Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How I Clean My Brushes + Sigma Spa Gloves Dupes

Hola, do you know that cleanse your make up brushes is really important? I know that this might be a very annoying things to do, especially if you got tons of make up brushes, but never ever take this not seriously, dirty brushes will hold dirts, and bacteria will grow happily in a dirty brushes, they'll get multiplied and when you use that brushes it will transfer the bacteria on to your face, and it will cause problems such as acne, and I believe you don't want that to happen, so make sure to cleanse your make up brushes regularly, especially the brushes that you use for cream or liquid products, because they will attract more bacteria, bacteria loves a slightly damp or humid places. I usually cleanse my brush every 2-3 weeks, but for the liquid or cream brushes I cleanse it after 2-3 use, and I always clean my brushes before I use it, if I had used it on someone else.

So, now I want to share how I deep cleanse my make up brushes, and I will share a tool which I find really helps me, it does pretty much the same job with the highly raved Sigma Gloves, but it cost much much less money than the Sigma one.

Just for the example, so I used only 2 dirty brushes, for the brush cleanser I used The Brush Best Friend Soap from  The Soap Corner by Moporie, which I really like because, it is natural, harmless, cleanse my brushes effectively and makes the brushes' bristles so soft.

Let's take a look at the real Sigma Spa Gloves

Now, let's see the dupe I found, basically all you need is something with texture on it, so it will help you clean every single bristle of the brush with minimum effort, you can use the palm of your hand but it's not texturized enough a.ka too flat, and you'll need more effort.

So, here is the step by step on how I cleanse my make up brushes,

1.  Wet the brush
2. Drop some of the brush soap to the gloves/brush
3. Swirl the brush on the gloves till the bubbles appear, at first if your brush is dirty the bubbles will be colored, you should do this until the bubbles becomes clear which means your brush has been perfectly cleaned.
4. Rinse the brush under running tap water until there is no more soap residue
5. Let it dry naturally, don't use hairdryer since it will damage your brushes. I usually only put it on a towel and I jus let them dry.

You can make your own "sigma spa glove" using glue gun and a board, but you'll gonna need some spare time and glue gun is quite expensive if you have to buy first, or there is also brush egg, but brush egg is kinda small, it's a bit too small for big face brushes, you'll gonna love this sigma dupes, I really like it since it is just perfectly fit on my hand and has quite a big surface which let me swirl all kind of brushes.

If you are interested in this "sigma dupe", you can buy it from me for IDR 50k only, just contact me through email or my line id reiiputt.

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