Monday, October 5, 2015

Natur Hair Beauty Dating

Have you ever heard about Natur? It’s an Indonesian’s brand shampoo, every time I heard about Natur what comes into my mind is a black bottled shampoo with a “ traditional strong jamu” like scent and specialized in hairfall solution. But now, Natur has expanded, it comes with a wide variety of products and I just happened to know hahaha. Lucky me I was invited to Natur Hair Beauty Dating, which was held at Prestige Salon Kemang.

The traffic was crazy, but my beauty blogger friends who came to the first gathering (I couldn’t attend the first gathering because it was right on my graduation day) said that Natur Hair Beauty Dating Event was so fun and absolutely a no regret coming to that event, so whatever with the traffic.

First when I got there I was photographed, then I was escorted to the VIP room because I wear hijab, I got my scalp checked first but the result wasn’t really good L they said in a healthy and normal condition, the pore should grow 2-3 strays of hair, but mine was only 1-2 strays, and they found my scalp was also flaky, they suggested me to use the Tea Tree variant. Next, I got my hair washed, using Natur shampoo in tea tree, and also Natur Conditioner, and then they spritz hair mist and also applied natur hair serum, their newest product which has became my favorite, just wait for the review. And then I got my hair dry- blow and styled, I was so happy, because as a hijabi I almost never got my hair styled, it woud be a waste cause nobody gonna see it anyway, but actually getting my hair styled is a self satisfaction.

the wide range of Natur's products
After getting my hair beautified, I went to the next room which is a lounge there was Mbak Ayu from Natur and Mas Aar Yazuar, a well-known hairstylist from Prestige. Mbak Ayu introduced us to Natur’s products, the highlight was that all nature products are made of natural ingredients, just like its jargon “alami lebih baik” (Natural is better), and somehow because they’re made of all natural, sometimes when we switch our regular shampoo that contains silicone to Natur, it could make our hair become stiffer and maybe a little bit itchy, but that’s normal and just a transition, because Natur is kinda doing its job to bring your healthy hair back and remove all the bad effects from your regular shampoo.

Then Mas Aar himself did a hairstyling demo to one of the participant, lucky her! Not to forget to use the Natur hair serum first, because it will protect the hair from heat while being styled.

During the event, lunch were served, and I love all the menus.

Next there were games and also door prizes, Natur is such a generous, they really spoiled us, all the participants, we got home with goodie bags and other prizes.

Thank you so much Natur!

Don’t forget to follow their social media, Twitter and Instagram @backtonatur.

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