Wednesday, November 25, 2015

10 Tips for Glowing Skin a la Reihan Putri featuring Bio Oil

Hola beauties,

Today I wanna share about how I take care of my skin especially my face, taking care of my face is very important especially for a make up lover like me, because my face is my canvas, and how are you going to create a perfect painting on a bad canvas?

That's why taking care of our skin is very important, as for myself, I appreciate my sleeping time so much, and I kinda don't want to spend so much time "faking" a flawless face everyday with make up, I want to look fresh and glowing from within everyday even without make up.

My Happy Skin, Happier Life

Sharing is caring, I am going to share how I take care of my skin everyday in order to get that glowing from within effects (not in particular order).

1. Drink Plenty of Water
Your skin needs hydration, even you happen to have oily skin you'll still need hydration, water will flush away all the bad from your body through your urine, it will hydrate every part of your body especially our skin, if you don't drink enough water to nourish your body, your skin will become dehydrated, and dehydrated skin can caused many troubles such as irritation, inflammation, itchiness, breakouts etc. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day (mineral water only, tea, coffee, sweet drinks are not counted).

2. Consume Balance Nutrition for your Diet
and make sure to eat healthy food, just remember that you are what you eat, some foods such as spicy food, greasy food, nuts, fried food, could lead on skin producing more oil on your face therefore zits will happily grow.

3. Cleanse your Face Before Going to Bed
This is super important! Sometimes I came back home exhausted and just went unconsciuos, the next day, there will be new pimple(s) popping out my face, guarantee, Going to bed with clean face is super important, you need to give your face a rest, going to bed without cleasing your face thoroughly first will make your pores got blocked, and there comes the comedos and pimples.

4. Get Enough Sleep and Take Vitamins and Suplements (if necessary)
I know 8 hours of sleep a day seems a lot, especially when you are living in this big city with a lot of business, sometimes we sacrifice our sleep time, but getting enough sleep is important, when you are lacking of sleep you could get eyebags and dark circle around your eyes. I like to take power nap, like 30 minutes of sleep in the afternoon, that could improve my mood and give me extra energy.

5. Apply Skin Care Regularly
your skin needs nutrition regularly, it doesn't matter if you use drug store product or high end product, skin care won't work well if you don't apply it regularly, you might think that you had wasted a lot of money on a highly raved skin care products yet it didn't work for you, but it might not the skin care fault but how you use it. Skin care is really subjective, what works on other people might not work on you and vice versa, but really whatever the skin care is, the result will only be visible when you use it regularly. As for me, after 1washing my face I will putt toner, serum and day/night cream plus sun screen (SPF is important during the day).

6. Be Happy!
smile often, do what you love and love what you do, happiness is one of the most powerful anti aging. In the end of the day, smile is the best make up a girl can wear.

7. Watch your Make Up
What I mean here is, make sure that you only use original make up that has certification and good quality, don't be intrigued by cheap price, make sure to check the expiry date of your make up products and replace it once it gets expired, and give your face a rest sometimes, wearing heavy make up every day will make your skin become stressed and you could probably got premature aging. 

8. Excercise Regularly
when you excercise, your blood flows will increase, blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body including the skin. In addition of providing oxygen, blood flow also help carry away free radicals and other waste. Excercise lessen your stress as well, cause when you exercise your body release endorphine hormon which makes you happy. I don't really have time for excercise, therefore I try so hard to get my body moved during the day, as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and going somewhere near on foot rather than by car/motorcycle.

9. Give Yourself a Me Time
you do need some me time, away from your work load and the stress from society, parents, traffic etc, just relax and enjoy your life. You can spend the entire day watching your favorite movies, going somewhere like the beach or climb the mountain, just do anything that will refresh yourself. I love shopping, or watching YouTube the entire day, once or twice in a year I love going somewhere new outside the city or to other country.

10. Give your Skin Some Extra Care
I put on face mask and use facial scrub once a week, and monthly I give my face special treatment such as facial to get rid of comedos. Every night, I apply Bio Oil, I could use it as a replacement of my moisturizer, Bio Oil has a lot of benefits, and the main purpose of me using it is for my post acne scars, Bio Oil is made of natural oils, so I feel safe using it everyday, it can reduce the appearance of stretchmarks as well, there are so many benefit you can get from such a tiny bottle, Bio Oil is now available in two sizes, 60ml and 125 ml and can be easily bought in the nearest Guardian. 

Bio Oil Facts (click to enlarge)

That's all what I can share to you, and I know it is way easier to talk than to do but if you've got the willingness in yourself I am sure everything is possible, remember when there is a will there is a way, try doing those things in a week or a month and see the difference, what I am sure is my happy skin means happier life :)


  1. Setuju bangettt.. smile is the best make up for every girl!
    Thanks for sharing :*

    1. Yes indeed :D
      Thank you udah main2 kesini yaa ^^