Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Name is Reihan Putri, and I am A Beauty Blogger

Yup I can say that proudly because I am proud and love what I'm doing as a beauty blogger. 

Some people might questiong why do I bother taking pictures, writing review, (kinda) promoting brands, and do all this blogging stuffs? What is the incentives by becoming a beauty blogger? *I just taking the economis analysis of law and one of the theory is people respond to incentives, they will only do something that give them great incentives*, so in this post I am gonna tell you the story of how and why am I a beauty blogger.

I have been a blogger since 2008, blogging was a hyped that moment because of Raditya Dika, I was still in my first year of senior high school and it seemed like everybody were blogging at that time. The most popular content of the blog is of course our daily stories, many of us were trying to write our daily stories as funny as possible and wish that someday our blog will be as successfull as Raditya Dika's Kambing Jantan, hahahaha. 

I really enjoy blogging and never stop since then, many of my friends' blogs were inactive after a year or two or even less, but mine alhamdulillah is still continues, it is. Around earlier last year, 2013, I started to learn make up and give more attention to beauty thingies, and as everybody know we ask Google for every question in our life, and I started to ask Google about this and that make up products before I purchase them, there I began to stumble upon some beauty blogs that reviewed about the products that I was looking for. Blog walking is actually one of my hobby, so I don't stop at one post but I tend to click any link I could find on that post/blog, either it is about the other post on that blog as well or it directs me to other people's blog. I just continue to do that, I could spend hours of beauty blog walking, I gain more knowledge about make up and beauty products, not only anout the product that I looked for but for other products which were reviewed by the beauty blogger, more than that I also find many interesting make up tutorial, haul post, DIY post, etc. I also see many giveaways and as someone who loves free things I got excited to participate in such things, LOL. 

After becoming a silent reader of many beauty blogs for a while, I was thinking about writing beauty content on my blog as well, I did once only here , and then I finally decided to create another blog that focused on beauty thing, or so called beauty blog, and here I am with (yep the exact blog you're currently reading).

This life is about give and take, I have gained many information from other beauty bloggers, I even won giveaways, and I want to give as well, writing and make up or beauty thingies are things that I enjoy so much, so why don't I combine them together? Writing about beauty, sounds great. I can share my experience and opinion about something related to beauty, other than that I have read some beauty bloggers blog post about them attending beauty events, I feel like it is wonderful to be able to attend such event, and I know by becoming a beauty blogger my chance to be able to attend such event will be open, that encourage me even more to become a beauty blogger. Last but not least is to be given free product to test out *yep again free things lovers*, LOL.

I might not be a really good nor popular beauty blogger at the moment, but I'm trying to be one! Hehehehe. I'm sorry that I haven't written many stuffs on my blog, or taking good quality pictures, or write a great review or make the best tutorial, but I am someone who always willing to learn more and more, especially on something that I love, and make up is in my top list. That's why when I see this banner of beauty blogger biggest event meet up I just can't help myself but to register as soon as possible.

I want to be better and this event is like the answer. I could meet other beauty bloggers who's writings are inspired me, whom I adore, whom I wish and I know I could learn from in order to improve my quality as a beauty blogger, I could also meet my friends from the cyber world, the fellow beauty bloggers and we could share our stories behind the scene, behind the writings, the ups and downs, the do-s and don't-s, and ofcourse sharing about something we love in common, beauty world, make up and skin care. How do they think about this brand or that brand, should I try this mascara or not, which products are to die for, and the blablabla, I'm sure we'll have tons of things to be discussed :D.

I really can't wait to attend this event, and of course I thank these people behind this event, kak Tia from, Ci Carnellin from and Ci Meilani from, thank you for organizing and making this event (almost) happen, yeah we wish there would not be any problem until this event is being held.

And also not to forget the sponsors and media partner to support them making this event (almost) happen, thank you so much Make Over, Silky Girl, Ayou Beauty, Zap, Beauty Goods ID, D Height Salon, V10plus, and kawaii Beauty Japan. that 1,5 mio worth of goddie bags intrigued me a lot though kkkk 

So, I hope this biggest event which created by us, for us and to us (us refers to beauty bloggers) will be a routine event, or at least there will be batch 2,3,4.... and so on, and the participant can be more than 20 bloggers, I really can't wait to meet you guys Saturday, September 27 @ Nanny's Pavillion Central Park Mall. Looking forward to see you! XOXO


  1. Haiii kak putri, ini Felly hehehe XD

    aku udah follow blog mu yaa :D



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