Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack

Who's got problem with blackheads and whiteheads? *rise my hand*, Yup I'm dealing with lots of blackheads and whiteheads, thank God it's been better now, and one of the things that could make my comedos problem gets better is this product, The Face Shop Volcanic Clay, it's like a porestripe like Biore but it came in clay form, even it's not as practice as the porestripe one but I found it works well on taking away comedos and also it lasts much longer than the porestripe one and that means money saved! *cring cring coins falling soundeffects*.

Take a closer look, thank God there are directions and ingredients written in English. It contains 50mg of products which could lasts for a year or even more. There is alcohol in the ingredients, so it may not suite people with sensitive/allergy skin I think.

Sorry for the messy cap, I've owned this since 2012 and it's almost done

So following the directions, I applied a thin layer on my nose using cotton bud and wait until it's completely dry then peel it off. It's better to wash your face with hot water before to open up your pores, and with cold water after you peel it off to close your pores up.

The next picture might be disgusting, but you want a proof right?

Sorry the camera keep refusing to get focused, and I didn't get much today because I've got them extracted during facial not long ago, but you could see some fine hair got stucked :p

So far I love this product, it's economist, last long, and works well, when I ran out I probably gonna purchase the same kind of product *probably different brand* instead of purchasing porestripes. With this you can choose the area where you want to spread it, I usually also put this product around my chin also because they sometimes also got whiteheads and blackheads, it can be used to remove fine hair too hehehe.

PS: hey guys I will be staying in Daegu this Ramadhan month, so if you want me to buy this for you just let me know and it's discounted too, you can get this for around 60 thousands rupiah, thank youu


  1. Harus beli iniii ,bagus banget
    Aku juga banyak komedo ughhh kesel banget


    1. Halo Patricia thank you udah mampir, iyaaa komedo emang nyein banget, aku sih reccomended ini sama kayaknya dia ada beberapa barang lagi di line yg sama

  2. kalo buat jerawat batu bisa gak ya kak? dibawah mata gitu

    1. Klo itu kayaknya harus facial deh say

  3. What a nice review! Wajib coba ini deh kalau begitu. Kece! By the way, how about the price?

    Mind to follback?

  4. Murah kok 6900 won di Korea, and it lasts looong. Okay I will follow you back thanks for following



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