Saturday, November 22, 2014

Naive Make Up Cleansing Oil by Kracie

Hey guys, yesterday a package came from Kawaii Beauty Japan, I got some products from Kracie and Hadabisei, I am gonna review all of them but let me start with this one first. Why? Because as you can see above, I have been using this cleansing oil for a while even before getting it from KBJ, hehehe. So, I have had pretty much experience with it which I will share to you here.

The first timeI heard about cleansing oil was because of the double cleansing method that usually be used by Japanese women, since my face is oily I heard people said it's better to wash my face using oil too. Above you can see the explanation about this Naive Cleansing Oil. The olive oil is the main cleansing formula and the sunflower seed oil will keep the skin moisturized. This cleansing oil is suitable for any skin types.

What I like about cleansing oil in general is because it could take off all my make up from foundation to mascara to lipstick all in one, and I feel it takes off all the dirts from my pores, but the thing that I don't really like is because I still need to rinse my face and use facial wash afterwards, and usually cleansing oil won't work if your hand is wet, but not with this particular cleansing oil, it will work as well even though you apply it with wet hands. Yeah!

I love that it comes in pump bottle and have a pump secure

Let's see how it works as a make up cleanser

Vertical Left to right: blush on, eye shadow, waterproof mascara, waterproof eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, cream foundation 
Horizontal Top to bottom: lip tint, lipstick, lip gloss

Pour the cleansing oil, you can see the consistency, it's just like oil

Rub rub rub, only need around 30 seconds to melt the make up away. The mascara and lip tint are the hardest to get dissolved. They need extra energy.

After I put water, it turns kinda like milk consistency, not at all oily or greasy anymore 

Washed it with water completely, and taraaa.... Clean as new, I can only spot a bit of lip tint stain *this lip tint is really stubborn though, I can only completely erase it from my lips using lip scrub*.
This cleansing oil is definitely my HG product, I usually only use it if I wear make up on that day, if I don't I usually just skip it and go straight to the face wash. When I go travelling I will depot it to smaller bottle and bring it, it saves my cleansing time at night because I can use it to wash the entire face and say goodbye to my make up remover. I actually brought it to Malaysia and Korea in my last summer trip.

I feel that my face is much cleaner when I use it than when I only use make up remover, it works the best in removing my waterproof mascara, but when you use it around the eyes your vision will get a bit blurry afterwards, but it works really well with waterproof mascara so I don't mind about it, the blurry vision last only less than 5 minutes though.
You can easily find this at the grocery stores like Ranch Market, Giant, Hero, and Food Hall, and also drugs store such as Watsons or Guardian, and it cost around 90k, pretty much affordable for a 250ml product.

Recommended? Yeah, you should give it a go! Especially you who loves all in one product and having a love and hate relationship with waterproof mascara just like me.


  1. Hei Reihan. Salam kenal~

    Anyway kalau kena mata perih ga ya ini?

    1. Hi Rimma, salam kenal juga :), ini ga perih kok kalo kena mata cuma jadi agak burem aja ngeliatnya abis itu tapi gak lama biasa lagi kok



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