Friday, November 14, 2014

Benefit Cosmetics #WowBrowID Event with Jared Bailey

Who does agree with me that eyebrows play a great role on someone's face? The first thing that I recognize from somebody is their eyebrows and in my opinion if your eyebrows are a mess, your whole make up has no point, yeah I know that sounds rude but that's how I feel. I always suggest people to pay attention to their eyebrows, as we all know the adagium "eyebrows are the frame of our face" therefore we have to make sure that they got groomed and shaped in the right place handled by professional, and I have never suggested any other place other than Benefit Brow Bar.

I was so lucky to be invited to Benefit WowBrowID event, the event took place at Kaffeine, the Foundry No. 8 on November 1, they were having their international spokesperson Jared Bailey coming all the way from the US to share what makes Benefit Brow Service is different and definitely worth your money and time. He is a global brow expert too!

I came with Kak Sophie, we were the first to arrive, just like every other Benefit events, the decorations were so wonderful, dominated by pink color and... I couldn't take my eyes off of their upcoming Christmas special (and limited) edition packages *drooling*. They are just as sweet as candy! I might not celebrating Christmas but I wouldn't mind getting those as a present hehehehe.

One of the limited Christmas edition candy coated countdown, kyaaa me want

While waiting for the event to begin, I took a lot of pictures, with Jared and other friends, he is so humble and funny.

Then the event started, the MC was the one and only Ms. Daisy Utami from Benefit Indonesia, she gave some opening statement and introduced Jared Bailey, sometimes she joked in bahasa and made Jared curious why we were laughing and left him alone in confusion. Before Jared taught us how to treat your eyebrows Benefit's way, he told us the history behind Benefit brow bar. He is such a great story teller, I didn't know that history could be told that interesting. 

So, it began when the countryside twins Jean and Jane Ford were asked to participate in charity event in their high school, they were so tall and pretty thus they were asked to be in the kissing booth, instead of kissing booth they changed the booth into the first ever brow booth, they did magic on other girls brows and the money paid went for charity

Long story short, the twins were in San Fransisco, their mother asked them to go home and get married unless they find a job. They were finding ways what should they do, then they saw a building, they rent the building and decide what kind of business should they run, there were two options, a casserole restaurant or a place to make women feel good. They were hanging their life on a coin, the tail win and that side meant that they have to open a place to make women feel good.

In 1976 the Face Place opened, women came with all of their problems, such as they want to cover their flaws, when someone came with problems the twins said "okay give us a day and we'll find out what we could give for you", and they went home, create something as the solution of the problems, and give it to the women to help them.

In 2003 the first brow bar was opened in San Fransisco, and in 2011 the Benefit brow bar has spread to 1200 locations in 43 countries. W-O-W. Now, not only brows, they also have other treatments, you can wax anything from top to toe.

All the materials from the wax to the tools used for brow treatment are made specially by and for Benefit, we don't have to worry about the ingredients and the safety, they can only be used by professional or so called brow expert. 

Now, move on to the most awaited part, how to treat your brow Benefit's way. Jared performed the brow make over to Mariska Prudence, 

this is their secret Of the Wince-Free waxing technique.

1. Brow mapping, here the brow expert will determined the start, the arch, and the end of your brow. Everyone was born unique so this way we can create the best eyebrows shape for everyone 

2. Then the hair that grows outside the pattern will be waxed and tweezed

3. Now it's time to fill your brows up with Brow Zings and neat them up using Gimme Brow the amazing Brow-cara

Other secret is they do the waxing while the customer is sitting not laying down, because it can create a more natural shape, when we're laying down our skin on the face will be stretched due to the gravity, so the result won be as good as if we do it while seated.

After the explanation from Jared there were a brow challenge for us to practice the theory by ourselves, I was one of the participant paired up with Ka Sophie, we didn't win but it was kinda fun hehehe. The brow mapping tools is not at all easy to use, all the brow experts from Benefit are well-trained, they can do it like a piece of cake.

Spotted me?

The brow challenge participants 

Then we had the Q and A session, I asked is that true that waxing and tweezing our brows could make the skin saggy? And Jared said yes if we don't do it right, but Benefit definitely know what they're doing, so we don't have to worry, their technique is absolutely safe *pfiuuh*, i was kinda worried when I heard this myth. Another myth busted! Another question was about how to do brows on ourselves, and Jared practice that in the front, it was basically just the same, the different was only we did it to our own face not someone else's.

Jared was giving a tutorial how to do eyebrows on our own face

That was a wrapped Benebabes! Before we went home we could try out the wince-free waxing by Benefit brow experts and got a make over from Benefit team, while waiting for our turn, dinner was served by the Kaffein.

I was getting my brow-wowed (pict courtesy of

The makeover station

It was a perfect Saturday, I went home with new knowledge, bunch of bene goodies, full stomach, well groomed eyebrows and pretty face ready for satnite! *I wasn't going anywhere though* hehehe.

My final face after make over from Benefit team, love my brows and make up

Thank you Benefit, looking forward for another event and opportunity :D

PS: if you want to get your brow-wowed by the expert, visit Benefit Brow Bar at Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Senayan or Pondok Indah Mall ladies (and gents).


  1. I agree with you, eyebrows can catch attention and may even become the reason for you to have bashers. LOL!
    ~Pauline @ Benefit makeup Philippines

    1. Yeah, exactly! Thank you for visiting my blog Pauline :)