Friday, October 10, 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign by Estee Lauder, Clinique and DKNY

Do you know what month is it? Yup it's October, and do you realize that you can see pink like everywhere? Yup because it is breast cancer awareness month.
Estee Lauder companies under Tempo group and PT. Pulau Mahoni (including Estee Lauder, Clinique and DKNY) held a week full event to spread the words about breast cancer awareness, with the tag line "We're stronger together". This event is the fourth time, they have been hosting such event annually every October since 2010.

Two days out of the 7 days event were created for beauty bloggers, and I attended the event on Thursday October 2nd. There were only 7 beauty bloggers attended the event on that day, I heard twice as many bloggers came to the event the day before.
So are you interested with what was going on during the event? Stay tune...

The event which took place at Atrium PIM 2 started around 2.30pm, we were given pink ribbon and brochures that contain explanation about the event and breast cancer in general, it was opened by the MC Mas Mario drom Clinique and Mbak Tika from Estee Lauder, they explained briefly about the history and how breast cancer has been no. 1 or no. 2 (just changing place with cervics cancer) caused of death for women. And not only older women, even young women and even man now could suffered from breast cancer.

And then there was a talkshow from Mbak Priscil, Mbak Priscil explained about the history behind why Estee Lauder hold such event, I just found out that the daughter in law from Estee Lauder, Evelyn Lauder, was suffering from breast cancer. Then she made the research foundation to find cure for breast cancer, Evelyn Lauder lived up to 10 years after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, thanks to the research.

Breast cancer is something that can be avoided or at least be known from early stage so the chance to be healed is bigger, therefore the breast cancer awareness campaign is really important, women should know how to detect breast cancer as early as possible by doing self examination like sadari "periksa payudara sendiri" to examine whether there was something abnormal on their breasts and more accurately to do mammography in every 8 months.

However, preventing is better than curing, there are 8 ways we can do to prevent breast cancer

1. Check your breast regulary and report any changes to your doctor2. regularly consult with your doctor for a checkup when your 20-30s year olds3. do mammograms every year starting from 40 year old or earlier if you are at risk4. eat fruits that lack the fiber and rich in atioxidants5. keep your ideal weigh and increase the risk of excess weight6. limit alcohol7. avoid smoke 8. do exercise at least 45 minuter every day

After the talk show, there was make up demo by Mas Indra from Estee Lauder and Mbak Rina from Clinique.

Mas Indra showed 3 secret behind 3 minutes beauty which is Estee Lauder signature, first is about contouring and shading, second is about eyes and last but not least is about the lip shaped up.
And then Mbak Rina did a make up demo with "pink theme" make up looks, the model was Kak Tessa (again) yeah I know she has the perfect model looks, even Mbak Tika said she was envy with Kak Tessa body *who doesn't*. Before the demo Clinique explained a little anout their 3 steps skin care which is their signature, facial wash - exfoliating toner (I'm using this one!) - moisturizer (one of the best out there).

Next, they had a make up competition for beautyblogger, I came straight from college with bare face so I need to do a whole make up, kkk. I didn't take any pictures because I was so busy doing my make up.

pict credits to 

Before they announced the winners there were a music performance. There were 3 winners, best make up (kak Catra), favorite (kak Melissa) and best dress (me!), Sorry no pictures.

At the end of the event we were given goodie bags and also certificate saying that we have participated in breast cancer awareness campaign, yeah.

Felly, Ka Tessa and me, this was taken before the event and my face was completely bare and kucel wkwk, picture credits to

Till the next event!

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