Monday, October 26, 2015

Disney Princess Zombie Halloween Make Up Collaboration - Princess Snow White

It's October and it's identical with Halloween, beforehand I want to tell you that I don't celebrate Halloween. It's a make up collaboration which I did with my fellow Beauty Blogger Clozette Ambassadors friends which are inspired by Halloween theme.

It's just make up nothing more, for you who celebrate Halloween and want to look scary this Halloween, maybe you can follow my make up tutorial.

Honestly this is the first time I'm using sfx make up, and I did this with a super low budget, so I'm sorry if it's lacking here and there, I'm still learning :p

You can see my Snow White make up tutorial in my previous post here

Please enjoy the video of me transforming from Snow White to be Snow White zombie version

 What I did to my face is basically applying green, blue and purple eye shadow to the entire face to create a rotten body effect, and then putting pink, purple and dark brown eye shadow on where we usually contour the face plus around the eyes.

Okay since I did the sfx make up off camera, I ran out of memory, and also I wasn't confident enough to do it in front of the camera, I will tell you how I did the sfx part with a super low budget.

1. take 1 ply of tissue
2. tear the tissue following the shape of your likings
3. put the tissue on your "wounded" part of the face
4. I use eyelash glue and vaseline to attach he tissue on my face
5. tear the middle part of the tissue
6. paint the tissue with foundation
7. draw line with black eyeliner inside the torn part and put fake blood (I used red lip gloss) in it
8. paint the outer part of the tissue with the color of your skin (in that video green+blue+purple)
9. done

The actual sfx make up use liquid latex and gel blood, but those are pretty expensive, so I just use whatever I've got at home. You can add zombie contact lenses to make it look scarier and more zombie-like, but I just don't have the budget for that, hahaha. Yeah let's call this a "how to create zombie make up looks with low budget".

Here are the pictures of my Snow White Zombie Make Up

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Kania as Princess Aurora
Fweegy as Princess Jasmine
Jesslyne as Princess Mulan
Aldila as Princess Elsa

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