Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My ZAP Experience

Hello beauties,
When I attended the BBMeetUp event ZAP was one of the sponsors, and all the participants got a free voucher for underarms treatment. I was so happy because I was just about to get my underarms waxed, but I got this voucher so I could experience underams treatment in ZAP. I have heard about ZAP since pretty long ago, but I was scared and think that having a permanent hair removal is not necessary, now i have changed my thoughts. Wonder why???

Let me tell you about my ZAP experience, since the voucher is only valid from September 27 to October 10, on October 6 right after I finished my class I went straight to ZAP Permata Hijau which is the nearest from my house. Fortunately, I didn't get lost kkkk. After I arrived, there was no patient, I could begin the treatment right away without having to wait. Btw, ZAP allocates 2 kind of rooms, 1 for patient with prior booking and 1 for patient without prior booking, as for my case it was a sudden decision so I made no prior booking, lucky me I didn't need to queue.

The front desk, they have TV and magazines so you won't get bored of waiting 

No cash no worry

First thing they did after I told them that I wanted an underarms treatment was asking if I've just had waxing within 2 weeks or iritation around my underarms or not, whether I was on my period or not, and when I said no they could do the treatment on me.

I was given an iPad that contained video explanation about ZAP, that more or less 4 mins video was really informative, ZAP's doctor specialist was the one who gave the explanation in the video. There was explanation about what is ZAP, how the treatment will be done, the do's and dont's before and after treatment, how the treatment works, why we need more than once treatment to really banished the hair and so on, I think all the FAQs are there, and if you're not getting it you can always ask the staffs there, you can even rewind the video again kkkk.

After that I needed to sign an informed consent, let me tell you in medical law that I have studied, informed consent is really really important, if you did a medical procedure without it and something happen with the patient, you can be done, it is like a serious matter, you have to make sure that the patient is well known about the procedure they are about to get.

And then I have to fill some kind of forms, for a record I supposed and they also have my identity verified by checking on my KTP. Finally, I was ready for the treatment.

I entered the room and one of the staffs greeted me, her name was Era if I'm not mistaken, she asked me to lay down and cover my body with towel, she took picture of my before underarms, and then she drew a pattern on my underarms and began to shave my underarms witha new shaver *she made me checked the condition of the shaver beforehand*, then she spread gel on to my underarms she said it was to make the procedure less hot and painful. Then another staff came in, I was asked to wear special glasses to protect my eyes from the light, because ZAP treatment is using a certain frequency of light that transmitted to the root of the hair and make them stop growing. When the light treatment began I felt warm and in some spots a bit painful, like cekit cekit *what on earth is cekit cekit* just like you got bitten by ants, the staff asked me if it was enough for me or if I could endure more, she said if it becomes too painful I have to tell them right away, but it wasn't that painful compare to waxing actually, she said the more hair I got the more painful it would be and I got like tons of hair. After that the staff cleansed my underarm and compressed them using NaCl. (Sorry no pictures of me doing the treatment because aurat aurat everywhere).

11:12 lah with me wkwkwk

The staffs asked me what treatment I usually do to my underarms, I said waxing, she then explained that waxing and plucking makes the pores get bigger, and shaving makes the hair get thicker, while ZAP makes the hair gone, the pores will become smaller and it makes the underarms brighter as well, fyi I have never shaved any part of my body except my eyebrows.

The ZAP machine 

The treatment only lasted for around 10-15 minutes, very fast, and convenient. The room is very cozy and cold and there was music playing. And I could go back for my next treatment at least 4 weeks later, in around 2 weeks my hair will start falling and while waiting for the next treatment I could do shaving but not plucking or waxing. 

Don't worry if you want to banish other hair on your body, ZAP provides a lot of treatment other than underarms


Not only treatment ZAP also sells brightening underarms cream (best seller), face wash and lip treatment that you can purchase on their counter.

ZAP also have membership program 

Aaand this

Pssst I got the silver member so please contact me if you want to be the silver member as well coz you can get discount! *yeah everybody loves discount*. Just tell my name Reihan Putri and my ZAP Silver Member Card Number is 002645.

For further info please go to http://zap.co.id

See you later!

Updated 20/10/2014

Two weeks after the treatment and I could see that my underarms hair are growing slower than usual, and the skin become brighter, and they started falling off just like the ZAP's staff said... Weeeew. Amazing result, can't wait to get my next treatment with ZAP :D

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