Friday, June 27, 2014

Bangkok Face Gem Fruit Pudding Cream and Lotus Sparkling Mask

Hello beauties, as we all know that Thailand skincare is somehow really popular these days, and fortunately @bangkokface_indo offer me to try and review the two most happening Thai Organic skincare, Bangkok Face Gem Fruit Pudding Cream and Lotus Sparkling Mask, I am so happy because I've heard great things about them and they are made of natural ingredients which I love the most. Let's proof the goodness of these two myself.

Sounds great right, I love love natural ingredients on my skin.

The texture of this cream resemble pudding, but once you applied it will be absorbed quickly and leaving your skin smooth like baby skin, which I really love because I don't like sticky and shiny cream on my face. The scent is I don't know how to explain but it is nice and soft. I apply this religiously every day and night.

Another wow! I suddenly remember Thai people who has amazing skin, even the she male can look more beautiful than I am, hehehe.

The texture is kinda watery and a bit messy once I opened it, I use it twice this week and I really love how my skin feels firmer, softer and brighter the next morning when I woke up. But it needs some time to be absorbed to my skin unlike the pudding cream, and it's a bit sticky as well at first. The lotus scent I love it so much.

I received them before I went to Korea for a month and I'm so glad because they're not too big and pretty travel friendly, most of my friends experience skin problem like severely dry skin and acne which I think because of the weather and water changes here in Korea, but thanks to them my skin has no major problem, even there were two acnes almost showed up and I just apply the lotus sparkling mask, the day after they're gone already. This is how I look like after 7 days of using these two products.



Sorry for the bad picts, those are taken with the same camera on the same room under the same light.

I have to say I couldn't say much at the moment cause it has just been one week, and I have heard that the real result of skincare could be seen after 28 days of usage or at least a month, but my skin tends to react fast if I don't fit with some products even after one time usage, usually there will be millia on my face which fortunately I don't experience with this products. And I kinda love that they moisturize my face and make my face less oily, I didn't use any other skin care like serum, ampoule, booster etc in order to really know how these products work on me, and after a week I can say I'll definitely continue using these two products. The only thing I don't really like is its packaging because I have to dip my finger in it and it potentially transfer bacteria to the products, and also the packaging kinda looks cheap, if only they make it more expensive looking, hehehe just personal opinion though. But over all the product itself is wonderful.

Do you want to try them yourself? You can purchase it through the aurhorized reseller and I heard they provide free sample as well, what are you waiting for go grab them from

Instagram: @bangkokface_indo

Line: bangkokface_indo


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner

Benefit has just launched their newest eye liner, it's a revolutionary eyeliner and I was invited to the private launching party and lucky enough to be 1 out of 100 first owner of this eyeliner, their world wide launching will be on June 27th which is tomorrow, so you might want to read this review first before decide whether you're gonna give it a try or not.

It calls a lash hugging gel liner pen, it's the first ever gel eyeliner that comes in pen shaped.

Accuflex is the model that takes five year to be developed and 5 great make up artists from all over the word such as China, USA, Englad, France and Korea were involved in order to create this masterpiece. The accuflex model has been patent-ed so you won't find something like this anywhere else, only at Benefit.

The base is a bit fat to make your hand more steady, on the second part there is bended part to help pushing the eyelashes so the eyeliner and the eyelashes will go along better, and the last but not least the accuflex tip helps to make eyeliner application follow the eyes shape so it will be easier. What a genius eyeliner isn't it?

Since it's a brand new technology in eyeliner world you might have to learn and do trial and error using this stuff, don't worry they include some tips inside.

Closer look to the accuflex model

I'm gonna share how to use it, the very first time you should turn the bottom part about 26 times until the gel come out, and then try to make a line on your hand until they're smooth no clump, create 3 dot lines on your lid, connect them without overlapping them, tadaaa it's done. You can adjust the boldness but you have to remember not to overlap them. Everytime you want to use them you just need to turn the bottom part until the product comes out.

It's a bit tricky to use most likely because of the unfamiliar model, but once you master it I think it's a very good stuff, it is jet black like the blackest black and matte, it doesn't smudge, waterproof and last all day and all night unless you remove them with a waterproof make up remover, since it's super duper waterproof it's a bit hard to remove them and Benefit be responsible for it by creating they're real make up remover, unfortunately I haven't got a chance to try that one, but with a bit of patient you can remove it with any waterproof eye make up remover.

So, have you make up your mind to be or not to be the user of this revolutionary eyeliner?

PS: I will make the launching party post separately :P

Friday, June 13, 2014

FOTD feat Make Up Store's Products

Hello beauties, a few months ago I won a giveaway and the prizes were Make Up Store's product. I decided to wait until my exams and college tasks are done before I play around with those new toy on my stash. And on the last day of exams, which was last week, after I went back home, I immediately created this look, since this is an FOTD post be prepared you'll see my pictures a lot, hehehe.

(L-R): Hightech lighter in full moon (I bought this earlier, not part of the giveaway prizes), lip pencil in Strawberry Daiquiri, Microshadow in Terracota, Microshadow in Curracao, and Blush in Cherry Blossom.

Now let's move on to the narcisstic part, LOL

They are fabulous, the hightech lighter has multifunctions I used it as my eyeshadow base, highlight on the cheekbones and on the bridge of my nose. The microshadows are super pigmented yet easy to blend. The blush is pigmented and buildable, just make sure you put little by little. The lip pencil is longlasting and the color I love it so much. I really should review each of them properly in separate posts, maybe later hehehe.

Other products I used:

-artdeco mineral foundation 

-silky girl eyeliner

-silky girl lip gloss in nude 

-make over brown eye shadow and sephora pressed powder for contouring

-elianto eyebrow pencil

-bobbi brown extreme party mascara

Bonus, OOTD and just some more narcisstic shoot of me :P

Monday, June 9, 2014

5 Beauty Bloggers Indonesia, version

Hello beauties,

I am so excited about this

So, when my friend was searching upon my blog she said my blog was featured as one of 5 Beauty Blogger Indonesia via, I couldn't believe I was on the list along with Lizzie Parra, Hanna Aninditha and Agnes Oryza who are already very famous in beauty blogging world, and I'm just a newbie or anak bawang in beauty blogging world, the other one was my friend Roma Lawrence.

Whoever you are behind that article, I love you! I feel so happy that I am appreciated, and I hope I can improve myself and always learn to be a better beauty blogger :D

Click here to see the original article. is a unique online shop, or probably an online shop that sells unique stuffs, just go to their page to find out more (cause I also don't know about this online shop until they featured me on their article). I promise I am not related by anything with and I also don't know how could they picked me as one of the five beauty bloggers, but I'm very very thankful and happy about this.

PS: maaf agak norak maklum anak baru hihihi

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Balm Beauty Class with Yulia Liao

Hello beauties, I'm back with an old dusty post in my draft, I've forgotten when was exactly this class held though kkk. So, I guess it won't be a long post.

Ms. Yulia Liao the MUA with the model

It was my first experience joining The Balm beauty class, it was held at Bakerzin PIM, I love how it was so close from my home kkk. And the thing that I remember the most about this beauty class was I learnt how to put on make up with minimum tools, all I need was practically my hands. but, this is what special about The Balm's product, their products are easily blended without sophisticated brush needed, you may try the same techniques with other cosmetics brand but maybe it won't work as well as The Balm products do, and I fell in love with The Balm products ever since I joined this class. And I've been practicing using almost no make up tools ever since I joined this class as well, when I don't have my whole brushes and make up kit with me I can be more confident utilizing only my hands to apply make up. And she also taught us not to use eyelash curler because it will damage our eyelashes, so she said we should apply mascara on top of the lashes, then on the bottom of the lasheh than hold a few seconds using our finger, and voila you'll get a curl eyelashes without damaging your eyelashes.

Me with Ms.Yulia Liao

The result of my make up of the day, I created the eye make up and eyebrows without a single brush, can you believe it?

Reunion with my fellow beauty addict friends from Make Over class.

We've been friends since the Make Over beauty class, and we'll be on other beauty class reunion soon I suppossed kkkk.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Anna Sui Beauty Workshop with Female Daily

The Anna Sui Beauty Workshop with Female Daily was held on the first week of April, okay I know it was such a long time ago but please congratulate me for being alive through this super hard semester, thanks to Mbak Putri who reminds me what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I just finish my exams so I will catch up on a lot of things here. The event was held in Galleries Lafayette Pacific Place, and it's my first time joining Female Daily event, I wasn't alone I was with my fellow beautiful-lawyer-slash-make up artist-soon-to-be Rika! The theme was bold lips and nude eyes.

The Anna Sui Minnie Mouse line, uber cute, the lipstick literally has Minnie Mouse shape crafted on it. It makes you have no heart to use the lipstick and ruin the shape. The Minnie Mouse lipstick came in two bold shade, pink fuschia and red, that's the inspiration for the theme of rhe beauty workshop. We could choose to create romantic (pink fuschia) or rock 'n roll (red). I chose romantic.

The make up artist from Anna Sui was super talented MUA Ms. Rima Zania, the memorable and unique things I remember was she taught us 3 fingers rule. One, using 1 finger the pointer, slide foundation between your face and your neck, if it disappeared on your neck then it is your shade.

Two, using 2 fingers the pointer and middle finger, connect your upper and lower part of the ears, the space between is where you should apply contour/shading.

Three, keep your middle, ring and little finger up, connect the tip of your fore finger and thumb (like saying OK), then put the circle between your fore finger and thumb on the apple of the cheeks, there is where your blush should go.

There are three main focus on our face, eyes, cheeks and lips. Make sure to only make two of them stand out at max, do not make three of them bold or you'll look like a clown or even scary. So, because we want to focus on the lips, we make the eyes nude or soft.

After ms. Rima done with her model, we were given one hour to create our own bold lips and nude eyes looks, and it was a competition, they would choose participant with the best make up, and the prize was Anna Sui nail polish set.

I was the winner, alhamdulillah hehehehe.

With Rika

My version of nude eyes and bold lips

Haul and freebies. I have to tell you as someone who has super sensitive nose, nice scent win my heart absolutely, and all Anna Sui Products have rose scents which is super nice, I am head over heels with Anna Sui products. And they are also super cute designed, cute yet classy, with butterfly and rose everywhere, can't resist. Unfortunately the price are expensive...... But the quality of the products are great, love love the loose powder and the lipstick and willing to try other products too.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack

Who's got problem with blackheads and whiteheads? *rise my hand*, Yup I'm dealing with lots of blackheads and whiteheads, thank God it's been better now, and one of the things that could make my comedos problem gets better is this product, The Face Shop Volcanic Clay, it's like a porestripe like Biore but it came in clay form, even it's not as practice as the porestripe one but I found it works well on taking away comedos and also it lasts much longer than the porestripe one and that means money saved! *cring cring coins falling soundeffects*.

Take a closer look, thank God there are directions and ingredients written in English. It contains 50mg of products which could lasts for a year or even more. There is alcohol in the ingredients, so it may not suite people with sensitive/allergy skin I think.

Sorry for the messy cap, I've owned this since 2012 and it's almost done

So following the directions, I applied a thin layer on my nose using cotton bud and wait until it's completely dry then peel it off. It's better to wash your face with hot water before to open up your pores, and with cold water after you peel it off to close your pores up.

The next picture might be disgusting, but you want a proof right?

Sorry the camera keep refusing to get focused, and I didn't get much today because I've got them extracted during facial not long ago, but you could see some fine hair got stucked :p

So far I love this product, it's economist, last long, and works well, when I ran out I probably gonna purchase the same kind of product *probably different brand* instead of purchasing porestripes. With this you can choose the area where you want to spread it, I usually also put this product around my chin also because they sometimes also got whiteheads and blackheads, it can be used to remove fine hair too hehehe.

PS: hey guys I will be staying in Daegu this Ramadhan month, so if you want me to buy this for you just let me know and it's discounted too, you can get this for around 60 thousands rupiah, thank youu