Friday, June 27, 2014

Bangkok Face Gem Fruit Pudding Cream and Lotus Sparkling Mask

Hello beauties, as we all know that Thailand skincare is somehow really popular these days, and fortunately @bangkokface_indo offer me to try and review the two most happening Thai Organic skincare, Bangkok Face Gem Fruit Pudding Cream and Lotus Sparkling Mask, I am so happy because I've heard great things about them and they are made of natural ingredients which I love the most. Let's proof the goodness of these two myself.

Sounds great right, I love love natural ingredients on my skin.

The texture of this cream resemble pudding, but once you applied it will be absorbed quickly and leaving your skin smooth like baby skin, which I really love because I don't like sticky and shiny cream on my face. The scent is I don't know how to explain but it is nice and soft. I apply this religiously every day and night.

Another wow! I suddenly remember Thai people who has amazing skin, even the she male can look more beautiful than I am, hehehe.

The texture is kinda watery and a bit messy once I opened it, I use it twice this week and I really love how my skin feels firmer, softer and brighter the next morning when I woke up. But it needs some time to be absorbed to my skin unlike the pudding cream, and it's a bit sticky as well at first. The lotus scent I love it so much.

I received them before I went to Korea for a month and I'm so glad because they're not too big and pretty travel friendly, most of my friends experience skin problem like severely dry skin and acne which I think because of the weather and water changes here in Korea, but thanks to them my skin has no major problem, even there were two acnes almost showed up and I just apply the lotus sparkling mask, the day after they're gone already. This is how I look like after 7 days of using these two products.



Sorry for the bad picts, those are taken with the same camera on the same room under the same light.

I have to say I couldn't say much at the moment cause it has just been one week, and I have heard that the real result of skincare could be seen after 28 days of usage or at least a month, but my skin tends to react fast if I don't fit with some products even after one time usage, usually there will be millia on my face which fortunately I don't experience with this products. And I kinda love that they moisturize my face and make my face less oily, I didn't use any other skin care like serum, ampoule, booster etc in order to really know how these products work on me, and after a week I can say I'll definitely continue using these two products. The only thing I don't really like is its packaging because I have to dip my finger in it and it potentially transfer bacteria to the products, and also the packaging kinda looks cheap, if only they make it more expensive looking, hehehe just personal opinion though. But over all the product itself is wonderful.

Do you want to try them yourself? You can purchase it through the aurhorized reseller and I heard they provide free sample as well, what are you waiting for go grab them from

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  1. Banyak banget yg nyobain bangkok face ini XD
    mayan mahal ya >_<

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    1. Iyaa lg booming bgt nih hehe, utk ukuran 15ml sih di atas 200rb lumayan jg



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