Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Estee Lauder Make Up Competition

Hello beauties, have you read my post about Estee Lauder Workshop with Bobby Wang? There were actually two events that are related to each other, so after we learned how to do smokey eyes make up with Bobby Wang, the next week we got to practice it in real life to ourself in a make up competition.

The event was held at Metro Plaza Senayan, this time the place was much more proper and comfortable than the previous one. As usual, their PR Erfan host the entire event.

15 bloggers were divided into two groups to do a full face make up just like what Bobby has taught us, in 45 minutes, plus the skin care step, I was in the first group, so I did the make up first, the second group watched us and documented it, and wait for their turn.

It was pretty challenging, I usually do my full face make up in 1,5 - 2 hour because I like it to be perfect and neat, but yeah we gonna do what we gotta do. After we finished, they took pictures from each of us. Here are my before and after, we were not allowed to use false eyelashes, so I found it a bit incomplete...


After the first group done, we were shown make up demo, another smokey eyes make up demo from Mas Indra, Estee Lauder regional make up artist, and also a fashion chitchat with "et cetera", in how to dress casual but still chic and appropriate.

Next, the second group turn to do their make up. And the first group just need to wait, while killing the time, we took a lot of selfies ofcourse :p

Before they announce the winner, there were another make up demo from Mas Indra and also another fashion chit chat with Metro Department Store. Mas Indra did another eye emphasising make up using a new item in Estee Lauder, which is the gel eyeliner.

Now, the moment of truth.... Who is the winner? There are two winners for this competition, Mas Indra was the judge, he chose from how our make up look in real life and from the photo, and..... Drum roll please.....

Auzola got the first place and I came second Alhamdulillah, no matter who won, we had some fun together :)


  1. Putriiiiii, boleh "nyolong" foto yaaaa.. hahahhahahhaha.. Makasihhhhhhhh *belum juga dikasih ijin.. wkkwkwkwkkkw...

    1. Haha boleh2, asal di credits ke aku aja kalo bisa di hyperlink kesini hehehe *menebar jaring*



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