Thursday, June 26, 2014

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner

Benefit has just launched their newest eye liner, it's a revolutionary eyeliner and I was invited to the private launching party and lucky enough to be 1 out of 100 first owner of this eyeliner, their world wide launching will be on June 27th which is tomorrow, so you might want to read this review first before decide whether you're gonna give it a try or not.

It calls a lash hugging gel liner pen, it's the first ever gel eyeliner that comes in pen shaped.

Accuflex is the model that takes five year to be developed and 5 great make up artists from all over the word such as China, USA, Englad, France and Korea were involved in order to create this masterpiece. The accuflex model has been patent-ed so you won't find something like this anywhere else, only at Benefit.

The base is a bit fat to make your hand more steady, on the second part there is bended part to help pushing the eyelashes so the eyeliner and the eyelashes will go along better, and the last but not least the accuflex tip helps to make eyeliner application follow the eyes shape so it will be easier. What a genius eyeliner isn't it?

Since it's a brand new technology in eyeliner world you might have to learn and do trial and error using this stuff, don't worry they include some tips inside.

Closer look to the accuflex model

I'm gonna share how to use it, the very first time you should turn the bottom part about 26 times until the gel come out, and then try to make a line on your hand until they're smooth no clump, create 3 dot lines on your lid, connect them without overlapping them, tadaaa it's done. You can adjust the boldness but you have to remember not to overlap them. Everytime you want to use them you just need to turn the bottom part until the product comes out.

It's a bit tricky to use most likely because of the unfamiliar model, but once you master it I think it's a very good stuff, it is jet black like the blackest black and matte, it doesn't smudge, waterproof and last all day and all night unless you remove them with a waterproof make up remover, since it's super duper waterproof it's a bit hard to remove them and Benefit be responsible for it by creating they're real make up remover, unfortunately I haven't got a chance to try that one, but with a bit of patient you can remove it with any waterproof eye make up remover.

So, have you make up your mind to be or not to be the user of this revolutionary eyeliner?

PS: I will make the launching party post separately :P

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