Monday, April 21, 2014

Lancome Re-Opening Event @ Metro Plaza Senayan

Hello beauties, I am sick and been sleeping all day long, and now in the middle of the night I am wide awake. Please pray for me, I need to get better soon because so many things to do.

This post wasn't meant to published yet, but I mistakenly pressed the published button instead of the save button. So let me just give some words for this post.

On April 19th, I came to the Lancome re-opening event, and I met fellow beauty bloggers, this was my first event as a beauty blogger, because I am a newbie in beauty blogging.

They are promoting their new foundation range, which is Teint Visionnaire, it's more than a foundation because it's infused with the Visionnaire serum, from their Visionnaire skin care line, and it can even out your skin color, reduce wrinkles and also make your pores smaller. How great! It also came up with a concealer on top of it.

I got a make over with the new foundation, my skin match with the o-04 shade, this is my bare face, I was gonna put my before after face but too bad I forgot to take the after pict *sigh*.

They moved from a place in the corner of Metro to the very front part of Metro. They're bringing a new concept which is maison, meand home in French, they want everybody to feel like home when they visit Their counter. If i am at home means I could grab and use anything I like then. LOL. just kidding. But you sure can try out their products here before purchasing.

There were a make up competition but limited to 3 couplemof beauty blogger who were picked by Ochell, the main theme was flaw less skin.

In order to make us fell like maison, or home in French, there were these biolist, guitarist and singer, they also provided snack like min croissant and friends along with Italian soda.

My mom decided to drop by, I'm very happy because she's got all the money, hehehe. She had a make over too with Lancome Teint Visionnaire foundation, and I could say the result was flawless, she decided to buy one though at the end, hihihi.

I got my face illustrated by a talented illustrator @dianiapsari, thank you for drawing me like one of your French girl.

These are the freebies I got, oh how I love being a beauty blogger and got so many freebies. LOL.

And these are our haul, Lancome Teint Visionnaire foundation, Lancome Hypnose Star mascara, and the gift with purchase. Lancome sure is generous on giving away freebies.

Till we meet again fellas! I really hope I could attend more events with beauty bloggers, that was fun.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Make Over Beauty Class with Lizzie Parra

Hello lovelies.... 
it's been a while since the event that I wanna report here done. The last Make Over beauty class with Lizzie Parra was held on February 22nd, yeah almost two months ago, miannhae....

The event was held at Churerria, Kota Kasablanka, and the theme was 50's Make Up Looks, the highlight of the 50's Make up looks are the winged cat eye liners, the red lips, thick perfect arched brows, natural eye make up, super cetar eyelashes and last but not least a fake beauty spot.

I'm so glad that I got the chance to learn from Kak Icil, and I also really grateful that I sat on the best table, I think only my table which consist of 5 beautiful ladies, -4 of them were born in 1986 only me was born in 1993-, because we became really close to each other even until now, I love meeting people with the same passion as me in make up, we shared many things about make up and we have decided to go to the same beauty class again in the near future, wait for it babes.

This is us before the "make over" by ourself, (L-R) Kak Rima, Kak Kania and me. pict taken by Kak Kania's husband who's a photographer.

Me and Kak Rima

Aaaand, voilaaa, after the Make Over, these are our 50's looks. (L-R) Kak Roma, Kak Rima, Me, Kak Kania and Kak Uphe.

With our talented mentor Kak Icil in front of Make Over Store

More narcissm

At the end they announced that there were two winners, one for best make up and one for best tweet/instagram. And guess who won the best make up? Me!

Taking picture of my own reflection

The Make Over goodies, I got the Peach Vaganza in the goodie bag, and voucher 50.000 for minimum purchase of 150.000 so I bought the liquid lip color in Red Temptation and the pencil eyeliner in Black Jack. the big eye shadow palette is the present I got for winning the best make up category, check out my review on the Make Over Perfect Matte Eye Shadow Palette.

I really really enjoy the beauty class, thank you a lot Make Over :*

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bioderma Sensibio H2O

Dear beauties, I want you to meet my all time favorite make up remover, Bioderma Sensibio H2O. 

I knew this product because there were so many beauty junkies said that this product is recommended and they even claimed this as their HG make up remover, when I first saw it I thought it was just plain water, but let me tell you this is a magical plain water which will take off any make ups or dirts from your skin, all you have to do is to grab a cotton pad, pour some of the product to the cotton pad, wipe it on your face and voila your face is super clean. And this product is rinse-free, so when you get home really tired and don't feel like washing your face or anything else, all you want to do is just straight go to sleep, do not ever do that! Cleanse your face after a long day and before you go to bed is sooo important, and this solution micellaire is the answer, only one step to get your face cleaned.

When I got home at the afternoon and I saw my face really dull, greasy because my skin is oily, but I didn't want to wash my face I just wanted to watch TV or lay on my bed due to tiredness, I'll take a cotton pad and pour this product and wipe it all over my face and my face will be dirty-free. Yes, I'm not only use it to remove make up but also everytime I feel my face's dirty eventhough I don't use make up that day.


I heard they just launched the new one the sebium H2O which was made for oily skin, the sensibio one is suitable for  sensitive skin, but I've stocked up on this one because there were promo in Guardian buy 1 big bottle (250 ml) get 1 small bottle (100ml) for free, I don't want to miss this chance, because they're quiet costly, the big bottle is 180k while the small bottle is 110k. You can get it at Guardian only at this moment. Maybe when I've ran out of those I'd buy the sebium one.

Some review said it could take off even waterproof mascara, but in my experience it couldn't take off my Lancome Hypnose waterproof mascara, but it's okay you can always use eye make up remover.

It's alcohol-free, rinse-free, greasy-free, sticky-free, hassle-free, if only I could get it for free, LOL. Highly recommended!