Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion Review

Hola beauties, I'm back with another beauty review, seems like it has been ages since I have done beauty review, but I promise I'll try to post more since I am no longer have to deal with my skripsi.

This time, I have a new product from The Face Shop, you must have known that I attended the launching of this product from my previous post and now let's see how I myself do feel about this particular product.

I am intrigued with the name, because I am blessed with oily skin type, usually Korean brand comes with a dewy finish face products which might not be suitable for someone with naturally oily skin like me, but not with this one, this one is meant for oily skin and has a matte finish.

Let's see how the product looks like, it looks like just another cushion, but it comes with new microfoam fomula, and I love how easy it is to apply the cushion using the sponge, it helps spread the products easily and evenly to my skin. This cushion has medium to full coverage, which I was a little surprised, hence it still feels so light on the skin, me lovey! But, if you have troubled skin like I do, and have many post acne marks, you might still need concealer in order to have that flawless looking skin.

The puff

The microfoam

Now let's see how the product's application looks like

As you can see, it helps even out my skin tone, this color 203 Natural Beige is a perfect match to my skin, but unfortunately it is also the darkest shade (only available in two shades, 201 and 203), my skin is pretty much fairer than most Indonesian women out there, so probably if you have darker skin than mine, this might not fit you and it will look greyish (it has always been a problem with Korean product). This is not completely a matte finish, but not over-glowing as well, it still has its dewiness which looks good. A completely matte finish doesn't look so flattering though.

I have tried using this cushion in many ways, with only the cushion alone, cushion+powder, and primer+cushion+powder+setting spray. I think if you have dry to normal skin, it's okay to use it alone, it will save you some times because you can skip primer+sunscreen+powder and replace them with this one product, but I find it easy to rub off especially around the T Zone where it gets more oily when you didn't set the product. I find it stays longer with powder on top, and last you all day long without touch ups needed and still looking fresh as newly applied by using primer+powder+setting spray.

I love it because I could carry it everywhere inside my make up pouch without having to worry that it might spill out and ruin everything, and I don't need to bring separate brush, it has quiet a huge mirror as well, it's pretty bulky but it's okay, it's not as heavy as the glass bottled liquid foundation. And I love that it has spf 50+ PA +++, which I need since I have to face Jakarta's hot weather everyday.

Recommended? Yes, but make sure it suits your skin tone.


  1. Pengen cobain cushion ini!!! yang jadi madalah shade cushionnya:( huhu thx for share ka

    1. Hi, thank you udah main kesini, iya nih emang masalahnya produk Korea emang pada shadenya~~



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