Friday, October 24, 2014

Make Up Store Foundation Brush Duo Hair #366

Hello beauties, today I wanna review a brush, the first artisan brush and the most expensive brush I own at the moment, it is from a brand that is made by and for Make up artists, which I really love, yup it is Make Up Store. I have ever posted my FOTD with Make Up Store Product and my haul that included Make Up Store product. MUS is a brand from Sweden, founded by Mika Liias, and you know what he is so humble that he loved my every instagram picture with make up store, I mean no other artist ever do that to me, hehehe. And maybe some of you have never heard about Make Up Store, in Indonesia you can find their counter in Plaza Indonesia, Metro Pacific Place, Metro Gandaria City and Metro Plaza Senayan, and you can find them in facebook or instagram @makeupstoreindonesia.

When I and some beauty blogger friends, Ola, kak Nita and Yuka visited MUS Plaza Senayan to see make up demo from Aldo Akira (one of my favorite Indonesian make up artist, who is endorsed by MUS), we got to meet Mrs. Indah from MUS and she gave us opportunity to try MUS products that we like, it was so hard to pick only two products, because MUS have a lot of products, any make up products you can imagine, MUS have them all. From the usual things like eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, powder to false eyelashes, brushes, nail polishes, skin care, just mention it. If you're curious you must take a look at their website

After trying things out and being so galau finally I grabbed this brush because I've been dreaming of owning an artisan make up brushes but they're just way too expensive  because I don't have a dual fibre brush and rhe other one I grabbed the mixing liquid that can turn your make up to waterproof. Interesting isn't it? Another products in my wish lists are their atomic LED gloss, lip sealer, red blush, glitter eyeliner, Sibiria microshadow (Aldo Akira said it's the best highlighter) and the bronzer (Aldo Akira recommends that too), the glitter eyeliner..... Okay I think I am gonna mention all the products here kkkk.

That was quite a long opening statement, now let's move on to the product review, this is how the brush looks like in the case.

See the price? You can have it for 675k Rupiah only.

I love how elegant it looks.

"This synthetic hair brush prevents too much foundation to be absorbed into the brush. Apply your foundation with circular movement for an even and perfect result. Use with all different types of foundation when applied on your face or bosy. To keep the brush in good condition, disinfect and cleanse the brush with Make Up Store's Brush cleaner."

Let's take a closer look to the bristles 

My verdict to this brush, I have tried it to apply my foundation (liquid) and it was a bit tricky, maybe because I am not used to it yet, I did a circular motion and I can say it gives me a full coverage, airbrushed looks. I usually use my beauty blender to apply foundation and the different that I can tell between this brush and beauty blender is the coverage. Beauty blender gives me a sheer coverage while this brush gives a full coverage with the same amount of foundation, and I assume that's because the bristles didn't "eat" my foundation up, when in a hurry I think I will grab this brush instead because I can skip my concealer. The synthetic bristles are soft, I don't feel like poking my face with this brush, which is absolutely adorable, I don't like poking my face with brushes' bristles kkkk. I tried to wash this brush and amazingly it wasn't bleeding, usually my black brushes tend to bleed once I washed them, but not with this brush. Which is nice because the bleeding brush kinda indicate that it was made with a lot of chemical coloring that could be dangerous. Although, one or two strands of the bristles did come off while being washed. It took around one night to let it dry, but considering the density of the brush I think that's normal.

This brush is however multifunctional, it can be used to apply and blend any cream products, and also it can be used for finishing like if you want to blend your whole look all together.

Overall I love this brush, I will give it 4/5 stars, this is definitely a good brush, the price is the only downside for some people like me (baca: kantong mahasiswa).

I can't wait to try another MUS products because they have never failed me. How about you? Have you tried any MUS product?

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