Sunday, March 29, 2015

Khalisa Lip Care

Assalamualaikum ladies... I want you to meet a new lipbalm from Rohto named Khalisa.

I got mine in this pink bubble gum color, there are four variant available as you can see in the pictures below

The ingredients

What I love about this lip care, this lip care is halal! That is so important for a moslemah like me, Khalisa has obtained a halal certificate from MUI, so no worry. It realy does its job to keep my lips moist through out the day, it contains vitamin E and also SPF 25, which is very good, because SPF on your lips will prevent your lips from becoming dark. The pink color is really natural just like my lips but better, it smells so nice like bubblegum hence its name kkk. You can grab this lipcare from the nearest drugstore and this lip care cost under 20k, it won't broke you for sure. When I ran out of this one I would like to try the other variants as well :D


  1. di Indomaret sama alfamrt gak ketmu kayak gini. pengen beli gitu. salam kenal ya ^^

    1. Hai, mungkin kamu bisa cari di drugstore seperti watsons atau guardian ^^



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