Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Estee Lauder Make Up Competition

Hello beauties, have you read my post about Estee Lauder Workshop with Bobby Wang? There were actually two events that are related to each other, so after we learned how to do smokey eyes make up with Bobby Wang, the next week we got to practice it in real life to ourself in a make up competition.

The event was held at Metro Plaza Senayan, this time the place was much more proper and comfortable than the previous one. As usual, their PR Erfan host the entire event.

15 bloggers were divided into two groups to do a full face make up just like what Bobby has taught us, in 45 minutes, plus the skin care step, I was in the first group, so I did the make up first, the second group watched us and documented it, and wait for their turn.

It was pretty challenging, I usually do my full face make up in 1,5 - 2 hour because I like it to be perfect and neat, but yeah we gonna do what we gotta do. After we finished, they took pictures from each of us. Here are my before and after, we were not allowed to use false eyelashes, so I found it a bit incomplete...


After the first group done, we were shown make up demo, another smokey eyes make up demo from Mas Indra, Estee Lauder regional make up artist, and also a fashion chitchat with "et cetera", in how to dress casual but still chic and appropriate.

Next, the second group turn to do their make up. And the first group just need to wait, while killing the time, we took a lot of selfies ofcourse :p

Before they announce the winner, there were another make up demo from Mas Indra and also another fashion chit chat with Metro Department Store. Mas Indra did another eye emphasising make up using a new item in Estee Lauder, which is the gel eyeliner.

Now, the moment of truth.... Who is the winner? There are two winners for this competition, Mas Indra was the judge, he chose from how our make up look in real life and from the photo, and..... Drum roll please.....

Auzola got the first place and I came second Alhamdulillah, no matter who won, we had some fun together :)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Estee Lauder Beauty Workshop with Bobby Wang (Global Make Up Artist)


Hola beauties, last Thursday I attended a beauty workshop held by Estee Lauder, they were having their global make up artist from Singapore Bobby Wang. He is well known for a bold make up look. There were 15 beauty bloggers invited to this event.

I think this make up demo is really interesting and different from other make up demos I have been to, because this time Bobby did a pretty intense smokey eyes make up look with coral lips. Usually, make up demos like this did a natural look or daily looks, but this one is different and one of a kind. Unfortunately, the space is not spacious enough for 15+ people, so I just find it a little bit uneffective and unefficient. It was hard to get comfortable position to look closely and took good pictures.

Okay, let's see Bobby Wang in action!

First thing first is definitely to cleanse the face and put skin care on. Ofcourse we can't left the famous Estee Lauder Micro Essence and Advance Night Repair *these are included in my skin care routine too!*.

Bobby started of with the base, using BB cream, concealer, highlighter and a dust of powder. He told us to start from inner part of the face and blend it towards the outter part of the face. Then he applied powder blush mixed with ANR using sponge to get that blush-glowing-from-within effect.

This is a bit unsual, usually lipstick is the last step in make up, but he did it in the middle, before applying eye make up. He applied lipstick using his fingers in patting motion, he said that way the lipstick application will take shorter time and put on nicely, and coral lips will make us looks younger.

He drew the eyebrows using the eyebrow pencil and used the highlighter to conceal the unwanted hair

And here come the main character, the eyes! Usually heavy eye make up get done first, but this one it was done last, he used the eyeliner pencil on the upper and lower part of the eyes, then smudge it to get the smokey effect, the he topped it with eyeshadow, and blend blend blend till all get blended well and nicely. He doesn't like false eyelashes so he only applied 4-5 coats of mascara.

Finiiish (only half face), but it was soooo pretty.

During the make up process we were allowed to ask questions, and he answered them all, he was so humble.

Strike a post together (pict courtesy of Tuty Saca)

I was actually sick and watched the entire make up demo in a mask, but this was my face/make up of the day.

See you later!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion Review

Hola beauties, I'm back with another beauty review, seems like it has been ages since I have done beauty review, but I promise I'll try to post more since I am no longer have to deal with my skripsi.

This time, I have a new product from The Face Shop, you must have known that I attended the launching of this product from my previous post and now let's see how I myself do feel about this particular product.

I am intrigued with the name, because I am blessed with oily skin type, usually Korean brand comes with a dewy finish face products which might not be suitable for someone with naturally oily skin like me, but not with this one, this one is meant for oily skin and has a matte finish.

Let's see how the product looks like, it looks like just another cushion, but it comes with new microfoam fomula, and I love how easy it is to apply the cushion using the sponge, it helps spread the products easily and evenly to my skin. This cushion has medium to full coverage, which I was a little surprised, hence it still feels so light on the skin, me lovey! But, if you have troubled skin like I do, and have many post acne marks, you might still need concealer in order to have that flawless looking skin.

The puff

The microfoam

Now let's see how the product's application looks like

As you can see, it helps even out my skin tone, this color 203 Natural Beige is a perfect match to my skin, but unfortunately it is also the darkest shade (only available in two shades, 201 and 203), my skin is pretty much fairer than most Indonesian women out there, so probably if you have darker skin than mine, this might not fit you and it will look greyish (it has always been a problem with Korean product). This is not completely a matte finish, but not over-glowing as well, it still has its dewiness which looks good. A completely matte finish doesn't look so flattering though.

I have tried using this cushion in many ways, with only the cushion alone, cushion+powder, and primer+cushion+powder+setting spray. I think if you have dry to normal skin, it's okay to use it alone, it will save you some times because you can skip primer+sunscreen+powder and replace them with this one product, but I find it easy to rub off especially around the T Zone where it gets more oily when you didn't set the product. I find it stays longer with powder on top, and last you all day long without touch ups needed and still looking fresh as newly applied by using primer+powder+setting spray.

I love it because I could carry it everywhere inside my make up pouch without having to worry that it might spill out and ruin everything, and I don't need to bring separate brush, it has quiet a huge mirror as well, it's pretty bulky but it's okay, it's not as heavy as the glass bottled liquid foundation. And I love that it has spf 50+ PA +++, which I need since I have to face Jakarta's hot weather everyday.

Recommended? Yes, but make sure it suits your skin tone.

The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion Launching

I was invited by Kawaii Beauty Japan to the launching of The Face Shop's newest product which is Oil Control Water Cushion. The event was held Sept 2nd, at JJ Royal Bistro Senayan City. There were a lot of people attended the launching, I met beauty bloggers, vloggers, media and also TFS VIP customers, not only launched their new products, TFs also introduced their new ambassador Kim Soo Hyun, everybody has anticipated that he was coming, but unfortunately he was not :p

The event was opened ofcourse with introduction to the new product from TFS representatives both from Indonesia and Korea, we also watched the official TV advertorial of this product, and Kim Soo Hyun also appeared in the screen.

So, let's go to the product itself


Experienced smudged makeup because of humid summer weather? 

Now, THEFACESHOP is introducing total solutionthe Oil Control Water Cushion.

Cushion is a new innovative type of makeup product that contains whole liquid foundation in a hard foundation case by using microfoamCushion delivers perfect makeup look from morning to the end!


Sebum control+Fresh coverage+Clear moisture radiance+Prevents makeup from sliding off!

Fresh touch, Light cover!

Blown away oily and heavy summer makeup!


- Creates perfect skin but still maintains a fine makeup film minimizing burden to skin multi particle and darkening

- Leaves no sticky sensation with oil control technology that contains moringa tree extract  


*LG Patent micro foam 

LG Patent micro foam that keeps the freshness of the first application until the very end 

✓ Fine foam with high-density cells
✓ Prevents the shifting and caking of Urethane cushion
✓ Even skin pressure for comfortable use 

When I registered, I got three coupons, for photo booth, skin consultation and make over, and the goodie bag. But I didn't get to use the skin consultation and free make ober coupon. During the event, finger snacks and beberages were provided.

There were also a make up demo by make up artist using all TFS products, some quizes, twitter and instagram contest, and also best dress and best make up award. TFS was so generous to us :D

Loving the result

Me answering the quiz, with Kim Soo Hyun on the screen

Overall, it was super fun event, I got to meet a lot of beauty blogger friends and make new friends as well. And congratulations on your new product The Face Shop *cheers*

By the way, they're currently having promo buy 1 get 1 refill for the Oil Control Water Cushion, I suggest you to pay a visit to TFS counter ASAP, and get this great deal.