Monday, January 13, 2014

Nexcare 3M Acne Dressing

Hello beauties, long time no see, today I'm gonna do a little review about my go to product whenever acnes pop out on my face. And the award goes to.... Nexcare 3M acne dressing.

Actually the first time I bought it just because it was on sale at Watsons and because it seems new so why not give it a try. I don't have many acnes, just sometimes due to hormonal thingies or maybe when I'm lazy to wash my face *don't try this at home* the acne pops out on my face, euuuwh. So, I tried the product and voila my bumpy-red-with-white fluid-inside-acne-that looks about to explode *I don't know the proper word, I'm sorry* turns flat and not red anymore, seems like the acne dressing sucked out all the white fluid inside the acne, I just fell in love at the first sight of the result hahaha.

I've read a review about this product on a blog that said the product didn't do anything to her, So I think just like every other beauty products out there, it does differently to everyone, yeah because we are special unique human beings. But, to me, my mom and my friend that I suggested to try, it works. Not, everytime and not to every acne, but most of the time. I found it best works with that kind of acne, the about-to-explode one, because it sucks out all the fluid inside the acne and make it dry very quickly

As far as I know they came in two varians, the regular one (yellow) which  the acne dressings are all in round shape, with two size big and small. And the fun pack (pink) which the acne dressings are heart-shaped and star-shaped, one size. First I've tried the regular one and it went missing just when some wild acnes appeared (it still has around 5 acne dressings inside, hiks hiks T_T), So I bought the new one the fun pack, and I took pictures to show you guys how it works.

How to use it, just put the acne dressing on your acne for 8 hours to see the result, usually I use it while sleeping, but you can also use it during day time, it will cover your acne but if somebody get near you they might notice the acne dressing.

Just gonna share you some pics, sorry for the bad quality or some disturbing pictures.

Disclaimer: I bought the product with my own money, nobody ask me to do this review, I just want to share my experience, if this product works on me it doesn't mean it will work on you also and vice versa, just like I said before cause we are special and unique human beings.

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