Monday, April 14, 2014

Make Over Beauty Class with Lizzie Parra

Hello lovelies.... 
it's been a while since the event that I wanna report here done. The last Make Over beauty class with Lizzie Parra was held on February 22nd, yeah almost two months ago, miannhae....

The event was held at Churerria, Kota Kasablanka, and the theme was 50's Make Up Looks, the highlight of the 50's Make up looks are the winged cat eye liners, the red lips, thick perfect arched brows, natural eye make up, super cetar eyelashes and last but not least a fake beauty spot.

I'm so glad that I got the chance to learn from Kak Icil, and I also really grateful that I sat on the best table, I think only my table which consist of 5 beautiful ladies, -4 of them were born in 1986 only me was born in 1993-, because we became really close to each other even until now, I love meeting people with the same passion as me in make up, we shared many things about make up and we have decided to go to the same beauty class again in the near future, wait for it babes.

This is us before the "make over" by ourself, (L-R) Kak Rima, Kak Kania and me. pict taken by Kak Kania's husband who's a photographer.

Me and Kak Rima

Aaaand, voilaaa, after the Make Over, these are our 50's looks. (L-R) Kak Roma, Kak Rima, Me, Kak Kania and Kak Uphe.

With our talented mentor Kak Icil in front of Make Over Store

More narcissm

At the end they announced that there were two winners, one for best make up and one for best tweet/instagram. And guess who won the best make up? Me!

Taking picture of my own reflection

The Make Over goodies, I got the Peach Vaganza in the goodie bag, and voucher 50.000 for minimum purchase of 150.000 so I bought the liquid lip color in Red Temptation and the pencil eyeliner in Black Jack. the big eye shadow palette is the present I got for winning the best make up category, check out my review on the Make Over Perfect Matte Eye Shadow Palette.

I really really enjoy the beauty class, thank you a lot Make Over :*

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