Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Etude House Face Conditioning Cream

Hello beauties, I know that I supposed to work on my research project, but final exams are coming in two days, so I won't have time to write on this blog probably the next 3 weeks, sooo before the final exams I want to do a review of a product which is Etude House Face Conditioning Cream, btw wish me luck on my final exams, thankieess.

The front cover

Directions, cautions and ingredients. 

Fragrance is the last ingredients but I still can smell something, in my opinion it's a nice and subtle scent. It contains arbutin that's why it claims a whitening effect.

Actually I asked my friend who went to Korea to buy me a CC cream, when she asked the BA, she showed her this, she said it was the latest product from Etude House. I haven't tried any CC cream until now, but I think this one is closer to primer/base make up.

The material of the tube is kinda weird, it's thinner than the usual Etude BB Cream, unlike the Bright Fit Precious Mineral BB Cream that I own. Since it's thinner it changes the tube shape easily or penyok2 in bahasa.

The tube makes it easy to control the amount of product coming out

It's white, non sticky, lightweight texture

I was about to put this product on the blog sale section, because it claims to make your face less oily on but in my case it makes my face oilier, then I realized I used too much product, when I reduced the amount of this product it did make my face not too oily through the day.

It can be used before bb cream or if you don't want too much make up on your face it claims that using this product alone already make your face brighter, let's see how it goes on my skin

Before, completely bare face

After applying Face Conditioning Cream and lip balm, only two minutes away from the before pict

As you can see, it does a great job brighten up my face, as for the anti-wrinkle I can't say anything about it. usually my face gets oily after 3-4 hours, but with this cream my face gets oily after 4-5 hours and less oily than usual (with proper amount and application, mind you). If you did it wrong like I used to, I get super oily after 2-3 hours, and it's just more greasy than usual.

I love this product, it doesn't have coverage but it brightens up my complexion and it has spf 25 and PA ++ as well, I change my mind I don't want to put it on the blog sale anymore LOL.

But as we all know, people are different so if this works on me it might not as well work on you, and vice versa, but in my opinion this product is worth a try.


  1. Aku masih maju mundur pengen beli ini..
    Makasih reviewnya ya..

    Hazeldazel blog

  2. Kalo kulit berminyak sih aku kurang saranin karena pakenya tricky bgt jadinya, dan kalo dipake sebelom bb cream malah hd iverglowing menurutku



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