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Mother of Make Up Sponge

Make Up came in so many forms such as liquid, powder, pressed powder, cream etc, and to apply make up to our face we need tools that woul us apply them perfectly and beautifully, yes we can use our finger but our finger doesn't specially designed to apply make up, so if we apply make up only using fingers we might face difficulties and the result won't be perfect.

There are make up tools that I'm sure you're already know, probably the most well-known make up tools which usage is to apply make up are brushes, we know there are a lot of make up brushes out there, they have specification for each brush, there are special brushes that are designed for eyes, face, to apply blush, bronzer, powder, eyeshadow, and many more. There are also high-end, middle-end to low-end make up brushes, the bristles can be made of synthetic or animal hair. A lot of choices that you can choose based on your personal needs and budget.

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Aside from make up brushes, There is also make up sponges!
Make Up sponges also came in many shapes and made of different materials. Why do we need make up sponge?
I know you're probably wondering why we need make up sponge when there are brushes and our fingers, aren't they enough?
Let me ask you something then, You want a perfect flawless make up looks, don't you? if yes, don't bother questioning about why do we need make up sponge.

When you apply your foundation with make up brush, usually it leave streaks, and when you apply your make up with your finger usually it won't blend out really well and maybe you can even see your finger prints left on your face, in order to blend and smoothen them out, we use the make up sponges. Sponges are also easier to be carried around, because they are so light and space friendly, eyeshadow compact usually already have sponge applicator in it, so it comes in handy.

For you who have big pores, we can reduce the appearance of the big pores using sponge, you just need to apply your powder using sponge and dab it, because sponge gives more coverage than brush. This tips I got from one of my favorite beauty guru in YouTube, Gossmakeupartist. Even he said that the right way to apply powder is not using powder brush but using sponge then later knock off the excess with powder brush.

Here are some example of the make up sponges
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Like I've mentioned before they came in many shapes and made of different materials, and of course different function. The big puffy sponges are more suitable for applying foundation, the flat sponges are for applying face powder especially the pressed one, the little stick that has sponge on top and/or bottom of it is for applying eyeshadow. Although they have somekind of specification but I know make up has no boundaries, I mean it's a kind of art, you can experiment and do anything that you like with those sponges.

Amongs those make up sponges there is one, only one make up sponge that makes me throw this expression
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and it's of course for the famous, three times Allure award winner and multiple other awards winner, a sponge that reccomended by every make up artist or simply everyone in the world, and it is no other than....
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At first I can't believe that a make up sponge could cost you 20 USD, what's so special about it?
Then everyone keeps raving about it, I searched the reviews about this Beauty Blender and I found even more awesome facts about this Beauty Blender. I want it so bad. Everyone *who does make up* wants it so bad. Why do I want it so bad? Here are the things, let me explain to you.

This sponge is special from other sponges out there, it's really bouncy, it's so light, it's latex free, non-allergenic, it's odor free and does an awesome job to your make up application with no doubt. It makes everyone can do make up, effortlessly. It's really easy to use, just damped it with water then dab it with bouncing motion on your face. I've seen the demos how to use the Beauty Blender and the comparisons between Beauty Blender and make up brush or other sponges on youtube. I've seen how beautiful the make up application result from Beauty Blender usage compares to brushes and other make up sponges, I've seen my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube such as Michelle Phan and Gossmakeupartist use this sponge, I've seen a lot of beauty-enthusiasts reviewed it and said how satisfied they are with this sponge.

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This sponge not only can be used for applying foundation, but also works as well with concealer, even powder, blush, and bronzer, and I even have read people use it for eye shadows! WOW! Magic. It's like a one-for-all product. It's egg-shaped makes it easy to reach the hard-to-reach area such as under the eyes, nose and mouth area. It creates a flawless finish like you just have a new skin layer while it takes less product than if you use brush and of course it prevents your make up looks cakey. I really wonder what's behind this sponge, if you tell me that this sponge is made of angel's tears, I'll absolutely believe it!

The fact that it comes with special cleanser makes me believe even more that it is a special thing, because only special thing needs special care. Moreover, it has its special carrier too! which called the airport, and it's cute. People may think that this product is just over-rated and over-priced, but all the talks out there about how wonderful this sponge is, make me believe that this Beauty Blender really is top-rated and spend that amount of money on such great product won't be a splurge. Didn't I tell you that Marlena from MakeUpGeeks on YouTube acclaimed Beauty Blender as one of ten high end products that worth your money?
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    Pict taken from http://www.shop.beautyblender.net/images/airport.jpg

I've never tried the Beauty Blender myself, this writing I made based on reviews that I've read and watched from too many sources such as beauty blogs, YouTube, etc. since I've been eye-ing this product for a while *drooling*. I'm currently saving to purchase my own beauty blender, it's kinda pricey for college student like me *sigh*, seeing its review everywhere makes me really want it really REALLY bad, I'll do anything to get me a beauty blender haha, in example is to make this blogpost in order to get them from one of my favorite beauty blogger, ce Phanie (Diary Of A Product Junkie) cause she is giving away Beauty Blender (plus its cleanser) for free! And she is not alone cause Beauty Blender Indonesia is the one who sponsored her. Love you both *hugs*.
For more info and if you want to purchase your own Beauty Blender, please follow on instagram @beautyblender_Indonesia, they sell only original Beauty Blender and they might have promotions going on!

Adios from the miraculous Beauty Blender family

Pict taken from http://probeautyblog.com

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