Friday, November 6, 2015

Single Meets Shopping

Hola beauties,

I will be a bit "curhat" here about my current condition as a single lady. It is not easy to see people with their loved ones when you are all alone *crying on the corner*. It is dreadful to feel lonely and don't know whom to share your life with. But, I believe God has prepared the best man for me, to complete me, I just haven't met him yet. (Or maybe I have and just haven't realized yet).

All right, back to topic. So, what do I do whenever I feel bored and lonely?


It's easy....

(Window) SHOPPING, it is.

I really think shopping as a treat I give to myself, and I love love window shopping, but sometimes I am required to be at the office, at the court or somewhere else due to my work, and yeah that means I couldn't go to the mall, and oh God if you are wondering, being a lawyer means a lot of waiting, and waiting is dead boring indeed. Moreover, I've got no companion, no boyfriend to talk to, and other friends are busy with their own work. Oh well...

But, I thank God for the development of technology which is online shopping, I could do (window) shopping everywhere now, all I need is my gadget and internet connection and boom! hours of waiting become less boring.

As a beauty blogger, of course I love browsing through make up categories, but as a normal girl, I do care about fashion as well, my favorite website for fashion online (window) shopping is Zalora!

Have you heard about Zalora? Then you should go to their website. Zalora has curated many fashion items, and I could have a wide of variations to choose from.

Zalora is coming up with an online revolution campaign, which is dedicated to single ladies (and boys) out there like I am, or every ladies out there who wants to celebrate their freedom as a single lady once in a while, it will be held on 11/11, It began in China and has spread all over the world, it is the time for us, singles, to celebrate, to shop whatever we want, to eat whatever we want, and just enjoy our life, click this link to see what online revolution is all about. 

You are excited, aren't you? Yes you should! Why? Because there are many discounts given celebrating the singles day, and Zalora gives discounts as well for the online revolution campaign.

Okay, I think I need to make my wishlist on fashion items now, since there is discount, yeah everybody loves discount, especially all the single ladies out there, cause who else is paying for our shopping cart? LOL.

So, I think you'd better hurry, go to online revolution page, and enjoy the freedom of being single once in a while hahaha.

See you later in my new outfit!

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