Thursday, November 6, 2014

Make Over Liquid Lip Color

When I attended BBMeetUp one of the goodies from Make Over that I got is Make Over Liquid Lip Color in Drop Dead Pink. I have own one before in the shade Red Temptation, so I think it will be better to review them together.

The liquid lip color is not a lipstick nor a lip gloss, I think it is something in between, it is like a lipstick but in liquid form.

I love lip product with its own applicator, because if I apply straight from the bullet usually I end up with messy lips, so I love this.

The packaging is nice, simple and looks sophisticated like an expensive product, on the other side it only costs Rp 75k, pretty affordable right?

Although they came from the same line from the same brand, but I do feel some differences between the red one and the pink one.

The pink one is more pigmented while the red one is less pigmented and more watery. I found it easier to apply the color on my lips with the pink one than the red one.

Staying power is not great, since it is in liquid form and it doesn't have a matt/dry finished, I found that it will stay as a liquid after being applied for a while, so it tends to stain anything you touch your lips with and make sure you blot well because it tends to stain your teeth as well. So, if you eat and drink it will disappear quite fast and you need to reapply.

I love love the colours because I can manage to apply it lightly for daily use or thickly for a bolder lips. The red one is so nice to be worn over red lipstick to make it glossy, and I love to pair the pink one with nude color lip gloss to create the my lips but better color. But even worn alone they still looks great.

This is the comparison between my face with bare lips, with the drop dead pink and with the red temptation and both of them mixed, which one do you like better?



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