Saturday, June 7, 2014

Anna Sui Beauty Workshop with Female Daily

The Anna Sui Beauty Workshop with Female Daily was held on the first week of April, okay I know it was such a long time ago but please congratulate me for being alive through this super hard semester, thanks to Mbak Putri who reminds me what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I just finish my exams so I will catch up on a lot of things here. The event was held in Galleries Lafayette Pacific Place, and it's my first time joining Female Daily event, I wasn't alone I was with my fellow beautiful-lawyer-slash-make up artist-soon-to-be Rika! The theme was bold lips and nude eyes.

The Anna Sui Minnie Mouse line, uber cute, the lipstick literally has Minnie Mouse shape crafted on it. It makes you have no heart to use the lipstick and ruin the shape. The Minnie Mouse lipstick came in two bold shade, pink fuschia and red, that's the inspiration for the theme of rhe beauty workshop. We could choose to create romantic (pink fuschia) or rock 'n roll (red). I chose romantic.

The make up artist from Anna Sui was super talented MUA Ms. Rima Zania, the memorable and unique things I remember was she taught us 3 fingers rule. One, using 1 finger the pointer, slide foundation between your face and your neck, if it disappeared on your neck then it is your shade.

Two, using 2 fingers the pointer and middle finger, connect your upper and lower part of the ears, the space between is where you should apply contour/shading.

Three, keep your middle, ring and little finger up, connect the tip of your fore finger and thumb (like saying OK), then put the circle between your fore finger and thumb on the apple of the cheeks, there is where your blush should go.

There are three main focus on our face, eyes, cheeks and lips. Make sure to only make two of them stand out at max, do not make three of them bold or you'll look like a clown or even scary. So, because we want to focus on the lips, we make the eyes nude or soft.

After ms. Rima done with her model, we were given one hour to create our own bold lips and nude eyes looks, and it was a competition, they would choose participant with the best make up, and the prize was Anna Sui nail polish set.

I was the winner, alhamdulillah hehehehe.

With Rika

My version of nude eyes and bold lips

Haul and freebies. I have to tell you as someone who has super sensitive nose, nice scent win my heart absolutely, and all Anna Sui Products have rose scents which is super nice, I am head over heels with Anna Sui products. And they are also super cute designed, cute yet classy, with butterfly and rose everywhere, can't resist. Unfortunately the price are expensive...... But the quality of the products are great, love love the loose powder and the lipstick and willing to try other products too.



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