Saturday, March 15, 2014

Make Over Perfect Matte Eye Shadow Palette

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In the middle of my super-a lot of-homeworks weeks at college, and currently I don't really feel well, maybe because of the weather changing, please take care of your health friends, enough whining let's move on to the real topic, yeah I'm gonna review an eye shadow palette by make over. As far as I know Make Over has two big eye shadow palettes, which contains 8 eye shadow colors each, the matte and shimmer series, the one that I want to review today is the perfect matte palette which I got for free as a prize for winnimg the best make up category during Make Over Beauty Class with Lizzie Parra (which I haven't posted the story yet).

Let's see how it looks like


The ingridients, POM number, and expiration date, so sad that it will be expired on October this year.

The packaging is sleek, simple, looking professional, it has the eye shadow names at the back of the packaging. It is made of plastick, not heavy, and slim.

Eight eye shadows colors which are matte and pretty, but not all are suitable for every day use, each eye shadow weight 3,5gr whic is huuuge, I don't know who will need this much amount of eye shadow for just one color, maybe this palette doesn't meant for somebody like me, who do make up for my self, and just love make up, it is more suitable for professionals or make up artists who do make up every day to many people, and probably need this much amount of eye shadow. I wish it contains more eye shadow colors in less amount, let's say 1gr/eyeshadow is enough hehehe. And one thing that I wish this palette had is mirror. From what I see it has a small hole (?) next to the eye shadow pan which looks like we can lift up the pan and replace it with another eye shadow pan so we can make our own customize palette with colors that we want. I tried to lift the pan up but it is glued to the bottom, so maybe we need the heat method to remove and replace the pan.Swatches time!

The major problem of matte eyeshadows are they often not pigmented, but these colors are pretty pigmented which is nice, and with the help of eye shadow base the colors pop even more. The only color that hard to show up on my skin is sand (light brown) maybe because it just to similiar with my skin color. The eye shadows are a bit powdery, so be careful, but the colors are blend-able and glide smoothly on the skin, you can build the color intensity as well, after a while it feels like it melted to the skin so it shows up so natural and pretty. 

I did an eye make up using this palette, check it out

I'm not an expert, I'm still learning, and I'm sorry that I was just too lazy to put on any false eyelashes, I used mascara anyway but yeah my lashes aren't born long, pretty and curled. I used la tulipe eye shadow base for this looks.

Okay, I think this palette is nice, it's more suitable for you who do make up in daily basis and to other people, because it contains so much amount of product. This palette costs Rp 289k, you can grab yours at the nearest Make Over counter, it's Indonesian product! Yeah love your local product. If you ask will I repurchase or not, I don't even know when I will ran out of these colors, it feels like it will last forever, LOL. Maybe one day when I become a make up artist I will purchase this and the shimmer palette as well, cause it's a good product after all.

See you later!

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