Saturday, October 11, 2014

Head To Toe Best Friend Soap by Moporie

Hello beauties, I have another event reports in my draft but let me hold them for a while, let's move to product review and this time is from The Soap Corner by Moporie. It was one of the items in the BBMeetUp goody bags, this is my first time reviewing a soap, I don't know I just don't feel like reviewing soaps because I feel all of them just the same, nothing to be bothered, or no review needed, probably because I have never looked for any review before buying soaps.

But this time is different, moporie creates natural products, that is sls/sles free, paraben free, artificial fragrance free, all about natural ingredients, I am not some organic and natural products freak, I had never really pay any attention of what's inside my soap (another story for cosmetics and facial skin care), but just like I stated before, for me soaps are soaps the only different from them are the scents and form (liquid or bar) and the price kkkk.

Until I was enlightened by this, I just realized that I have been putting a lot of chemical products to my body, paraben and SLS are dangerous according to some sites I've read, they could caused cancer and other horrible things, SLS even said to be damaging for hair and skin itself, noooo.
Thank God I know this before too late, I will stay away from products containing SLS/SLES and paraben for sure.

And this head to toe best friend from moporie is like a saviour to me, it's not only made from natural ingredients but also it can be used from head to toe, from washing my hair, my face and my whole body. Yeah, one product for all, my bathroom is full of bottles but with this product I can say good bye to other bottles, welcome more space.

As someone who loves traveling, this will be convenient too, bottles are taking places in my luggage and also since they are liquid, they tend to be heavy. But with this product, one bottle is enough.
The texture is kinda watery unlike other liquid soaps I have ever tried, and since it contains no paraben do not expect many bubbles from this soap, it only produces a few amount of bubbles. The scent smells like dairy, no wonder it was made from 100% Organic  goat milk though.

The ingredients, all natural 

With this little bottle from moporie, from a full head to toe wash I think I can use this up to 10 times, nice for traveling. For at home usage I think moporie provides the bigger size one.
Are you interested? Cause Miku is sure interested.

You can buy it from instagram @moporie or facebook The Soap Corner. Let's save our body and our environment!

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