Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Frank Body Scrub Review

Hello Beauties,

Have you ever heard of Frank Scrub? I am sure you do! Because this scrub has been so famous lately, and thankfully Benscrub send me a new year hampers which include one the original Frank Scrub and let me try it myself, uuuwoooh so excited!!!

So, how do I like it?

I really like the simple packaging, it looks just a like a bag of coffee, and the illustration also include some jokes in it, I love that my scrub has its own sense of humor haha. 

What are the ingredients? Roasted and ground robusta coffee beans, Cold pressed sweet almond oil, Vitamin E, Sea salt. All vegan and natural, so, no worry.

So, what does Frank Scrub do? Frankbody original coffee scrub is packed with sweet almond oil, orange essence, vitamins and minerals to target dry skin, stretch marks, cellulite, eczema, psoriasis, varicose veins, acne and scarring.

How to use it? I copied it from the web and I just fall for the wittiness of the words
We recommend 2-4 scrubs a week and a package should last for about 8-10 times usage. The time you spend scrubbing with frank, is the time he target your problem. So make sure you leave the scrub for 5-10 minutes. You can include singing, squatting and thinking about Ryan Gosling while scrubbing.
I use it on my face since there are a lot of post acne marks on my face, and I warn you that it is most likely will create a mess on your bathroom, so if you use a share bathroom make sure to clean thoroughly to keep it convenience to the person using it after you. How I use Frank Scrub, I wash my face and keep it damp, then I grab around two spoonful or just enough Frank Scrub on my palm then patting it on my face, after my face is fully covered with the coffee I left it for 10 minutes like a mask, then I rinse it while scrubbing my face.

yes, it does create a mess

My face loves  it

The result? Right after scrubbing, my face feels so refreshed and cleansed yet I don't feel any tightness, which is good, and it feels so moisturized. After around 4 times of usage, I looooovvveeee how it makes my acne scars are less visible, finally I prove it myself, after months of only hear the good result from other people. I will definitely continue using it on my face, and since I love it on my face I don't have a heart to use it on my body. because it is freaking expensive and I don't want to run out of it soon.

Where to buy? since this is a fenomenal product, I am sure there are a lot of replica, so make sure to only purchase the original one and I could recommend Benscrub (http://www.benscrub.com/products/frank-body-original-coffee-scrub)

Benscrub is on a mission to rethink beauty by providing a line of essential that celebrate readiness than cover it up #beautyisyours.


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