Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact Launching Event

Lancome, one of my all time favorite brand, just launched its newest product which is a cushion. A western brand launched a cushion? Yep! You’re right, I know you must be a little bit surprised because cushion is pretty much identical with Korean cosmetics, but this time, inspired by Korean, Lancome also launched a cushion named “Blanc Expert Cushion Compact”.

Lancome understand that there are many women on the go that do make up on the way and need touch ups during the day, and bringing liquid foundation and brush will be not practical at all. They believe that Koran makes the best cushion, that’s why this particular cushion is also made in Korea, because Lancome wants to give the best to their loyal customer.

The event was held at Central Park Mall, the event was opened with the bubbly MC of Lancome, Ms. Dora and also an opening speech from Lancome representatives. Next we had a chit chat with one of Lancome ambassador the pretty racer Alexandra Asmasoebrata, and Ms. Patricia from Lancome. They bring their make up pouch and said that they always bring Blanc Expert Cushion Compact wherever they go, because it’s just so practical, even Ms. Andra did touch up on the stage.

Next, Ms. Andra give Ms. Patricia from Lancome a challenge to create a daily yet glamour look on the model using the Blanc Expert Cushion Compact. Ms. Patricia used 2 color of the cushion, the cushion itself comes in 7 shade, way wider range than the Korean ones, that’s why it will suit more skin color including Indonesian. At the event Ms. Patricia apply the shade no. 02 to the entire face of the model using the sponge, the coverage is pretty sheer but you can build up the coverage by layering it, for a fuller coverage you need around 3 layer, it sounds a lot yet still feels ligh weight on the skin. Ms. Patricia then used brush and the cushion in shade no. 04 to contour the face a little bit, it looks so natural.

final result

The Beauty Bloggers were not left behind, we also got challenged by Ms. Andra, we were asked to create a "rosy dewy make up look". Too bad I didn't win, but it was pretty fun.

my make up result

Selfie with @mama.of.snow

super love the table decoration

We didn't go home empty handed, Lancome gave each of us the new Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact *hugs* and we could pin it up with stickers of our choice, Lancome has launched 3 stickers in collaboration with @ayangcempaka, an Indonesian illustrator, which are too cute. I had a hard time choosing only one.

guess which one did I choose?

got my cushion beautified

I have tried it myself, wanna know what I think about this Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact? Stay tuned on my blog!

Thank you Lancome Indonesia :D

Bonus pictures (they had one of the loveliest flowery decoration which made me intantly fall in love, so I took a lot of pictures)


  1. What an amazing product!
    Someday I'll try this.

    1. Yes, you should try it, thank you for stopping by ^^



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