Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Balm Beauty Class with Yulia Liao

Hello beauties, I'm back with an old dusty post in my draft, I've forgotten when was exactly this class held though kkk. So, I guess it won't be a long post.

Ms. Yulia Liao the MUA with the model

It was my first experience joining The Balm beauty class, it was held at Bakerzin PIM, I love how it was so close from my home kkk. And the thing that I remember the most about this beauty class was I learnt how to put on make up with minimum tools, all I need was practically my hands. but, this is what special about The Balm's product, their products are easily blended without sophisticated brush needed, you may try the same techniques with other cosmetics brand but maybe it won't work as well as The Balm products do, and I fell in love with The Balm products ever since I joined this class. And I've been practicing using almost no make up tools ever since I joined this class as well, when I don't have my whole brushes and make up kit with me I can be more confident utilizing only my hands to apply make up. And she also taught us not to use eyelash curler because it will damage our eyelashes, so she said we should apply mascara on top of the lashes, then on the bottom of the lasheh than hold a few seconds using our finger, and voila you'll get a curl eyelashes without damaging your eyelashes.

Me with Ms.Yulia Liao

The result of my make up of the day, I created the eye make up and eyebrows without a single brush, can you believe it?

Reunion with my fellow beauty addict friends from Make Over class.

We've been friends since the Make Over beauty class, and we'll be on other beauty class reunion soon I suppossed kkkk.

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