Thursday, January 15, 2015

Clear Nose

Who's got problem with white and blackheads? If you do then we got a similiar problems. I have always been battling with comedos ever since junior high school, but I wasn't aware back then on how to get rid of them, until one day my friend told me that why I didn't took care of my face especially my comedos, then I started facial just to extract the whiteheads and blackheads, but apparently they have got super stubborn, and I am still on a never ending battle with them, so I always get intrigued by products that claims to banish comedos.

Copia kindheartedly send me this product, they said it is one of their best seller product. The Clear Nose, which is a three steps product meant to clear your face from whiteheads and blackheads, it is made in Japan, and as you all know, I have faith in everything made in Japan, I know they put their their heart and thought when making things, so I am beyond excited to try this product.

In one package you'll get the pore-smooth magic water, the blackhead eraser mask and 8 pieces of cotton peel off.

As you can see the main warior of this product is the Japanese premium black charcoal

It's a bit different from the other peel off mask for blackheads that I've ever tried, usually they came in pore-stripes or peel off mask, but this one is kinda a combination of them, there are three steps to follow for using this product.

 I will show you how I use it and let's see how well it works on me

Before anything

After step one or the magic water which meant to bring all the blackheads out to the surface

Applying step two or the main character, the Japanese black charcoal

The last step or the cotton peel off sheet, apply it while the mask is still wet to help removing it along with the blackheads

Allright, this is what happen after 15 minutes and the mask is completely dry, I remove it by pulling it from each side

Tadaaa, sorry for disturbing picture but I want to show you how this product clear up my skin from all those blackheads and whiteheads, and I have to say it is pretty effective and I don't feel any pain at all, unlike the other products that I've ever tried.

After, you can see that the blackheads are not easy to be removed, but the whiteheads are mostly gone, yeay! I just used it once, the product said that it is better to use it twice a week, so I'm gonna do that and hopefully my skin will be clearer and I can say good bye to those nasty blackheads and whiteheads. I can feel that the surface of my nose has become smoother. This product can be purchased at Copia Beauty Store for Rp 165k only.

By the way, I told you earlier that I got this product from Copia, do you know Copia? Let me introduce you, the first time I saw Copia Beauty store I thought that was a store for OPI products, because that was the only products I saw from the outside, I thought they just add C and A hahaha. But then I just found out that Copia is a one stop beauty store that brings so many beauty brands from all over the world, OPI is only one of them, there are also The Face Shop, Beauty Buffet, Beauty Recipe, Face Recipe, Fragonard Perfumeur, and ofcourse the Clear Nose.

All of their products are cute and tempting! They also often have many promotions going on, you can find Copia stores in Mall Kota Kasablanka, Central Park, Bintaro Xchange Mall, Baywalk Mall, Mall Ciputra Cibubur, Grand Galaxy Park Bekasi, Summarecon Bekasi, Summarecon Bekasi, Centre Point Medan Mall and PVJ Bandung. 

If you want to get to know them more and not missing any promotions, please follow them on instagram @copiabeauty, their twitter @copiaID. More info and online shopping could be done on their website


  1. Emang paling puas tuh bersihin komedo pakai nosepack ya menurut aku, keliatan yang keangkatnya soalnya ^^

    1. Haha iya bangeeet, ada kepuasan tersendiri ngeliatin komedo2 pada keangkat

  2. Wah, baru sekali pakai aja udah begitu ya....
    Sepertinya perlu dicoba nih...

    Salam kenal ya
    AKu baru pertama kali kesini dan baru saja memfollowmu..
    Mari berteman...


    1. Halo makasih udah main kesini dan follow, aku folback yaa

  3. idung ku T___T
    produk ini kayanya patut dicoba juga ~

    1. Hai Elriyashi, makasih sudah berkunjung ^^, iya nih b uat yang punya masalah sama komdeo kayaknya bisa banget dicoba hehe.



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