take 1 ply of tissue
2. tear the tissue following the shape of your likings
3. put the tissue on your "wounded" part of the face
4. I use eyelash glue and vaseline to attach he tissue on my face
5. tear the middle part of the tissue
6. paint the tissue with foundation
7. draw line with black eyeliner inside the torn part and put fake blood (I used red lip gloss) in it
8. paint the outer part of the tissue with the color of your skin (in that video green+blue+purple)
9. done

The actual sfx make up use liquid latex and gel blood, but those are pretty expensive, so I just use whatever I've got at home. You can add zombie contact lenses to make it look scarier and more zombie-like, but I just don't have the budget for that, hahaha. Yeah let's call this a "how to create zombie make up looks with low budget".

Here are the pictures of my Snow White Zombie Make Up

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Kania as Princess Aurora
Fweegy as Princess Jasmine
Jesslyne as Princess Mulan
Aldila as Princess Elsa

Disney Princess Inspired: Snow White Make Up Tutorial

Hello, kali ini aku hadir dengan make up tutorial yang terinspirasi dari Disney Princess yaitu Putri Salju alias Snow White. Untuk Make Up Tutorialnya bisa kalian lihat di video di bawah ini ya. Semoga bisa menginspirasi :D

Products Used
1. Benefit Porefessional
2. Coverderm Concealing Foundation shade 3A
4. Tony Moly Baby Aura compact
5. Sephora Medium Bag Make Up Palette
6. Silky Girl Pencil Eyeliner (black)
7. MAC Pencil eyeliner (white)
8. Anna Sui Waterproof DX Mascara
9. Kay Collection False Eyelashes
10. City Colour Contour Effects
11. Hard Candy "Fox In a Box" Blush
12. IASO Lip Crayon in Cinema Red

Here are the final results

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Monster High - Catrine deMew Make Up Inspired

Hello beauties!

Since Halloween is approaching, I'm having a make up collaboration with my fellow Beauty Blogger. We are inspired by Monster High, and this time I'm taking part as Catrine de Mew.

Here is Catrine de Mew who inspired me

I am sorry that I don't have a pictorial or video tutorial for this look, but I will tell you how to achieve this make up look.


1. Use a light and full coverage foundation (I use Coverderm Concealing in the shade 3A)
2. Set with translucent powder
3. add a beauty mark under the right eye
4. draw a cat like nose using light purple eyeliner

She didn't use blush nor contour, so I skip both, but I used a little bit of contour on the nose, since my face looks so flat...

1. Make a thin and arched brows using purple eyeshadow

1. Use eye shadow base, here I use light purple eyeliner as a base
2. Use purple eye  shadow on the crease
3. Use pink eye shadow on the entire lid
4. Use eyeliner
5. Apply two stacks of false eyelashes
6. Apply bottom false eyelashes
7. Use light blue circle contact lense

1. Mixed grey-beige lipstick with light purple eye liner

and here are the result

Hopefully this could give you inspiration for Halloween ^^

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Amanda as Clawdeen
Auzola as Skelita
Dewi as Draculaura
Shahnaz as Gigi Grant
Sharon as Frankie
Yuka as Sirene Von Doo

Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact Review

Hello beauties, you might still remember my post about the launching of the newest Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact, you can read it here to see the beautiful flowery lovely decoration. Now, as I have promised before, I will let you know deeper about the product itself.

The product came in two separate packaging, the miracle cushion refill ($50k) and the compact (200k). You can buy them separately, so when you ran out of the product you can just buy the refill.


the cushion

the puff

love love the Madamoiselle design that I choose

Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact came as the final step of rosy dewy skin Lancome's way.
The coverage of Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact is 2 out of 5, so it's just a sheer coverage, for my face it helps even out my skin tone but did not help much with my post acne scars. So if you happen to have a not-so-flawless skin like me, you'll gonna need concealer.

Before (bareface)

After (with Lancome Blanc Expert Compact Cushion)

As for longevity and oil control, I don't think that this Lancome Blanc Expert Compact Cushion doesn't have enough oil control for oily skin like mine, because I found that my nose area got oily after around 3 hours, but with primer and setting spray this Lancome Blanc Expert Compact Cushion  could stay on my face all day long.

I love how travel friendly it is, and you can choose the right shade for you since it comes in 7 shade, definitely wider than most Korean cushion, and however it's Lancome, I've been using Lancome complexion products for year and never dissapointed, it is pretty expensive but worth every penny, so, why don't give it a try?